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Escape Whisper Valley

Updated on November 7, 2012
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Let's Play!

This fun game is a hidden object quest. As you hunt down the items on your list, you have a chance to unlock the mystery game of Whisper Valley before you escape. Can you find all the locks and keys to solve the enigma?

I've based this review on repeated gameplay from download, and videos. I'll include some of the videos, as well as some other goodies. Looking for a walkthrough guide? I could only find rapidshare sources which may contain malware, viruses, or trojans. Download at your own risk.

Thanks to Masters TB for the screenshot.

Game Trailer


Game Stats:

Type: HOG (hunt for objects)

Level of difficulty selection: 3 levels (full version)

Animation: Fantastic

Object: Make it out of Whisper Valley alive

My Rating: 3 out of 4 stars

Platform: Computer

Thanks to Download pchome for the screen shot.

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Game Review

Game Ovverview

The game begins with a rockslide having trapped you in Whisper Valley. You must play hidden object games in each area, as well as complete tasks with the hidden objects. At times you will be taken back to a location a second time to hunt more objects. While the things you hunt aren't used, they do unlock your ability to go father into the game.

Like a lot of HOGs, the items stay in the same place for each scene, so your hunting will be faster each time. Sadly, this game has no animation in between areas, but it has a definite horror vibe to it. Areas are creepy and industrial, and for some reason the entire town seems abandoned.

There are also puzzles to solve at the end of each area. The first involves moving blocks so you can put a key in a lock. If you succeed you get you first piece of a hint that will help you escape the valley. Your second involves a match three game, and so on.

Since you are the character yourself, the gender is yours. Kind of cool if you ask me. Also you will play both in day and night locations. And although the items don't move, the item searchlist sure does.

Sometimes the descriptions change, or you are hunting down letters, words, or an item based on what it does. Holds clothes together is a clothespin, but downhill is the word hill going down in a vertical column.


The graphics are very good. Not quite excellent as sometimes the items blur into the background. This does make the hunt a lot more challenging and fun, but some players may give up. Luckily you are armed with a recharging hint bar that points out an object you need at random.

Music and Sounds Effects

Fairly good. Nothing to buy a CD of, buy the music is creepy enough, ditto sound effects. You will hear the sounds of the area around you, which is a nice added touch. It kind of creeped me out that you never hear human voices. Nice detail.

Ease of Play

Extremely easy. You simply find your objects, again you have a recharging hint bar, and move on to the next scene. As objects never move, you will become swifter with each play. Even without much of a storyline, the game is a lot of fun.

Best and Wort Feature

The best feature has to be ease of play. You can always use a hint if you need it, great on timed downloads or when you are just stumped. Worst would have to be that sometimes the images are blurry.

Thanks to Solovagos for the screenshot.

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      6 years ago

      looking for third mystery item?

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      6 years ago

      looking for third mystery item?


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