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Dreamlite Dream Lights Pillow Pets Best Toy of 2012?

Updated on August 20, 2012

Dream lites, Great Idea! Where To Buy Dream lites Dreamlights Pillow Pets? Right Here!

I think Dream lites are one of the best new toys I've seen in a long time. Dreamlites are the followup toy to the pillowpet, the pet that folds out to be a pillow only Dream lite pillow pets cast a beautiful glow on your childs bedroom ceiling at night so they can fall asleep to view a wonderful image instead of a traditional nite light. This frees up that electrical socket in your childs room, that never seems to be in the right place anyways. Also, this invention Dreamlite pillow pet, has an automatic shut off, so that it goes off after 20 minutes if you choose. Dreamlites come in many different styles such as dream lite playful penquin, dream lite rainbow unicorn, dream lite fluttery butterfly, dreamlite jolly giraffe, dreamlite tardy turtle, and more.

See Available Dreamlites Here

Dreamlites Come In 8 Different Styles

Dreamlite Pillow Pets
Dreamlite Pillow Pets

Dreamlite Ladybug and Zebra Hard To Find

These products haven't been on the market long and already two styles are hard to find. The zebra and the ladybug.

A little fun poll to find out how your child falls asleep each night.

dreamlite pillow pet
dreamlite pillow pet

Lets hear from you. How does your child fall asleep? Below lists a few different ways to help him or her close their little eyes to dreamland.

See results

Find The Right Dream Lite Pillow Pet Here - Or Search For Other Great Children's Toys And Gifts

Pillow Pets and Dream Lites make great Christmas gifts for 2012. Remember to order early as these critters are selling fast.

A Cute Unboxing Of A Just Purchased Dreamlite! - Its Honest and Better than Any commercial!

After watching this video, i would rate it a ten. This little boy shows what comes in the box when you order, how to use it, what colors that the pet shows on the wall, all in the way a child would actually receive and use this Dream Lite Toy.

Why Some Children Need Night Lights.

The reason most children need a night light to fall asleep is to feel a sense of security. If they can see the hall, or room their in, they feel like its just not going to disappear when they sleep. Think about it, if you shut the light off, all they can see is black. After having three children, two of which didn't need a night light, and one that's aged nine who still needs one, that's my opinion.

What's Your Favourite Dreamlite Pillow Pet

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    • profile image

      pawpaw911 5 years ago

      I think I like the Tardy Turtle.