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Easy Camping Meal Tips, Ideas, and Recipes.

Updated on May 7, 2015
Photos displayed are my own. Article copyright 05/24/2014.
Photos displayed are my own. Article copyright 05/24/2014.

Campfire food has its own distinct flavor.

There is just nothing like the smell of hamburgers or hotdogs sizzling over a hot campfire. The tummy starts to growl just savoring the aroma.

Camp meals definitely have their own special taste and it is absolutely enticing. A little natural smoke is a flavor that commercial products just cannot replicate.

Add in a hearty appetite because all that fresh air and outdoor exercise serves to increase a person's craving for food. Meals just seems to smell and taste better when they are cooked out in the woods.

There is nothing like getting away from it all.

A camping trip out into the deep backwoods or out to a local lake can be a great mini get-a-way from the stresses of city life.

There is nothing like hiking, swimming, or biking in nature's wilds to allow a person to relax and simply enjoy the peace and quiet of nature.

An important camping tip to consider is bringing along a camp stove on your trips. Although nothing replaces the taste of a hot dog roasted over an open fire some outdoor meals are just much easier to prepare over a camp stove.

You never want to risk a case of food poisoning. Don't overstock your cooler with perishable foods such as meat and eggs. Take only enough for at the max 3 days of meals.

Food tends to sere faster over open flame so insure that the center of your meat is thoroughly cooked before eating.

Sometimes it is better just to relax and let the work take care of itself.

Essential kitchen utensils for campfire cooking.

A kettle or coffee pot, one large frying pan, one smaller frying pan, one pot are usually sufficient cooking ware for a camping trip. Always bring along a bucket for safely putting your fire out.

A barbecue fork and flipper are ideal for managing things over the campfire grill but if you will be cooking chili or other one dish meals don't forget to bring along a scoop.

Tin foil can come in very handy when you are camping so be sure to bring it along. Plastic bags or containers for storing left over food is also important when campfire cooking.

Cast iron fry pans are heavy to carry if you are backpacking in to your campsite but these retain their heat evenly throughout the pan and can withstand the high temperatures and direct flame of an open campfire or camp stove.

To make you own large size ice packs fill plastic gallon milk jugs 3/4 full with water and freeze.

These will last 2 to 4 days in a cooler and you will have ice cold water for drinking as the ice melts.

This gal isn't hitting the stew pot. She is waiting for a treat.

A campfire rotisserie can really add a nice touch of class to outdoor cooking.

Texsport Heavy Duty Adjustable Outdoor Camping Rotisserie Grill and Spit
Texsport Heavy Duty Adjustable Outdoor Camping Rotisserie Grill and Spit

Convenience and comfort come together in this rotisserie and grill.

Set over an open fire you have an outdoor stove that is going to bring new life to your campfire cooking.


Cast Iron May be Heavy but it is Well Worth its Weight

Haul along a good old cast iron kettle on your camping trips. For campfire cooking cast iron is amazing. It helps to prevent overheating and burning of your meals. It provides even heating and also stays warm for quite a lengthy time after cooking which is really good when someone is looking forward to a second helping. There is just nothing that beats cast iron for heating over an open flame.

Food essentials to take out to the campsite with you.

Hamburger, hot dogs, bread, potatoes, onions, boiled eggs, tins of pork and beans, and a couple cans of mushroom soup and tomato soup, should be the standard foods that you bring along for cooking up on your camping trips.

Take a fishing rod if you visiting a lake and you can enjoy fresh pan fried fish for supper.

Apples, oranges, carrots, green peppers, and tomatoes are fruits and vegetables that keep relatively easy, and can be used as side dishes for meals, or for quick and convenient snack items in between.

Of course you need condiments so salt and pepper, ketchup, relish, and mustard will also need to be included in this list as well.

Beverages are an important part of any activity. You never want to dehydrate when you are being active so bring along plenty of bottled water.

If you are bringing sodas or beer with you then be sure that these beverages are in bottles rather than cans. Flying insects such as wasps, bees, and flies have a tendency to be attracted to these liquids and are much more visible in a bottle than a can. It can be a very dangerous medical emergency to suffer a sting to the mouth or throat area when you are quite a distance from a doctor.

Hot beverages of tea, coffee, and cocoa are wonderful for sipping early in the morning or late in the evening. For quick heating the water your camp stove will prove to be indispensable so don't forget to take it along on your next camping trip.

An old fashioned popcorn popper can be fun.

Camp Chef Campsite Popcorn Popper
Camp Chef Campsite Popcorn Popper

Popcorn made the old fashioned way can indeed be fun. It is a really nice treat for munching on as you sit around the open fire in the evenings.

Great for popping up a treat over the campfire an old fashioned popcorn popper is a fun item to take out camping.


Quick and easy camping breakfast recipe ideas.

Eggs are a breakfast staple whether you or at home or camping out at the lake. Rich in protein eggs are a great way energize for the day.

It is nice to warm up by a fire in the morning but if you have a busy day planned then using a camp stove for breakfast will save the time of building a morning fire and then having to safely extinguish it before you go off on your day's activities.

In the chill damp morning air breakfast can be a quick and easy meal when prepared over a camp stove. It can be made even simpler by having boiled eggs for your morning fare. Simply toss the eggs into a pot of boiling water and breakfast is pretty much done.

If you insist on having fried eggs first thing in the morning they do have a very nice flavor over a campfire or stove. The morning toast can be easily made over camp grill or burner of the camping stove.

A good old camp fire toaster works dandy.

Coleman Camp Stove Toaster
Coleman Camp Stove Toaster

Camp fire toast has a flavor all its own. Add eggs and breakfast is complete.

Once you have tasted it you won't ever forget that delicious fire toasted bread oozing with melted butter.


Easy pan fry potato recipes.

Potatoes are another of the basic staple side dishes while camping and are a very versatile meal add on.

Potatoes can be easily baked over the campfire when wrapped in tin foil and slightly elevated over hot coals. They can also be pan fried in a cast iron pan.

Simply add oil to your pan, your potatoes slices, cover and fry over the open flame of your camp fire or stove. Flip your potatoes every now and then to prevent sticking. When the potatoes are close to being done add in chopped onion, seasonings, and green pepper. Continue cooking till the vegetables are lightly firm but cooked. Salt and pepper to taste.

By chopping the potatoes in long thin slices you can create a type of camp style French fry that is absolutely delicious when fried in the cast iron fry pan in just a couple tablespoons of oil.

Another method of campfire cooking potatoes is to lie out sheets of tin foil about 12 inches square. Add a tablespoon of butter or oil and then chop your potato and vegetables directly onto the tinfoil. Roll the package up and cook over the back of the campfire grill till cooked.

When cooking potatoes in foil slow cooking is generally the best method so try to avoid having too hot of an open flame under them.

Keep your water safe where ever you are with a Lifestraw.

LifeStraw LSPHF017  Personal Water Filter for Hiking, Camping, Travel, and Emergency Preparedness
LifeStraw LSPHF017 Personal Water Filter for Hiking, Camping, Travel, and Emergency Preparedness

Filters up to 1000 liters of water. Ideal for camping, hiking, or as a safety feature for emergency kits.


Camping recipes that start with hamburger.

Hot dogs are great while out camping as they can be cooked either in water or over an open flame but hamburger is your most versatile meat.

Bringing hamburger along on camping trips can mean that meals never get boring. Although you may decide on hamburger for three of every four meals each one is a new experience every time.

Hamburgers can be fried over the campfire grill or in a large frying pan on your camp stove and served as a meal in itself as burgers in buns.

For a nice switch hamburger can also be prepared as a crumble mixture or as a simple campfire hamburger goulash. For a delicious crumbled hamburger simple fry the hamburger till lightly cooked breaking it up into clumps as you do. Add in onion, garlic, and green pepper chunks, and allow to continue cooking till vegetables are cooked but still firm. Salt and pepper to taste.

To create a camp stove goulash simply add a can of either mushroom or tomato soup to your crumb hamburger mixture and allow it to continue cooking for a few additional minutes. Using either of these different soups will add a totally new taste sensation to your afternoon or evening meal without a lot of additional work.

Your choice of baked beans, potatoes, raw carrots, peppers, tomatoes, or apples are easy side dishes to add to your meal.

Have you been out camping lately?

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    • PegCole17 profile image

      Peg Cole 2 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      This brings back memories of great camping trips in Florida, cooking on an open fire, rowing across the water in a canoe, Coleman lanterns and great exercise in the open air. Wonderful.