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Dune Racer - The Best Birthday Present A Girl Could Want

Updated on November 9, 2013

Our little girl just turned 3 years old and she was very excited to go with Nana and Papaw to pick out her very own bike. You are probably thinking, isn't this lens about a Dune Racer?!

Well, she only looked at bicycles for about 2 minutes and wondered off into the magical land of power wheels! Of course Nana and Papaw also got very excited and were no longer thinking about getting a bike for her.

There were a lot of choices, my eyes skipped from one to another as we saw cop cars, barbie cars, and mini coops. Then, this wonderful Fisher Price Dune Racer stood out. It was absolutely awesome, and of course our little one hopped into it and made herself very comfortable.

Why We Chose This Dune Racer Over Other Power Wheel Options:

1. We live on a pretty busy street, so I wanted to get something she can ride in our backyard (better be safe than sorry). This Dune Racer comes with great wheels for that grass. It plows through even the tallest grass areas (ok ok, I know I need to get to mowing).

2. It has a lot of leg room to grow. My little lady is by no means little; although she just turned 3 years old most people think she's 4 or 5. This is mainly due to her father being a 6'5" giant :)

What I noticed when she hopped into other power wheels is that her knees could almost hit the steering wheel. Since I wanted her to be able use her gift for few more years, Dune Racer was definitely a winner.

3. It has two seats. I am currently pregnant, so I wanted to make sure that a power wheel we chose could seat more than one child. Of course, my girl was excited to give rides to her little cousin and vice versa on her birthday!

4. This baby has two speeds. I didn't want my child to be stuck riding a power wheel which was too fast or too slow. Since she is just learning how to drive, she can practice on the slower speed. Once she learns her lefts from rights, then I will let her loose muhahaha!

5. It has a reverse option. Ok, so I don't want to run after my kid all day long, getting her out of bushes. Having a reverse option on this Dune Racer is awesome and my girl learned how to use it very quickly - I think she finds it fun to move the stick shift. Its positioned in a great place so that a child doesn't have any problems figuring it out.

6. I was never fond of all of the Barbie power wheels and really didn't care of all of the pink stuff. This baby just looks cool compared to all of the other options. If you thought it was just for boys.... think again! My little one looks awesome while working this sporty power wheel!

Basic Details:

The Price: I was surprised by how cheap this racer was compared to other vehicles. Currently you can get it at Amazon for $229 with free shipping :)

The Size: It fits great in our garage and is pretty compact for the type of a power wheel it is (25 x 46 x 15 inches ; 71 pounds)

The Power: This Dune Racer runs on a 12V battery and is very smooth.

The Speed: 2.5mph or 5mph with 2.5mph when going in reverse.

Recommended Age: 3 to 7 years old. Ok, I sat in this baby and I fit just fine (I am 5'2) :) Fun fun for mama!

Colors: It comes in slime Green/Black or Pink/Purple colors

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