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Cool Dragonfly Toys For Children Aged 5 To 7 Years

Updated on April 10, 2015

The Dragonfly - Myth and Legend

Dragonflies are some of the most intriguing and exciting insects that we see around our gardens and parks. These colorful, strong flying machines have been around for more than 300 million years. They dart about us; they hover and lurk above our streams and pools. All around the world, these mini helicopters have generated many myths and symbolisms because of their dramatic appearance, agility and grace.

"Did you know that at the time of the dinosaurs, insects could grow to be huge? Some dragonflies could be as big as a hawk."

Paulette Morin

Dragonflies On Video

Amazing Fliers

One of the first things we learn about the dragonfly is that it is an amazing flier. Dragonflies can hover in one place over a pool or stream. They can move in all directions, up, down, forward, back, left or right. They can also cover ground at an amazing speed - some have been recorded at over 40 miles an hour. It has a powerful wing beat, and can adjust the angle of its wings to change the way it moves and hovers.

X Kites Dragonfly MicroKite

This cool microkite is ready to fly, and easy to handle in winds from 4 to 10mph. It's great for kids, encouraging outdoor activity and exercise; it's just the right size, and lots of fun.

X Kites Dragonfly MicroKite-5.2 Inches
X Kites Dragonfly MicroKite-5.2 Inches

Though a kite can never mimic a dragonfly exactly, this one is a lot of fun. It is just over 5 inches across, and has a PVC frame, Mylar sail, handle and line.


The Life Cycle of the Dragonfly

Dragonflies need water, and are a good indicator of water quality in an area. Adult dragonflies lay their eggs in or near calm water, like a pond or marshy area. The eggs hatch into larval nymphs who spend their time in the water. Nymphs are small and wingless. This part of the dragonfly life cycle can last up to four years.

Dragonfly nymphs are great hunters. They are fast swimmers and hunt underwater for small aquatic insects, mosquito larva, small worms and occasionally other prey, like small fish and tadpoles.

Eventually, the nymphs climb out of the water onto plant stems. Here, they molt - their skin splits and the new adult crawls out before they take to the skies. Adult dragonflies mainly eat small flying insects, like gnats and mayflies, but sometimes they will take moths, butterflies or even bees.

If you want to color your own dragonfly lifecycle, click here

The Life Cycle of the Dragonfly on Video

Dragonfly Metamorphosis Biological Science Kit
Dragonfly Metamorphosis Biological Science Kit

A great way for your children to learn about metamorphosis - one of the wonders of biology


Dragonfly Toys for Fun and Creativity

If you are looking for dragonfly gifts for a child, you've come to the right page. Here, I show the top-rated, most popular dragonfly toys and gifts for youngsters, aged 5 to 7 years.

On this page, you will dragonfly kites, dragonfly dolls, dragonfly puzzles, dragonfly jewelry and much more.

The photo shows Barbie Fairytopia Magic of the Rainbow Mix & Switch Fairy: Dragonfly cropped from an image on Amazon.

Hape - Beleduc - Dragonfly Glove Puppet
Hape - Beleduc - Dragonfly Glove Puppet

Children love stories, whether listening to them or telling them to friends and family. This colorful Dragonfly hand puppet will inspire youngsters who like pretend play and storytelling. Young children will love to wear it, and it is also stretchy enough for adults to join in the fun and create their own puppet shows.


Dragonfly and Bug Crafts

For children who enjoy art and crafts, these bug sets are easy to use to make realistic and not so realistic dragonfly and bug models.

Shrinky Dinks Insects Activity Set
Shrinky Dinks Insects Activity Set

Contains 26 precut Shrinky Dink shapes, 8 colored pencils, 12 stands, 28 pipe cleaners, 2 key chains, and easy to follow instructions. Requires use of an oven, under Adult supervision.

Crayola Model Magic Presto Benders Dragonfly
Crayola Model Magic Presto Benders Dragonfly

Create realistic, or not so realistic dragonfly models that bend and move.


Do Dragonflies Bite or Sting?

Dragonflies can be quite curious, hovering around our heads and having a good look at us. We are fascinated by them, so why shouldn't they be equally fascinated by us?

Don't fear the dragonfly! They can't sting and are unlikely to bite you unless you catch one in your hands and it feels threatened. So, yes, they do bite but they are unlikely to break the skin or hurt you. They are not poisonous and are harmless to us.

More Top Dragonfly Toys for Children Aged 5 to 7 Years

Dragonflies can be cute or magical. With its cute face and soft plush, this Little Pet Shop dragonfly toy will appeal to younger nature lovers. It certainly won't bite!

Littlest Pet Shop VIP Pets Surprise Pet - Dragonfly
Littlest Pet Shop VIP Pets Surprise Pet - Dragonfly

Sweet Littlest Pet Shop plush dragonfly, with a hidden code in its collar to help you discover some cool online activities.


Fairytopia Barbies and Movies

The photos above show the Barbie Fairytopia Fairy: Dragonfly Doll. The dragonfly doll is a mix and fix fairy doll set including easy-snap pieces - skirts, tops, wings, and wigs - so children can combine the pieces to make their own special fairy.

In the movie Barbie Fairytopia - Magic of the Rainbow find out more about the fairies and the first rainbow of Spring!

Manhattan Toy Groovy Girls Dani Dragonfly from Manhattan Toy
Manhattan Toy Groovy Girls Dani Dragonfly from Manhattan Toy

Dani Dragonfly is a special eddition Flutterfly Doll, with multi-colored hair and detachable wings.


Do You Like Dragonfly Toys? Have I Missed a Cool One?

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    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 

      4 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      I never thought of dragonflys as toys but you sure found some fun ones


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