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eeboo Toys and Games

Updated on September 12, 2012

What is eeBoo? They are a company that specializes in educational toys. They make learning fun. They caught my attention when I was looking through the Oppenhiem Toy Awards. Mia Galison is the founder of the company and bases the toys on the toys she had as a child. She built her toy company from the ground up when she discovered a lack of toys that have a creative and educational flair. The company employs 6 people and has over 300 products! They have won many awards and I will be featuring some of these educational toys here! Parents really have great things to say about eeBoo toys! The reviews highly recommend these games!

The eeBoo Toy box Matching Kid's game features 24 pairs of cards to match. This is made for two players ages five and up. Whoever has the most matches at the end of the game wins. The crds are beautifully illustrated and are durable for play years to come! This toy won the Oppenhiem Toy Awards in 2011.

eeBoo's The Cupcake Game is a game about following baking directions! It is recommended for ages 5 and up. It is made for 2-4 players and has four cupcake recipes to choose from. The object is to be the first person to collect all the ingredients (by spinning a spinner). This game teaches reading skill, math skills and patience. This educational toy also won an Oppenhiem award in 2011.

The eeBoo Lacing Cards teach hand and eye coordination. It also helps develop muscles in little fingers! This set contains five beautifully illustrated cards with five laces. The cards are 8 inches by 9 inches and have clean drilled holes in them. There are several types of Lacing cards including fairies. The Lacing Cards that are seen here are the more things that go set. It has illustrations of a penguin piloting a plane, a turtle pulling a tugboat, a cat on a school bus, a bear on a train and a Dalmation driving a firetruck. This is also a winner of a 2011 Oppenhiem Award. Get the Lacing Card Here!

The eeBoo friends Say Hello Multicultural Puzzle won an Opphenheim Award in 2010. This educational toy is a puzzle that teaches you how to say hello in many different ways. Just push the piece out and reveal how to say hello in a different language. This is recommended for children 2 and up. The parents that reviewed this toy gave it high marks. They were impressed how well their children were entertained by the puzzle and how much they learned.

This eeBoo set of colored pencils includes two metallic pencils gold and silver. These pencils are made for children 3 and up. They have three sides and are fatter for a child to hold. There are many bold metallic colors. These pencils come in a tin with metallic robots printed on the outside. Consider ordering a matching robot paper sketchbook.

eeBoo Colors is a set of 12 puzzles that teach you little one how to match colors. Develop pre-reading and motor skills by matching the color to an item of the same color. The pieces are big enough for a preschooler to handle. This educational toy is recommended for ages three and up. eeBoo colors won an Oppenhiem Award in 2011.

eeBoo preschool numbers memory game teaches kids how to count and recognize numbers. This game is recommended for ages three and up. It comes highly rated by other parents. It received an average of five out of five stars from six parent reviews. Parents state they love how thick and durable the cards are. They also love that their children never seem to tire of the game, playing it over and over again!

The eeboo Life on earth matching game features colorful cards with illustrations of plants and wildlife. It is recommend for two or more players, This set of 24 cards is also a favorite of parents. Amazingly 21 parent reviews averaged five out of five stars! Parents state this is a beautiful game. They also comment on how their children feel a sense of pride when they can match the cards together! Parents were impressed by the illustrations and the thickness of the cards. They state this game is worth a few dollars more!

The Fairy Tale eeboo Mix up story cards won the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Best Toy Gold Seal. It is recommend for ages 36 months to five years of age. The game is played by using the illustrated cards. Each one of them contains a character such as a Princess or a frog or a locked door or a witch ect ect. Your child is to use the cards to construct their own fairy tale! Family members can contribute to the story line as well! As you can imagine parents really like this game. One parent discussed how well it traveled with their child to keep them occupied during a long trip!

eeBoo Crazy Faces Card Game

If you need a laugh, check out the eeBoo Crazy Faces Card game! This game includes 45 cards beautifully illustrated with pictures of vegetables and fruits with faces! You play the game like crazy eights! Many parents found this to be the perfect first card game for their child. It is recommended for ages five and up!

The eeBoo picnic game helps your child with decision making skills. The game comes with a "real" table cloth with paper dishes and a spinner. The object is to be the first person to collect all the yummy food on their plate! One parent stated her children were attracted to the game like honeybees! Other parents state this eeBoo game gave their children hours of enjoyment! It is for 2 to 4 players and is recommended for ages three and up!


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