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Elder Sign

Updated on February 16, 2015

Elder Sign Fantasy Game Review

I used to play a lot of board and card games when I was younger, but then life took over and I didn't seem to be able to find the time. Well, recently I have started to get into gaming again, and I'm so glad that I have!

Elder sign is the first fantasy card and dice game that I have played. It is also the first co-operative game that I have played. I really like the co-operative aspect of the game because me and and my friends had to work together against Cthulu, the 'ancient one' to win the game, instead of being competitive against each other. This aspect of Elder Sign, combined with the fantasy plot set in the Miskatonic University Museum, creates a great atmosphere and encourages players to support and help each other.

The story of the game is inspired by the fantasy writings of H. P. Lovecraft. To really make it fun, read out what it says on the adventure and monster cards to the rest of the team. if you really want to get into it, you can role play your character. That's what Wil Wheaton did on Table Top!

It does take two or three goes to fully get to grips with the rules, but after that, it is fabulous! A couple of set up tips - make sure that you have plenty of table space for the cards to be set out. You will also have lots of little tokens such as brains for sanity, hearts for stamina and, of course, Elder Signs. After a few times of playing, we figured out that it was a good idea to have several shot glasses on the table to stop these from getting mixed up!

So, dare you try to defeat the ancient one? If so, read on!

Photography by Amy Trumpeter (all rights reserved)

Elder Sign Fantasy Game

Elder Sign
Elder Sign

Elder sign is an exciting fantasy card and dice game. You will recieve a character card at the start of play, and your character will have a special power to help you in your adventures.

Elder Sign is a co-operative game, which means that the players work together to defeat the 'ancient one' rather than play against each other. Collect enough Elder Signs to beat the ancient one.

On your adventure, monsters will appear in your path, and you must defeat them to succeed. Be careful - if the 'ancient one' gains enough doom token before you collect your target number of Elder Signs, he will awaken. Trust me - you do not want this to happen!

The ancient one and character cards are re-chosen at the start of every game, so this game has good re-play value. I would definitely give this game 5 out of 5!


Playing Elder Sign on YouTube - With Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day

On Wil Wheaton's game review show 'Table Top', he was joined by Felicia Day from The Guild. I love the way that Felicia gets obsessed with tentacles and Wil role plays a woman in this fabulous YouTube clip!

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      ChristyZ 4 years ago

      I've never heard of the game before but it sounds cool!