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Updated on October 15, 2014


Duplo is a larger, chunkier version of Lego for smaller children aged 1 and a half - 5.

We're a big fan of it in my house - even if it does get everywhere!

Our Duplo is the one toy that gets played with consistently - long after all the other toys have been forgotten in a big pile in the corner.

The great thing about Duplo is that it's so versatile - you can use it for building houses, for telling stories, playing counting games etc. It's nice and big so you don't have to worry about it going into little mouths and it's easier to spot when you're walking barefoot across the floor (those of you who've stepped on Lego bricks know what I'm talking about!).

On the page below I've reviewed the Duplo sets we own.

Duplo as a First Birthday Present

We got our first set of Duplo for my little one's first birthday - a bit earlier than the recommended age range.

I took the smallest pieces of Duplo out - some Duplo flowers but I couldn't see any problem with the other bricks.

My 1 year old enjoyed Duplo towers that we built him - knocking them over and breaking them apart.

LEGO Duplo Building Set-71 pieces  (5506)
LEGO Duplo Building Set-71 pieces (5506)

This set of Duplo gives you a nice lot of bricks to start off your collection and includes a little Duplo man, a car, a window (with removable "pane", a small green base plate and a couple of Duplo flowers.


Our First Set of Duplo

This Duplo set is great for starting you off and it comes in a tough green plastic box with lid which we've found fits around 3 different sets of Duplo - good for clearing it all away at the end of the day.

Although we did have fun building strange castles on wheels with this kit, we definitely felt like we wanted more bricks and a big base plate to help us make more adventurous structures.

Duplo Man from the Building Set

LEGO Duplo Green Building Plate (15" X 15")
LEGO Duplo Green Building Plate (15" X 15")

This is a Duplo essential for getting more fun out of your Duplo set. The only problem is that due to the size of it you'll find that you want more and more bricks to further your play.


Duplo Green Building Plate

Whilst the building plates might not be the most exciting Duplo products they do extend your building options - it's not easy to build houses and other big structures without a base.

This base plate is a nice size and you can get them in other colors but I definitely prefer the green. I would love one of the little tables I've seen with the base plate in the middle - what a cute idea.

We got this base plate for Christmas and we had a lot of fun on Christmas day making some weird and wonderful buildings.

Green Base Plate in Use

Duplo Base plate
Duplo Base plate

Duplo Numbers

I love this Duplo set! Before it arrived I thought I'd prefer the Farmyard set but I think the Numbers set is so much more versatile.

The numbers correspond to picture bricks so you'll get a white colored number 1 brick which matches with a white brick with one teddy on it, a yellow number 2 brick with a matching yellow brick with 2 bunnies on it and so on. At the moment these bricks are great for telling stories with and great for building but they're also awesome because my toddler is beginning to match the 2 colored bricks up - he knows they go together. Soon they're going to be great for helping him to learn how to count.

As for telling stories with the picture bricks - I love to help my toddler build houses using the flower and bunnies bricks in the garden and the stars and bees bricks on the roof to signify the sky.

Bricks from the Duplo Learning Set

Duplo Numbers
Duplo Numbers
LEGO Duplo Learning (5497)
LEGO Duplo Learning (5497)

Not only do you get a range of Duplo bricks, with this set, you also get a little boy figure, a dog, a white picket fence, windows, a car (which you can link up with other little cars to make a Duplo train), flowers and a set of double-height Number and picture bricks.


Duplo Farmyard Set

The Farmyard Duplo set is pretty cute and awesome for teaching your kids about different farmyard animals. Although you might think this set limits your play we haven't actually used this set to make a farmyard yet.

My toddler loves taking the Duplo animals into the bath - which has saved me money on buying individual bath toys!

Tractor from the Farmyard Set

Duplo Farmyard Set
Duplo Farmyard Set
LEGO Brick Themes DUPLO My First Farm 6141
LEGO Brick Themes DUPLO My First Farm 6141

This cute Duplo set includes an old farmer gentleman with a pitchfork, a tractor, flowers, a pig, a rooster, a cow and a sheep. It also has a cool barn door attachment for a Duplo window and some interesting triangular roof bricks.


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    • LizMac60 profile image

      Liz Mackay 4 years ago from United Kingdom

      Great review of a great toy.