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Eve Online Guides And Resources

Updated on March 3, 2014

Eve Online Beginners Guides For Mining, Missions, Salvaging, Industry, PVP, Exploration, etc

If you're looking for some great Eve Online Guides it means you know that Eve is quite a hard game to play - at least initially. Many jump right ahead and start playing without knowing what they're doing (because they think Eve is just like another MMORPG), only to quit before the 2 weeks trial is over.

Image credit: my current ship in Eve Online

Eve Online is extremely complex. While most MMO games are about leveling up, doing some quests and pew-pew-ing on the mob, this game has at least 15 distinct career lines that I can think of, and I'm sure there are lots more. Simply put, if you stick around, you won't get easily bored in Eve Online.

This is why those who get over the initial hurdles in learning the game stick around for many years. EVE is NOT a game to play for 6 months and quit. You either quit early on or you're hooked for years.

While I'm by no means an advanced player, over time I've collected and bookmarked several great Eve Online guides, tutorials and resources on every aspect of the game to help me learn it, all of which I'm sharing with you below. There are guides on starting out with the game, on mining, salvaging, running missions, ratting, trading, manufacturing, inventing, living in wormholes, making money in Eve Online and of course, the more risky aspects of the game including PVP and all the low sec areas that so many are afraid to enter since unless you know what you're doing, you're bound to lose your ship.

I'll be updating this list with more guides and resources over time, and if you come across anything useful that hasn't been mentioned here, feel free to let me know in the Guestbook section below.

Eve Online - The Game - Currently on PC only (No MAC versions available)

Eve Online: Commissioned Officer Edition
Eve Online: Commissioned Officer Edition

You can either download the game from the official website (over 4 Gb of download) or if you are a game collector, get the DVD version instead.


Starting Out In Eve Online

Eve Online agents
Eve Online agents

Eve Online Guides - Starting Out

I've played tons of MMO games over the years, and the truth is, Eve Online is the most complex game I've ever come across. Even after all this time I'm still learning. This is actually one reason why I stick around, because you simply don't get bored in Eve.

There is always something new to learn, to try out, to skill up for. Unlike in other games where you figure them out within hours (only to get bored of the game within weeks or days), here you constantly learn. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

When you're completely new to Eve, you need some guides and tutorials to make sense of the world of Eve. Learn how to get started, understand the interface and just what to do next. Eve Online is a sandbox game, which means that everything you do in the game affects other players. You are given the tools, but you make your destiny and follow your own path.

So if you're used to games like WOW (World of Warcraft), where you are held by the hands all the way through, here it's easy to get lost. So how do you get started with Eve Online?

Don't Pay For Online Guides!

Resist the temptation to buy Clickbank guides called 'How to make a billion ISK in Eve' and similar. While Eve IS a complex game, actual players have written free guides that teach you EVERYTHING you need to know in Eve, unlike some who just want to make a quick buck...or $29.99.

Eve Online Career Agents
Eve Online Career Agents

1. Start With The Game Itself

Do The Career Missions

The first thing you encounter in Eve once you've made your character is the help given by Aura, an agent that you encounter initially to understand a bit about moving around in Eve. When this initial tutorial is done, you're sort of left to your own devices - hence the sandbox effect. So what do you do next?

I strongly urge you to do the Career Mission. There are 5 career agents that you have initially access to, each giving you 10 missions in their respective field. These missions are simply there to not only give you an overview of what you can do next in Eve, but also to give you a taste of the various career paths you can take. While these initial missions are not mandatory, I strongly suggest you do them.

For each mission you get rewards and the career agents will give you much higher reward than the level 1 and 2 mission agents later on (in case you decide to become a mission runner). You get lots of ISK (the in-game currency), you get several ships and you get various skill books and other objects, all that help you greatly start out with some initial buffer. Don't ignore these guys!

Accessing the Career Agents

To get hold of your career agents you simply press F12 in the game (which opens the Help screen - alternatively click on the Help icon in the game), and next click on the Show Career Agents in the Career Advancement part of the screen.

Each of the four major Empire factions, Caldari, Minmatar, Gallente and Amarr have their own agents. My character has started out in Caldari, so I have access to the closest agents to my location.

The 5 agents are for: Military, Business, Industry, Exploration and Advanced Military (PVP). It really doesn't matter which agent you start out with initially, but I suggest you do the entire 10 mission chain with every one of them.

Learn more about each career agent in Eve at Eve University.

2. Watch The How To Survive Eve Video Series

Seamus Donohue from the EVE University has put together a great starter series about living in New Eden, the world of Eve Online. Once you've finished with the career missions, watch the How to Survive EVE video series on Youtube. They are simply awesome, I can really recommend them.

There are 6 videos each focusing on one career. This is why it is good to first do the career missions, so that you can get more indepth information from Seamus. You can either click through the link above or watch each video below embedded here.

Video 1 Surviving in Eve Online

Video 2 Industry And Business In Eve Online

Video 3 Industry And Business (Cont)

Video 4 Military In Eve Online

Video 5 Exploration In Eve Online

Video 6 Advanced Military In Eve Online

Running Missions In Eve

Eve Online Mission Guide

Starter - Missions

Introduction to Missions and Standings

Resources And Useful Guides For Mission Runners

If you come from other MMO games, missions are basically quests. Once you complete a mission, you get some rewards. If you complete it within an x number of hours, you get an extra reward, usually in the form of more ISK (ingame money).

Note: You can only reject a mission every 4 hours from a particular mission agent before you get penalized.

Mining In Eve Online

Eve Online Mining Guide

Starter - Mining

Learn The Most Basic Career That New Players Start Out With In Eve Online

Mining is pretty much the first career that new players start out with before they move on. It involves relatively few skills to learn, it's quite easy to do and you don't get ambushed as often - basically it's relatively harmless if you don't like much the PVP aspect of the game.

While for many people mining is quite boring, it does have its advantages and if you're low in funds, you can always attach a miner I or II to your ship and head over to an asteroid and mine. Ore is always selling, so this helps you keep some spare money if push comes to shove.

Here are some useful Eve Online mining guides if you choose this career path.

Salvaging In Eve Online

Salvaging In Eve by Seamus Donohue

Newbie guide to Eve Online ninja salvaging

Where To Salvage Tutorial

Tutorials On Salvaging In Eve Online Including Ninja Salvaging

Salvaging in Eve Online is easy and it's something that many users are attracted to early on. Just like mining, salvaging can be done with just a few skills and ship fittings and it's actually fun to see what drops when you salvage the ships of rats (NPC pirates). Don't confuse though looting with salvaging, as the two are not the same.

Trading In Eve Online

Station Trading

EVE Online Market Tutorial

Market - Orders

Contracts In Eve Online

Trading Guides In Eve Online And All About Markets And Prices

Trading in Eve Online is one of the very popular career paths that many users take once they start 'smelling the money'. Indeed, it can be a very lucrative career and many leave mining and mission running to settle in their seats and simply buy and sell goods, without even moving away from their station.

If anyone tells you that making ISK (money) In Eve Online is hard, don't believe them. While you might not become a billionaire right away, you can live comfortably in Eve simply by doing any of the popular career choices, including trading.

Exploration In Eve Online

Eve Online Scanning And Exploration Guide Tutorial

Magnetometric Radar Ladar Scanning

Probe Launcher and Probes - Scanning sites

Scanning with more Probes

Exploration - The Art Of Scanning In Eve Online

Exploration in Eve...It took me quite a while to learn how to properly scan in Eve Online, even with the ingame and online tutorials. I kept getting 99.9% but never 100%, which meant that I could not warp to the actual site. Grrrr. Eventually I figured it out by watching several Youtube videos...and then another world just opened up to me in Eve Online...Seriously worth learning...

Some useful guides below on learning this aspect of the game.

Manufacturing In Eve Online

Manufacturing Tutorial

Production 101

Manufacturing aka Crafting In Eve Online

Manufacturing...If you're coming from another online RPG game, manufacturing is basically crafting. You get base materials, you add them to a manufacturer using a blueprint and create an item...or 10. Eve Online is a sandbox game, and basically 90% of the items in the game are user manufactured. If you like crafting stuff then this is an interesting and quite lucrative career path in Eve.

Here are some useful tutorials that help you learn manufacturing and production in the game.

PVP In Eve Online

Do You Need To PVP In Eve Online?

If you prefer PVE to PVP, it is very possible to do so in Eve Online. There are safe areas called hi-sec (0.5-1) areas, where PVP is not the norm. You can play Eve anyway you like!

Btw, PVP means player vs player, when one player goes against the other in the game.

EVE Online PvP Tutorial - Tackling 101

The Hunt - Solo PvP

EVE Online PVP Video

PVP Solo Or In A Corp?

While it is possible to PVP solo as well (if you are a loner for example), I REALLY recommend to join a good player corporation (called guild in other MMO games) for your PVP adventures. It is not only much more enjoyable PVPing in a fleet, but it's also much easier. Solo PVP can be quite hard!

Eve Online Guides And Resources On PVP

PVP (player vs player combat) is maybe the most popular activity in Eve online. Many MMO players come to Eve because other online games don't offer PVP, or if they do (like Entropia Universe when traveling between planets), they are simply not as developed and complex as PVP in Eve is. While in other games PVP is sort of 'well, you can do it...', in Eve it is a very encouraged activity by the developers of Eve. In fact here everything is encouraged and the game is set so that you are able PVP, to steal, scam and do any other shady activity that you can think of. don't have to do these things. If you like playing peacefully without killing or becoming a thief, simply stay in hi-sec areas and go about your business (that's what I mostly do as well).

Having said that, here are some great guides on PVP in Eve Online. More to come as I find them on the web.

mining in Eve online
mining in Eve online

Notes On Eve Online Tutorials And Resources

Eve online is massive. Literally. There are tens of different careers that you can follow, and a page is simply not enough to add resources to every single little thing you might want to do in Eve Online. For example you can:

* become a fleet pilot

* a CEO of a corporation (start your own corporation)

* move to a POS (player owned starbase)

* move to low sec or null sec areas and learn to live there without getting killed too often

* become a hauler (transport goods from one area of Eve to another and earn money in the process)

* become an inventor

* mine ice

* run COSMOS missions

* run missions for pirates and be the bad guy (or girl)

* become a belt ratter (kill NPC pirates at asteroid belts)

and so much more...

However most of the things you learn from the links above will help you master many of the small and obscure careers that you might decide to follow as well.

And regardless of which direction you will go ahead in Eve, whether you become a pirate, thief, PVP master, or turn to the peaceful aspects of the game and become a famous industrialist, mission runner, veldspar miner or the best pilot around, above all HAVE FUN!

Image credits: screenshot of my early mining days in Eve Online

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      6 years ago

      Great lens! I use to play with a group of friends. I really miss it. Hopefully I can pick it back up soon.

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      6 years ago from Cyprus

      @anonymous: Hah...don't I know it about the time sink *sigh*...but they're such a pleasant time waster, and addictive too!

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      6 years ago

      Never played Eve Online, I did play everquest (both I and II), WoW and the last online game I played was Lord of the Rings online. I stopped playing because it was such a time sink for me

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      Good game for Sheldon Cooper :D

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      You have so much incredible information here.

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      Super stuffed full of info. Great.

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      Lots of info here - thanks.

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      Awesome info! Very well put together - blessed by a SquidAngel!


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