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DSi XL Burgundy -Smashing New Color, Fun New Features!

Updated on October 7, 2010

DSi XL Burgundy

The DSi XL is the latest release from the hand held gaming king, Nintedo. The DSi XL burgundy is only one of the 3 smashing colors this hand held gaming device comes in. The other two colors are a lovely Midnight blue, a shining Bronze as well as the fiery, yet sweet Burgundy DSi XL.

The new DSi XL has all of the same capabilities as the DS Lite which was a smash hit when it came out not too long ago. The DSi XL is all of that and more, simply put.

DSi XL Burgundy Comes Pre-Loaded With Games

The DSi XL burgundy as well as the other colors have hundreds of games you can choose from to play. You can even buy the games straight from your device.

Similar to Nintendo Wii's online game buying shop you can use the Wfi and browser built into your DSi XL to go online to the shop where you can buy games with Nintedo Points. Which can be purchased and used later on.

The DSi XL Burgundy comes with a few games pre loaded, so you can start having fun right out of the box! No wait, no hassle.

Build In Cameras, In The DSi XL Burgundy?

More fun features that the DSi XL burgundy has is other things such as the fact the hand held gaming device has 2 built in digital cameras. One in the inside of the device you can see when it is flipped open, and another on the outside of the device to take pictures of pretty much anything you want to.

DSi XL Burgundy Editing Your Way

Not only can you take pictures with the DSi XL you can also use the built in photo editing program to edit your photos any way you want to. Speaking of editing, you can also use your DSi XL burgundy to record voice and you can use another program on the DSi XL to edit the voice in any way you want with sever fun voice filters.

You can do the same with songs that you have on your DSi XL burgundy. You can play your music from there easily and conveniently. You can even get a separate cord that will allow you to listen to your music while the DSi XL is closed.

The DSi XL Is For Everyone!

The DSi XL has tons of fun features for you to discover and use. It will allow almost any user of any age to have endless hours of entertainment. From die hard gamers, to the occasional game on long car rides, the DSi XL burgundy is for everyone!


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