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EVE Online Tips - Overview, Races, Economy, Ships and More

Updated on September 20, 2014

EVE Online Tips - Overview, Races, Economy, Ships and More

Follow these simple EVE Online tips to improve your EVE Online experience. Learn more about the races, ships and economy of EVE Online on this page and more.

EVE Online is a popular space MMORPG that is known for its extensive universe and player driven economy. If you are looking for an epic MMORPG experience then consider trying exploring the EVE Online universe.

Got your own EVE Online tips? Stop by the comment section to share your tips and tricks for the popular MMORPG.

EVE Online Tips


What Is EVE Online?

EVE Online is an MMORPG that takes place in a science fiction setting. The game is well known for its vast and persistent game world which is entirely player driven.

In EVE Online players pilot their own ship (which can be heavily customised) through a massive galaxy which features thousands of star systems, which means thousands of potential adventures.

EVE also offers players professions to further define their adventure and include mining, trading, combat, exploration and even piracy. Many of these skills and professions are trained in real time as the game world is always active even if the player is not logged in.

Eve Online (Crucible Trailer)

Simple EVE Online Tips

  • Avoid going AFK while playing EVE Online, your ship and character are rarely safe.
  • Beware of entering low security status areas.
  • Remember to insure your ships!
  • Try not to rely heavily on the Concord security forces or sentry guns.
  • Don't forget to scan the map for ships that have been recently destroyed this could indicate pirates.
  • Treat everyone as hostile unless you know otherwise.


EVE Tips - Races

There are five major races in the EVE Online universe of which the player can access four of them. Players can play as the Amarr, Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar. The mysterious Jove race will also make an appearance in the universe but is not playable.

Originally your EVE Online race had a large impact on your gameplay style but in recent years this has been simplified meaning race choice will mostly influence your starting location and ship.

Each of the races comes with plenty of backstory and their own unique goals and objectives which gives you a sense of character which is vital in a massively multiplayer online game (MMORPG).

When choosing the best EVE Online race for you I recommend reading their own background stories and comparing your starting area and ship. Ultimately though don't feel locked in to your race choice.


EVE Tips - Economy

The economy in EVE Online is one of the biggest draws to the EVE Online universe. The economy is completely player driven relying on supply and demand.

There are many Non-player character (NPC) merchants where players can purchase skills, blueprints and some simple materials.

NPCs mostly facilitate the selling of goods but higher prices are often available by selling to other places who needs the resources, goods or materials to create ships and other goodies.

The in game currency of EVE Online is known as ISK (Interstellar Kredits) and serve as the universal currency.

Eve Online (Let's Play)


EVE Tips - Ships

Ships form the basis of your EVE Online experience with players constantly looking to upgrade their ship. Your ship is your tool in EVE Online which can be used to battle other players, complete missions, mine asteroids, transport cargo and more.

Ships come in a wide variety of sizes which cater to different roles, the most popular being weapon orientated, mining ships and transport ships with large cargo capacity.

Each race has their own unique ship designs, preferences and strengths although each race does still have some ships that mirror that of other races so race has little overall impact on strength it is more a playstyle issue.

EVE Online ships will always keep you on our toes as there is never no best ship, the best EVE ship for you will always change.

Do You Play EVE Online? - Got Any Other EVE Online Tips?

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    • ImmatureEntrepr profile image


      5 years ago

      EVE is a great title for those that are into this genre.

    • steveko profile image


      5 years ago

      I've played it, its way cool but too slow and complicated for my taste.


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