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Dress Up Trunks for Girls & Boys - Spike up their imagination!

Updated on May 29, 2013

The Most Fun game in The World - Dress Up!

Children love dress up trunks! These make for a perfect Christmas gift (or any other gift) and will bring fun all year round and for many years!

Browse through various Disney Princess Dress up trunks, other cool character and adventure chests, fun trunks for boys and more. These are sure to bring smiles upon those lovely little faces.

Your kids will really enjoy role playing and will have immense fun!

I loved to play dress up when I was a kid, sadly though there were only a few dress up trunks available in stores and even ones that were were super expensive. I remember how we would sneak into my mothers or my friends mothers closets when they were out and try out all kinds of things. A pair of fancy shoes was a must. Naturally when we were caught nothing good came out of it. One Christmas I finally got my dress up trunk. It wasn't as fancy as the ones that can be bought today and most of the clothes inside were sewn by my grandmother from old clothes (they were great) but at that day I became the coolest (well at least for a while) kid in the block. We've spend hours and hours playing dress up as with just a few accessories we transformed into fairytale princesses.

Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk

Girls Favourites

There isn't a girl in this world that would not want to shine as a Disney princess! And you can make this happen with one of these dress up trunks. There are more sets available featuring different princesses and clothing pieces.

I grew up watching some of the most amazing Disney movies and reading Disney stories. My favourite princesses were (and still are) Belle, Ariel, Yasmin and Mulan. Sadly not all of them come in the dress up trunks (I would love to see Mulan) but some of the most charming and well dressed princesses do.

Your princess will be able to dress up as Snowhite, Aurora, Belle and Cinderella.CHECK PRICE

Your girls will be able to dress up as Belle, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella!CHECK PRICE

Your little girl will shine as either Snow White, Sleping Beauty or Cinderella!CHECK PRICE

17 piece trunk includes outfits for Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Belle.CHECK PRICE

Princess Dress Up Trunks - Once Upon a Time Princess Dress-up Chest

Do you know a girl who does not want to be a princess? I don't.

Teetot Once Upon a Time Princess Dress-up Chest 15 Pc
Teetot Once Upon a Time Princess Dress-up Chest 15 Pc

I really like the fact that this dress up chest includes gowns and shoes (and some other accessories). Shoes always add that extra touch and that way your little ones won't be borrowing yours when you are not at home.


Dress Up For Girls Princess

Dress Up For Girls Princess Trunk 26 Pieces(Jewlery to Shoes)
Dress Up For Girls Princess Trunk 26 Pieces(Jewlery to Shoes)

Love pink? You'll love this one. Well your kid will.

I really like this pink pack. No matter which pieces your little one will combine they will work out great. No fashion no-no's in your house with this one.


Super Hero Fun for Boys and Girls!

Perfect for brothers and sisters!

Playing Super Heroes is immense fun, I mean who wouldn't want to save the world! These sets are inexpensive and you can get them both for boys and girls.

I always wanted to be a super hero when I was a little girl. Playing princess is fun but sometimes you just have the urge to save the world. Not to mention these are great for boys and girls to play together.

Boys Superheroes

Includes Batman,

Superman and Robin

Girls Superheroes

Includes Batgirl, Supergirl

and Wonder Woman

Olivia Dream It Be It Role Play Set

Dress Up Trunks For Boys

When someone mentions dress up, we usually think about girls and princesses, however boys enjoy dress up as much (if not even more) as girls do - naturally, they do not want to wear princess outfits... There are many great clothes chests available for boys - they can become pirates, superheroes and let their imagination run wild!

Pinnacle Import Dress Up for Boys Hero Adventure Trunk
Pinnacle Import Dress Up for Boys Hero Adventure Trunk

All of your (well boys) favourite dress up characters in one trunk? What's not to love. One day they can be one eyed pirates and the next one a royal knight.


Make Use of Old Clothes - A touch here and a touch there

If you are throwing clothes that were damaged or too small you might want to consider changing them a bit (add some bling, bling) and they will be still useful for play.

There's allot of things you can use, try ribbons, fabric garlands, beads, glitter... Most of these you can get at the dollar store.

Be sure to add all old Halloween costumes to the trunk too.


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