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Duck Baby Shower Decorations and Supplies

Updated on November 12, 2013

Duck Baby Shower Decorations and Supplies

If you are planning on throwing a duck baby shower, then you have come to the right place to find your duck baby shower decorations and supplies! I love rubber duckies for a baby shower -- there is so much you can do for it and so many invitations, decorations and games to choose from.

Guests will have a blast with a rubber ducky themed baby shower. Match your decorations for a unified and fun atmosphere. Remember the duck cake and party games, and everyone will have a memorable time (be sure to take lots of pictures!).

The most important thing is that the mom-to-be has fun and gets items for her new baby that she loves and needs!

Image: Rubber Ducky Baby Bath Set from Amazon (sold here).

Splash Splash Thank You Notes 8ct - Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Ideas

Remember to always send thank you notes for gifts received, for the people throwing the baby shower, and any other special people you want to thank. Try to send your thank you cards out as soon as possible after your shower. Saying thank you to your guests shows your appreciation for them, and it will mean a lot to them to receive a small note of thanks from you!

Splash Splash Thank You Notes 8ct
Splash Splash Thank You Notes 8ct

Don't you just love the the happy frog that is with this duck?


Duck Baby Showers Are Fun!!!

Decorations - Gift Ideas for Rubber Ducky Shower

Why not decorate your duck baby shower with items that can be taken home by the new mom?! This is a great way for her to get needed (and cute) items for the new baby, as well as providing your shower with adorable decorations! There are some items here that you can use for decorations and for gifts!

Striped Duck 3 Tier Diaper Cake
Striped Duck 3 Tier Diaper Cake

I could never figure out how to make these -- this is a great option for a diaper cake with a ducky theme.

Sweet Baby Rubber Ducky Bath Time Gift Basket for Boys or Girls
Sweet Baby Rubber Ducky Bath Time Gift Basket for Boys or Girls

A great gift basket that has everything Mom will need for baby's bath time.


Creative Converting Lil' Quack Round Dessert Plates, 8 Count - Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Ideas

These duck dessert plates are perfect for serving cake or appetizers at the duck baby shower! You'll want to include duck tableware and table decorations that match the theme of your shower. This keeps everything focused and fun. A rubber duckies baby shower should include as many rubber ducky decorations as possible.

8-Count Round Paper Dessert Plates, Lil' Quack
8-Count Round Paper Dessert Plates, Lil' Quack

His big round eyes remind me of what a newborn looks like!


Ducky Table Decorations & Accessories - All the extras!

All the add-ons really make the party into a complete theme, don't you think?

Splish Splash Lunch Napkins, 16ct
Splish Splash Lunch Napkins, 16ct

Ad adorable duck set on blue.

Ducky Duck - Baby Shower Dessert Plates - 8 Pack
Ducky Duck - Baby Shower Dessert Plates - 8 Pack

I love these are shaped like an actual duck!


Splish Splash Cups, 8ct - Rubber Duck Baby Shower Decoration

These cute rubber ducky baby shower cups can be used for hot or cold beverages. Serve your favorite punch, coffee or other beverages from this adorable paper cup! These cups go along with the rubber ducky theme of the baby shower, and will keep people smiling. You'll find some awesome punch recipes at the links below!

Duck Baby Shower Decorations - Rubber Duckies Baby Shower

I especially love the toppers, below!

Yellow Duckie Candies
Yellow Duckie Candies

These would be cute in favor boxes or spread on the tables.


Wilton Rubber Ducky Guest Book, Baby Shower - Duck Baby Shower

Use this guestbook for guests to sign, so the mom-to-be will have a nice keepsake of those who attended her baby shower. Other great keepsakes for mom are a photo album filled with photos from the baby shower and/or a scrapbook with photos and well-wishes from guest, etc. Be creative, and make this a special time for her to remember always.

Duck Baby Shower Memory Makers - Display these on the table for great duck baby shower decorations!

Stock up on items so that you can preserve memories--the day will be such a whirlwind, you'll inevitably start to forget some things soon after the event (this goes for the birth of your baby, too!).

Duck Playing in the Rain Rubber Stamp
Duck Playing in the Rain Rubber Stamp

These would also be cute for stamping your invite and thank you notes.

C.R. Gibson - Baby Keepsake Book, Baby Shower
C.R. Gibson - Baby Keepsake Book, Baby Shower

This would be fun to look back on.


Rubber Ducky Cake Topper Spoon and Bowl Set - Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Decorations

This cute rubber ducky cake decoration is perfect if you are making the cake yourself! Some people choose to order a cake, while others prefer to make one. No decision is right or wrong. Whatever works best for you, and keeps within your budget, is the perfect choice for you.

Video: How To Make A Rubber Duck Cake with Betty Crocker

Baby Shower Raffle Ticket ~ Fun Game - Duck Baby Shower

Don't forget about the games. Every baby shower needs 2-3 fun games for all to participate in. These raffle tickets are a great idea for a shower game, and other ideas include numbers on the bottom of a plate, searching for safety pins in a bowl of rice while blindfolded, having everyone smell 5 diapers that have smooshed chocolate candy bars in them, and trying to guess which candy bars they are, and so on. Be creative and have fun! Guests love games!

Rubber Duck Baby Shower Decorations and Rubber Ducky Supplies

LNAngel's Bio

Duck Baby Shower Decorations and Supplies is lens #130 for the author. She's currently obsessed with showers as she's busy planning another one. She loves this theme because it's cute, bright and fun.

It's important to bring life to the party and lively games and colorful decorations and paper plates, etc., can really do that. Keep the energy up and your guests entertain so it'll be a shower no one is soon to forget.

Have You Found Great Stuff for your Duck Baby Shower? - Aren't rubber ducky themes adorable?

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      Sagar 3 years ago

      I feel so much happier now I unnsertadd all this. Thanks!

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      Shelly Sellers 5 years ago from Midwest U.S.A.

      Quack! I love a Rubber duck-themed baby shower!

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      I love rubber duckies

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      I just love these duck baby shower decorations and supplies. I want to attend or throw a duck baby shower now!

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      I think the duck theme is just perfect. And I've just realised that my little girl has absolutely no ducky things, which is something that will have to change.