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Eternal Eden hints & strategy guide

Updated on March 30, 2013

"This game tells the story of three children living in paradise. Everything is provided for them with one condition: they must not eat from the forbidden tree. Unfortunately, the children give in to temptation and they are thrown into a parallel world of darkness. Can they survive to see paradise again?"

This page is a combination of both basic information hints on the RPG game, and advanced tips for the tricky scenarios.

Spoiler Warning!

Don't read ahead of where you are in the game.

If you end up needing more help, or want to check out other games by Blossomsoft, visit their official page at The creators made many of the Eternal Eden walkthrough videos for puzzles below, this page simply collects them all.

Eternal Eden Tips

Walk in the corners of every area.

The weird rock formations in some rooms are clues!

They have hidden items you can find, mostly healing potions. Watch for the exclamation speech bubble to know when you've found something.

  • All combats can be avoided! However, defeating them all will let you get special rewards in every Eternal Eden dungeon's hall of treasure.
  • Try to do the bounty hunting as soon as you can. The rewards are worth it, and so is the extra experience.
  • Press ALT-Enter to switch between windowed & full screen.
  • Stuck at a puzzle? Scroll on down for parts of the Eternal Eden walkthroughs.

Combat Strategies

Having trouble winning battles? Try these!

  • Don't be afraid to use potions - there are tons of them in Eternal Eden! You will get far more than you'd need in this Rpg Maker VX RPG.
  • Jean can both be an offensive character (flying enemies are weak to his bow), or use his magic for destructive or healing purposes.
  • Downey & Fierro's status effect spells are always worth using versus bosses. Joelle's Omni Chant is another must have while she's with you.
  • Use Eternal Eden's ethers to fuel Noah's, Jean's and Dogan's attack skills. A buster charge, omni spell or shockwave can often defeat a full enemy group.
  • Joelle's Viva Chant heals everyone when you're in battle.


Most of the game is linear, so you won't need a really long guide. However, some of the puzzles might give you trouble! Videos were made by Blossomsoft (the game developers) to walkthrough the more difficult challenges, and they're farther below on this page.

The only time you're left wondering what to do is after you get the boat. You want to wander the world a bit and find a fairy. She's at a "big tree" on the map that stands out from the rest... it should be to the south of your village on the next continent, follow the shoreline east. Disembark whenever possible to check out locations.

She'll send you turtle hunting at this point... there's a little safari island on the map. I think it's to the southeast of where you are, but you'll find it just sailing around. Once you have the fairy, go to the little water cave south of your village to reach the next area.

A much more extensive walkthrough was written by a fan and posted on their forums, which you can visit by clicking here. Many of the other posts might have the hints you're looking for.

Turtle Hunting

Gideon sidequest, World of Light

Most of the turtles are very easy to find if you pay attention to your surroundings. The day/night cycle & weather are all time-based. If you're not having any luck getting it to change, just walk away from the computer for a bit. Most locations have different turtles you can find there depending on the time.

Don't worry about finding all 100 turtles unless you really enjoy Eternal Eden Turtle Hunt - the rewards aren't anything major. Here's a hint though... one of the stealth turtles is very close to where you get the hunting license!

Extreme Spoilers

If you hate the Eternal Eden turtle hunt and just want to get it out of the way, there's an excellent post by TostaMista.

It has a map, ingame screenshots, and locations of every turtle divided by quadrants.

But if you're not having fun, you don't have to find them. It's completely optional content and the rewards aren't needed to finish the game.

Bounty Hunting

Gideon sidequest, World of Shadows

There are a ton of different monsters to hunt (Ninetails, Cait Sith and the Wounded Fairy), but luckily for you, their hints give almost all of the locations away. A few are more difficult:

Slime King - There’s a special item you need to defeat the King of Slimes in the World of Light. Try visiting item shops.

Cait Sith - CaitSith likes to hide in the cracked Club Erotik house, you need prayer. You’ll need Jean to put something sexy on to draw him out on the stage. Look in the empty shop past the Gaza Woods.

Tiamat - Try using Downey’s “MP Attack” skill from StarTropics!

Ninetails - Hunt nine tail where you first met Fierro. Press the “enter” key on the world map in the desert canyon.

Odin - You need to be able to attack quickly before Odin will wipe out your team with one slash. Have you found any agility items? Eternal Eden’s Fenrir Ring from a different bounty hunt can help.

Behemoth - The behemoth, the last bounty, is quite deadly. Do you have any holy equipment that can help prevent you from dying?

Golem - You can’t defeat the Eternal Eden golem without a special item from the World of Shadows. He’s like the Slime King. TNT is so effective that you can only carry one at a time.

Wounded Fairy - You have to not kill her to win. Healing spells won’t work on her, but a special item similar to what you used to hurt the King Slime might help the Eternal Eden wounded fairy.

Best equipment

Ultimate Sword - Noah’s best weapon, the Eden Sword, is found atop a mountain in the World of Light you can only reach with the airship. There will be a short boss fight at the end of the dungeon.

Ultimate Wand - Rod of Twilight is found at the same place as the Eden Sword, Mt. Orisia. Clear out monsters for the hall of treasures.

Ultimate Bow - Jean’s best bow is vendor purchasable. Eternal Eden doesn’t have a special quest for the expensive Nimbus Bow.

Ultimate Nunchaku - Collect bravestones, secret items scattered all over the world. The master nunchaku from Eternal Eden’s bravestones isn’t a large upgrade for Fierro, don’t worry if you missed some!

Ultimate Gun - Find Josephine’s best weapon inside the desert beast at the end of the game. It’s one of the RPG’s side quests.


Videos below will spoil Eternal Eden puzzles and some of the plot if you haven't made it to them yet

Onyx Cave

Solutions to the first puzzles in Eternal Eden

Gaea Temple Walkthrough - Solutions to the jumping puzzles in Eternal Eden's fairy dungeon.

Dolls of Fate

Puzzles with little clown puppets located within Elvira the vampiress' castle.

Dead Gaea's Coin Puzzles

The fairy temple in the world of shadow. Grab coins and avoid the rocks!


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