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Eve Online Merchandise and Gifts

Updated on March 21, 2013

The Eve Online Store for the serious pod pilot, posters, t-shirts, iPhone cases and more

Welcome to the Eve Online store central of squidoo. Whether you are a miner, a ship builder, a fearless dreadnought pilot, or an evil pirate, you are bound to find merchandise from posters to t shirts, ipad cases and ipod cases, that will impress in empire and strike fear into the heart of your enemies in 0.0 space. Or perhaps you're just shopping for a friend who needs some distraction from the boredom of hours spent on gate camps. Be assured none of the merchandise here will interfere with the cloaking fields of the helios, it is all light and will fit into the cargo hold of even the smallest frigate. So, sell that few thousands of zydrine you have stashed in your hold, and be prepared to spend some Isk here. After all what was the point of running all those missions if you can't even afford a nice t-shirt or a mug? Oh, and next time somebody insults you by claiming that Eve Online is 'just a mining game', you will feel better defending the honour of our universe, when equipped with all the nice stuff here.

Guristas iPhone case

Eve Online Posters - Gallante player owned base from ebay

Gallente player station
Gallente player station

I remember a time when there were no POS in Eve, strange but true. When the first POS was introduced, there was so much fevered discussion and planning in the corp about buying and deploying one. Now players can own and control stations. It's fantastic to see how the game has moved on. Now that you are in the Eve-Online store how about some posters so that, during those unpleasant periods when you need to spend time in RL you can still be surrounded by the beauty of space

Eve Online before POS (bp?)

Did you play Eve Online before POS?

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Eve Online posters - from eBay

The graphics in Eve Online are truly exceptional. Especially in 0.0 space, when you can race from gate to gate in your interceptor or cloaker, knowing there is no living being in the system except for you (well and the rats in belts, but they really don't matter), it is a truly beautiful experience. Each system is unique, with different colours and planets. Personally I prefer the blue ones.........

Planetary system colours

What colour of system do you prefer?

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Lasers Pew Pew Pew t shirt - CaffePress design

Eve Online-the MMORPG

Iceland's one remaining successful industry

Eve Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, created by CCP, an Icelandic company. All the action occurs in space, with players piloting an increasing array of spaceships, from super light and fast interceptors to the mind bogglingly huge dreadnoughts. Amusingly, the currency in Eve, ISK (interstellar Kronar) is also the name of the Icelandic currency. The Eve universe keeps evolving as free upgrades are released by the company. Thus gameplay is becoming increasingly more complex, and the freedom to play the game is unsurpassed. Apart from the four main race of the Eve universe, there are various pirate factions. The main legal drink, at least in empire is Quafe. Unlike other games, pod pilots don't level up by doing missions, instead they set up skill training, which takes a certain amount of time. The skills training occurs even when the player is not logged on.

Comments about Eve? Comments about the Eve Online store?

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      There are many misconceptions about Eve Bots but the most important thing to realize is that you are never banned outright! They are using a 3 strikes system just like baseball: 1st offense one week suspension, 2nd offense one month suspension, 3rd offense permanent.

      My characters are a little over 5 years old and I've never been caught because I simply don't exaggerate. I have the bot mining on a laptop or secondary laptop where I can keep an eye on it while working on my main computer. The bot can even send me an email if I receive a chat message or something else unexpected happens in a mining session.

      The point is only people who mine 24/7 and the RMT people are getting caught. If you only want to mine yourself a free PLEX or two you are 100% safe!

    • SadSquid profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      LOL with a name like yours it is a real surprise to get a comment. I have seen your lens, however I'd just be too scared to use a mining bot in case my account got banned. I have 8 years invested in smaa, that would be fatal.

      I find that now with the expanded ore holds I can do almost AFK mining in the two smaller exhumers, although not in a hawk. I just set up my char mining and do other things on the computer, only going back when EVE tells me that my rock is gone.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Eve Online Mining Bots

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Wow I didn't know there is so much Eve Online related merchandise available. I guess you must be a real aficionado to gear up like this! I like your lens! I also have a lens about Eve Online Mining Bots and how they can help you get a leg up in the game:


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