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Dragonvale Emerald Dragon

Updated on April 9, 2013

Breeding an Emerald Dragon in the addictive game of Dragonvale

Those people who own iPads, iPods or other Apple mobile devices and have tried the hit game known as "Dragonvale" almost universally love this awesome game. It is fun, it is rewarding (seeing your dragons grow) and it is wildly addictive.

Dragonvale is a simple game at the core. You have a giant amusement park where you grow dragons. You have to mate and breed different combinations of dragons to get just the rare offspring you want. Then you have to tend to your dragons and the park.

It may not sound like much, but neither does cityville and farmville and similar gamest. But it is a lot of fun breeding and raising your menagerie of virtual pets!

**Dragon intro Photo Courtesy of Dragonvale Breed

In Dragonvale there are quite a few different ways to breed the dragons you desire, as well as quite a few different breeds of dragons you can get. There are common dragons, semi-rare Dragons and then really rare ones that are difficult to breed.

Here is a List of the Common, uncommon and Semi-rare breeds in dragonville and how to breed all those dragons.

There are quite a few rare breeds. There is a Moon and a Sun Dragon. These Dragons are fairly rare, but then there is the Rainbow Dragon is the most popular of all the rare dragon breeds.

...But there is another rare type of Dragons. Ones that you can only get at specific times and places. Sometimes these go on a holiday, other times for an event...Then of course there is the dragon we are here to learn about...the Monthly Gem Dragon...specifically the Emerald Dragonvale Dragon, which is the Dragon for the month of May.

Remember these dragons can ONLY be made in the specific "gem" birthstone month. So the Dragonvale Emerald Dragon can ONLY be made in the month of May. So if you desire a Emerald Dragon (which you should, the loot is so much better than other dragons). You need to act on it fast.

May was the first month the monthly gems were introduced. So if you missed it then you will have to wait for may 2013. Sorry. Why don't you make sure you make a ton of the CURRENT months gem dragon.

Breeding an Emerald Dragon Takes: Crystal Dragon and a Lichen Dragon

If you haven't tried Dragonvale, why not give it a shot.

Grab your FREE version here

Read on to find out more about Emerald Dragonvale Dragons

Dragonvale Emerald Dragon

Dragonvale Emerald Dragons can ONLY be bred in May

Breeding an Dragonvale Emerald Dragon needs a: Crystal Dragon and a Lichen Dragon

Dragonvale Hacks and Tips

Dragonvale Secrets: Get More Gems, Dragon Breeding Guide, And More!
Dragonvale Secrets: Get More Gems, Dragon Breeding Guide, And More!

Do you want to get ahead quickly in the game of Dragonvale? Do you feel like you are always lagging behind people who have been playing for a longer time? Find out these tips and hacks that will help you get plentiful gems and grow quickly in the game of Dragonvale.


All bout the Dragonvale Emerald Dragon

The Dragonvale Emerald Dragon has a incubation and breeding time of 31 Hours.

It has a "Buy it" price is 1, 500 Gems. While giving out a an awesome 3 gems per month.

This gem Dragon can ONLY be created in the month of May, so you will have to wait until that month rolls around once again!,

once again.....

Ruby Dragon=

Crystal Dragon + Lichen Dragon

This Dragon can be only bred in the month of May!!!!


Have you tried the game of Dragonvale?

Have you Tried the game of Dragonvale?

See results

Emeralds on eBay - Get a deal on some Emerald Swag

Check out some of the neat Emerald Stuff on eBay to go with your Emerald dragon. Emerald is the Birthstone of May and makes a great present for any Taurus born in May. (like me)

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What do you think of the game of Dragonvale? - And share your tips for breeding Dragons here!

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      I have to tell my friends about this one.

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      Never played it - but thanks for sharing info! :)