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Entropia Universe Sweating Guide (under development)

Updated on February 16, 2015

This is what you will receive from using VSE MKI

This is vibrant sweat, the free way of making ped
This is vibrant sweat, the free way of making ped | Source

Follow the steps if you are new

Hi there

If you are new, follow the steps below, i will try to guide you through the ways of the sweat gatherer. I am a free player on Entropia Universe and all my gameplay was and still is based on gathering sweat, so the question is:

What is gathering sweat?

Sweat gathering is a skill you will be able to use, and the only one, as a free player, and i will teach you how to be more efficient/better at it.

Where can i do an efficient sweat gathering?

I really recommend that you get rides to teleports such as Nea's Place, Amethera Outback Land #42 known as "OLA #42" and Boreas. These are the areas that will have many people doing the same, sweating, therefore, join them.

The techniques that good sweaters do in order to become more efficient:

Normally, the better sweaters tell the newbies that a circle around the mob will improve a better sweating, why? This will split the aggro between the sweaters reducing the number of hits per player, this means you will be hit less, and you will gather more.

My theory about sweat gathering:

People normally say that you can only get 500 sweat per hour maximum, well sir, this is wrong. I started playing in October 2013 and played about 5 months, then i stopped playing until maybe 3,4 weeks ago. I am level 9 sweat gatherer, and i can make an average of 1000 Vibrant Sweat per 50 minutes of active, efficient sweat gathering. How? There are a couple of rules when you are sweating:

Never go fully afk, i play normally semi-afk with auto-tool, but i always go and check if i died or im aiming wrong so i don't loose so much sweat per hour. Never sweat with armor on, why? Wearing armor while sweating will cause decay on armor and will reduce the frequency of skill gain, which means, you could have been gaining certain skills and the only thing you got from wearing armor is , you will have to pay the decay. Paying decay will make you spend some of the ped you earned from sweating. If possible get a full team of players and go sweat your own mobs, like ambulimax or kerbero, you do not need 20 people to sweat well, the less people you have sweating, the more sweat you get per hour. Now, the most important thing about sweating efficiently, i believe that if you get the following skills high enough you can even make more than 1k per 50min:

-Evade: I believe that having high evade skills, you can evade more hits, therefore, gathering will not be canceled so often, which means more sweat per hour.

-Concentration: I think concentration has great influence over sweating because, in my opinion, i think it is possible that it will help you get a more accurate gathering per click (remember this is only a theory).

-Health: Having more health will keep you sweating longer.

You can get more sweat per hour, you can never get more sweat than 1-4 units per gathering.

The swunting image above is a good way to get skills up, get sweat, and get loot, you can pay off what you have spent through sweating, therefore you can brake even or even profit while doing this.

Other ways of making ped

If you already sweat and only sweat I have the perfect way for you to make ped, click this referral link and join Entropia Partners, do tasks, listen to radio and make some ped! They charge 20 pec per withdrawal so be sure to withdraw more than 1 ped. Here is the website:

If you need a tutorial for this leave a message or comment.

Did you become a better and more efficient sweater?

See results

Synchronization sweating

Synchronization is a buff used through Mindforce, and it enables you to be concentrated and hit more times, this will increase your sweat gathering per hour.

I have all the details on the link i will post below, if you think the study conducted towards the possibility of profiting using Synch Sweating, please comment and rate!


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    • profile image

      a man:) 

      3 years ago

      really thanks man someone say not change if u lvl up sweat gathering... emm easy when we want to say:more lvl more bottle per hour and more target miss down :)i hope so with my stupid english :)

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      No problem, Miguel!

    • Miguel Ferreira profile imageAUTHOR

      Miguel Ferreira 

      4 years ago from Portugal

      Thank you, i try to be as complete as i can on my guides!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Great guide!


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