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Exploders Water Ball Guns that shoot Orbeez

Updated on January 24, 2013

Looking for Exploders?

Have you been searching for a toy water gun called Exploders that shoots little blue pellets?

Take a look at the photo - I think what you are really looking for is Xploderz.

I have been trying to hunt these down for my son after he saw a TV commercial and started asking for 'Exploders'. But because the toy has a totally made-up name, I couldn't guess the correct way to spell it.

Xploderz Toy Water Guns Commercial

New Xploders Guns

These are some of the newest Xploderz blasters available to buy right now.

Blaster Pro: Xploderz Alternative - Blaster Pro vs Xploderz Guns

Blaster Pro is certainly winning with regards to looks and customer feedback, but the Xploderz Guns are a little cheaper.

Not Your Average Water Gun

There are two things about these toy guns that make them really different from your average water gun:

1. You grow your own ammo

Add the hard plastic blue beads to the ammo clip, pour in some water, and after a few hours your ammo clip will be filled with squidgy Orbeez-style balls.

2. You don't get wet

Unlike with a regular water gun, or water balloons, if you get hit by an Xploderz shot, you don't get wet. The 'bullets' are made from a super absorbent polymer that soaks up the water to form a gel ball. When these gel balls impact they simply disintegrate, but retain their gel consistency.

When the gel balls are spent simply mix them in with your garden soil. The polymer is non-toxic and will help keep your garden watered by slowly releasing water when the weather is dry, and absorbing water when it rains.

Are Xploderz The Best Toy Gun Ever?

Which is the king of toy gun brands?

What is the best toy gun range of all time

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    • t0domanh profile image

      t0domanh 5 years ago

      I have a Nerf foam dart gun but this water gun does look like one I'd like to get too.

    • Iain84 profile image

      Iain84 6 years ago

      Great lens - good work!