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Enslaved - Odyssey to the West Story and Characters

Updated on November 23, 2010

Enslaved Odyssey to the West

Enslaved - Odyssey to the West

Enslaved Odyssey to the West

The concept of Enslaved – Odyssey to the West is partly based on ancient chinese folk mythology. Near the beginning of time, the Monkey God King accompanied the monk Tang Sen to the west to collect the teachings of Buddha for China. The Monkey God King was needed to defend the monk from the attacks of monsters who craved for the monk's flesh, as it was rumoured that consuming the flesh will make one immortal. The Monkey God King was one powerful being, and could only be controlled through a head band which would constrict by the monk chanting a spell if the Monkey's behaviour got out of hand.

In Enslaved, this concept is brought many centuries forward into a post-apocalyptic Earth. An event has occurred which has left Earth with only some survivors. Some live alone, others group together for safety and survival. One such individual is Monkey. He and a young woman are abducted by a mysterois organization. This organization uses head bands such as those (but which do not constrict) on these abductees to control them. Somehow Monkey and Trip escape and Trip then commands Monkey to do as she says by putting a head band onto his head. However, the 2 learn to trust each other as they make an odyssey into the west and uncover the truth behind the mysterious slave ships.

One of the key features of Enslaved – Odyssey to the West is the ability of the player to play as though this was a movie, making it one of the best rpg – type movie game ever. Enslaved – Odyssey to the West has been released and has obtained rave ratings in the short time that it has been released.

Enslaved - Odyssey to the West Gameplay


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