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All dragon type Pokémon team for Pokémon Black and White

Updated on August 4, 2012

Dragon type Pokémon is known to be very powerful in the world of Pokémon. Lots of trainers specialize in their training. I have a team for the newest generation that is made of entirely Dragon types. Since I have only included one legendary, the other choices are somewhat limited because lots of dragon types are legendary. This is not for competitive environment as the list contains Pokémon from different tiers. Hope you enjoyed my list.

Garchomp – He is a very strong dragon with dragon / ground type combination. The Sinnoh champion Cynthia uses a Garchomp as her main Pokémon. He does have a very weak spot for ice type attacks. So you will have to be careful against any opponent that uses strong ice type attacks. With sand veil as his ability, he will be able to tear through many opponents with ease. Let's just hope that Ash's Gible will evolve into Garchomp eventually.

Garchomp – type: ground / dragon

Ability: sand veil

Nature: jolly

moves: earthquake

stone edge

sword dance


Garchomp's face close up
Garchomp's face close up
Garchomp looking fierce
Garchomp looking fierce
Cynthia's Garchomp attacking Paul's Torterra with break brick.
Cynthia's Garchomp attacking Paul's Torterra with break brick.

Reshiram – Reshiram is a fire / dragon type combination Pokémon. He is the only legendary type dragon on this list. There is a very good reason why I choose him on the team: he is not weak to ice type attacks. Most dragons have a huge weakness to ice type attacks. Some of them have a 4x weakness to ice. Reshiram's fire and dragon type stab attacks are very strong and will easily get rid of many strong opponents.

Reshiram – type: dragon / fire

Ability: turboblaze

Nature: timid

moves: blue flare


dragon pulse

fusion flare

Kingdra – Horsea and Seadra are water type Pokémon that eventually will evolve into the strong dragon Pokémon, Kingdra. Due to his good typing, Kingdra does not have a weakness for ice type attacks. In fact, he has only one weakness, dragon. With many powerful water and dragon type attacks, he will take care of many opponents. Water types are very useful in the game as well because they can beat many rock and ground types while you are in caves.

Kingdra – type: water / dragon

Ability: swift swim

Nature: modest

moves: draco meteor


ice beam


kingdra close up
kingdra close up
kingdra using twister
kingdra using twister

Haxorus – Pokémon Black and White introduced Haxorus, a fully evolved pure dragon type Pokémon. Like all other dragon types, Haxorus is weak to dragon and ice type attacks. However, his massive attack stat make him a true terror for many opponents.

Haxorus – type: dragon

Ability: mold breaker

Nature: adamant

moves: outrage


brick break


Altaria – This Pokémon is on the team just because I find it incredibly cute. Aside from its good looks, it does have high defense and special defense stats that will take lots of attacks from strong opponents. Furthermore, it has roost move to restore hit points. It is a pretty decent Pokémon with good coverage.

Altaria – type: dragon / flying

Ability: nature cure

Nature: adamant

moves: fly




Altaria standing
Altaria standing
Altaria getting ready to use draco meteor
Altaria getting ready to use draco meteor

Hydreigon – This scary looking dragon has solid stats and moves to back himself up. Hydreigon is the only dark and dragon combination Pokémon as of the new generation, Black and White. He does have a few common weaknesses that allow other Pokémon to hit him hard. However, Hydreigon does have a good move pool that allows it to tear through many opponents.

Hydreigon – type: dark / dragon

Ability: levitate

Nature: timid

moves: dragon pulse


thunder wave

focus blast


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