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Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen Ward of Regret Walkthrough

Updated on May 5, 2013

In Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen, the hero must go into the Ward of Regret to further his adventures in Bitterblack Isle. This will guide the hero with a walkthrough of the Ward of Regret, including how to defeat the tougher monsters in the Ward of Regret. These monsters include the skeletal knight, the worm in the chest and the giant skeleton or skeleton brute.

Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen Enter the Ward of Regret

From Duskmoon Tower, the hero and party will enter the Ward of Regret. When facing in a northerly direction, turn right and head through the door. The hero will arrive at the Ward of Regret.

On entering, the hero will go straight and then turn right and jump past a broken window to see a broken rift stone. Touch the rift stone and use rift crystals to repair it. Then go through the exit in this room and confront some undead corpses. Defeat them, and continue to a T junction where the hero can turn left or right. Turn left and continue to reach a chest. Defeat more undead corpses and then open the chest to get the skeleton key.

Return to the jail door just next to the room with the broken riftstone and unlock the door. Search the two chest inside. This will release the skeletal knight. As the mage hero, use your fighters and archers to tank the mage hero and then release waves of High Comestion on the skeletal knight until it is defeated. Along with the skeletal knights, skeletal sorcerers will also be released. They can be put down quite easily with fire spells, so deal with them after the skeletal knight is down.

Then loot the area of chests and proceed back to the T-junction and take the right turn.

Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen Beware the Wyrm in the Chest

This will lead the hero to a waterway and a narrow ledge on two sides in which to walk on. Walk in a U-shaped fashion to a chest on the other side. Beware of this chest – there is a wyrm or giant worm in it. Let one of your companions open the chest. He or she will be swallowed by the wyrm.

The chest wyrm attacks the hero and the rest of the party. Try to defeat it. The wyrm will spit out a spell of redness on the ground. Avoid this area and then move forwards to engage the chest wyrm with magic. It will slip away after a while.

Now go back to the riftstone and reclaim your lost companion.

Return to the U-shaped walkway and turn left where there is an opening in the wall (before heading to the wyrm in the chest). Combat some annoying bats and then follow the corridor until the next tough monster is reached.

Dragon's Dogma Ward of Regret Defeat the Skeleton Brute

Dragon's Dogma Ward of Regret defeat the skeleton brute and its minions, using fire spells and swiftly running around and avoiding their attacks.
Dragon's Dogma Ward of Regret defeat the skeleton brute and its minions, using fire spells and swiftly running around and avoiding their attacks.

Dragon’s Dogma Ward of Regret Defeat the Giant Skeleton

At another T-junction down the corridor, the hero will turn right and encounter a giant skeleton or skeleton brute, surrounded by lots of smaller skeletons. Immediately backtrack and unleash High Comestion on the horde of smaller skeletons. Make sure they are wiped out as soon as possible and then concentrate on the giant skeleton. Use the fighter companion as a tank and go to the back and cast powerful spells on the giant skeleton. It is helpful to have a secondary mage or sorcerer character cast holy magic on the hero and the party. This will help augment the damage on the giant skeleton.

Once the giant skeleton is defeated, proceed to explore the rest of the Ward of Regret. There may be an area here which cannot be accessed straight away.

Follow the corridor and the map until the hero encounters two skeletal sorcerors and their undead corpses. Defeat them and search the ward of regret for the exit that leads to the next section.


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