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Dragonvale Diamond Dragon

Updated on June 11, 2013

Dragonvale's Monthly Dragons: April's Diamond Dragon Breeding

Learn how to breed the Diamond Dragon in Dragonvale

If Diamonds are a girls best friend, them women the world around should love the cute little Dragonvale Diamond gem dragon.

The Dragonvale Diamond Gem Dragon is the monthly gem dragon for the game of Dragonvale. This dragon is the only able to be bred in the month of April, and since the very first gem dragon was the Dragonvale Emerald Gem Dragon released in March of 2012, this rarest of the mineral gem dragons will also be the last one for the first year of gem dragons.

If you have never heard of, or played, Dragonvale, this all might be a bit confusing to you right now...

But if you have never played the game of Dragonvale, you may have no idea what a gem Dragon is, or even if it is a good thing. So...

What is Dragonvale?: Dragonvale is an addictive game tha is played on mobile devices. Specifically for the ipad. The concept of the game is a simple one. The player breeds, grows an collects dragons, from conception to egg, to birth, to future generations. Along the way you collect gold and gems, and try to get ever increasing rare breeds to breed true. On the rarer breed it is not a 100% chance to get the outcome you desire even if you get the breed correct.

If you are looking to find out the complete list of all the normal and "semi-rare" breeds you can find it in this: Dragonvale Breeding Guide

What are the monthly dragons?This lens is about one of the interesting breeding combinations and possibilities. The Monthly gem dragon, In this case the gem dragon for April: The Dragonvale Diamond Dragon.

There are many dragons that are more difficult to breed, or have a lot more restrictions one "when" they can be bred. There are Rare breed dragons such as the Rainbow Dragon that are a lot harder to breed than the common and semi-rare breeds. these breeds take breeding two of the semi-rares in a specific combo to have a CHANCE at getting the result you desire.

But wat about the Diamond Dragonvale Dragons? Dragonvale Monthly Gem Dragons are like these dragons in breeding difficulty. But there are some differences. For one thing, they give you gems rather than gold. (Which BTW, is awesome) Except they give gems instead of gold (which is awesome), and they are named after the birthstone gem" of the month they can be made in. AND THESE DRAGONS CAN ONLY be made in that month.

Let me reiterate that last point... The Dragonvale Diamond Dragon is April's monthly Gem Dragon. This meanbe made in April. If you are trying to make it at 1 am on May first, you are out of luck. So this is a case where you want to breed these dragons early and you want to breed them often in the month that they can be made. If you miss it, you will have to wait another year (well.... 11 months)

Now....let;s talk about breeding the the April Gem Dragon for Dragonvale.

Breeding a Diamond Dragon in Dragonvale:


Info on making this gem dragon is released on 1, APR 2013 and will be updated as soon as it is...

If you have not yet given the game of Dragonvale a chance, why not check it out?? :Try is FREE

Remember Diamond Dragon Can ONLY be bred in April

No info yet on how to breed this bad boy!

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HOW to MAKE the Dragonvale Diamond Gem Dragon

To Breed the April Gem Dragon for Dragonvale Simply use the follow formula:

Diamond Dragonvale Dragon=

XXX + XXX (Info not released yet)

..always remember, that this dragon can ONLY be bred in April, so if you are reading this in any other month you will have to wait. But do not wait past April...or you will miss your chance for another year.

IS an EPIC BREEDING CAVE NEEDED?????? to make this gem dragon

In a word: NO! The Epic Breeding cave slightly increases the chances of spawning the Diamond Dragon. It COULD make it come a little bit quicker and easier...perhaps....bit it is in no way, "necessary"

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Dragonvale Guide

Dragonvale Secrets: Get More Gems, Dragon Breeding Guide, And More!
Dragonvale Secrets: Get More Gems, Dragon Breeding Guide, And More!

Is this guide needed to play Dragonvale???

No, it is not. It helps the new player get up to speed quickly. It gives some good tips that can help you in the long run. It migth improve your game, and certianly will give you good info, if you are just getting started, but if you are already an expert at dragonvale, you probably do not need this. This guide is geared more for letting the new player get the tips that a couple of months of experience might give in a few minutes.


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Share whatever you like about Dragonvale and the April Diamond Dragon

Thanks and have a wonderful day!

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