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How to Decide on Baby Shower Themes

Updated on November 11, 2010

Planning a party, no matter how big or small it is, certainly requires serious work and careful planning, not to mention the decorations. If you are thinking of having a baby shower either for yourself or for a family member or a friend, you will find plenty of baby shower themes out there for you to use and follow. But with so many themes available, which one do you choose? And most importantly, how do you decide on which baby shower theme to use?

Items Needed:

* A preferred theme by the parents of the baby

* The theme of the nursery if applicable

* The gender of the baby

* How many babies are expected

* Other children in the family if applicable

1. Unless you are the mom of the baby, ask if the mom has a theme she prefers and work from there. The mom of the child may already have an idea or two about how she would like the baby shower to be, so you should always ask what she as well as the father of the baby prefer.

2. A good way to decide on which baby shower theme to use is to use the current theme of the nursery. However, if the nursery is not really following a certain theme or style, you can always go with the colors that are present in the nursery and choose a theme that incorporates those colors.

3. It is also important to know whether the baby is a boy or a girl. Knowing the gender of the baby is a major deciding factor on which theme to use, not just in terms of the pink and blue colors, but almost everything especially the decorations.

4. Another thing you should know when deciding on which baby shower theme to use is to know whether the expectant mother is having twins, triplets, or just one baby. This can actually help you in choosing among different themes for twins and more.

5. Do the parents of the baby already have other children? This will also help you in not choosing the theme used for the older child or using it again as well as the decorations to help you save time and money. Some parents may prefer to have the same theme because of the advantages it brings, but some may not want a repeat of the theme because they would want each child’s baby shower to be unique.


* Always ask the opinion of the parents of the baby before finalizing everything, unless the baby shower is a surprise for them. Some parents may already have an idea of the perfect baby shower in mind, and it is always best to work with this idea.

* You should choose an easy theme or a theme that is popular or common. This is so that you will not have a hard time in finding the matching decorations and color combinations will be easier to follow as well as deciding on the food to be served, the color of the plates, etc.

* Another tip you can do is to narrow down your list of preferred themes to at least five, and then get the parents of the baby involved in choosing which theme to use. It’s their baby after all.


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