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How to Use Baby Shower Decorations for Lasting Impressions

Updated on November 11, 2010

Decorations play a big part in any event, as these are one of the first things guests notice during such gatherings. A lot of people choose to purchase premade baby shower decorations to save them time in creating them, but some go the extra mile and spend time and effort in making personalized baby shower decorations.

Whether you spent money or handmade the baby shower decorations yourself, you will need to carefully plan how you can make the decorations stand out and get noticed to make lasting impressions on your guests. Listed below are some ideas on how you can use the baby shower decorations you have to make lasting impressions on your guests and make them go ooohhhs and aaahhhs.

Items Needed:

* The theme of the baby shower

* The venue for the baby shower

* When the baby shower is to be held

* The decorations you are going to use

1. Before you start buying or making the decorations for the baby shower, it is imperative that you know if the parents of the baby would like to have a certain theme or has decided about using a certain color. Knowing these things will make deciding on what decorations to use a whole lot easier.

2. Knowing where the baby shower is to be held is something you should look into, as the size of the venue will allow you to estimate around how many decorations you will need. Plus, knowing where the baby shower is going to be should also give you an idea of the places where your decorations are to go.

3. It is also important to know what time the baby shower is to be held, as baby showers held during the afternoons may call for decorations that use lighting.

4. Now that you have pretty much all the information you need and you have planned on what and how many decorations you need, it is time to plan the proper placements of your decorations so that these will attract your visitors.

One of the first places you should decorate is the entrance to the venue of the baby shower. This gives your guests a feel of what they are to expect inside and allows your decorations to make their first impression.

5. Once the guests are inside, you should also place decorations on where the gifts are to be placed, especially if you have decided on designating a table or a corner of the venue for where the guests are to place their gifts. Since this is obviously another place your guests will go to, placing your decorations here ensures that they will be seen.

6. Another great location to place the baby shower decorations is on the table where the food for the party is placed. Placing your baby shower decoration as a centerpiece also ensures that your guests will notice it.


* It is a good idea to place the decorations on the areas where the guests will be during the baby shower to make sure that they will certainly grab your guest’s attention.

* Decorating the entrance of the venue is a sure-fire way to get your guest’s attention right from the start of their arrival.

* Using unique decorations especially if you made them yourself will make lasting impressions on your guests. There are plenty of great DIY baby shower decorations available online; just make sure that you are following the theme or the colors of the party to make sure that the decorations fit in.

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