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Fable 3 Bowerstone Industrial

Updated on October 31, 2010

Fable 3 Bowerstone Industrial

Fable 3 Bowerstone Industrial
Fable 3 Bowerstone Industrial

Fable 3 Bowerstone Industrial

The fable 3 bowerstone industrial story starts as soon as the legion of hollow men at the fable 3 mourningwood fort has been eliminated.This is the first big city that the hero prince is thrown into, and therefore more action and secrets. The first act of the fable 3 bowerstone industrial story is for the hero prince to meet up with Sir Walter. Sir Walter then leads the prince to a site where the fable 3 bowerstone industrial workers are staging a strike of some kind. Reaver (the fable 3 reaver, who still looks as young as the fable 2 reaver) then appears, and shows the workers the consequences of their action. Sir Walter tells the prince that the way to sway the people of Bowerstone to their side is to find the Bowerstone Resistance and their leader Paige.

Fable 3 Bowerstone Resistance Leader

Fable 3 Bowerstone Resistance Leader
Fable 3 Bowerstone Resistance Leader

Fable 3 Bowerstone Resistance

Fable 3 Bowerstone is a large area. Finding the fable 3 bowerstone resistance is a difficult task, except the yellow trail will lead the hero to the fable 3 bowerstone resistance. Follow the yellow trail to the door that leads to the fable 3 bowerstone sewers, naturally.

There the prince and Sir Walter encounters the bowerstone resistance vanguard. Sir Walter bargains with the bowerstone resistance men, asking to see Paige. A fight is about to start, and then the leader Paige appears. Paige understands who the prince is, and tells Sir Walter that the prince has much to do to win over the people of Bowerstone.The reward for completing this relatively easy part of the fable 3 walkthrough is some guild points and the next stage of the road to rule, and obtaining the spell Force Push.

Next, scattered across Bowerstone Industrial are quests which the prince has to complete to pass the next stage of the road to rule.

Fable 3 Fiancee

The Identity of the Fiancee depends on your earlier actions
The Identity of the Fiancee depends on your earlier actions

Fable 3 finding the kidnapped fiancee

One of the quests nearest the bowerstone resistance headquarters is to find the kidnapped fiancee. A man (Laszlo) asks the prince to get his fiance back from some rough men. They head out to the kidnappers' headquarters and confront the men. Naturally, the prince has to battle the kidnappers. Again use fable 3 spell combinations to both damage and stun the enemies and then use the inquisitor or the bonesmasher to take them out. Once these men are taken care of, the mastermind (Nigel Ferret) behind the kidnapping is revealed. The mastermind concedes that the kidnapped fiancee is not with him but "strategically" placed in a different location ie the sewers. A ledge from the house allows direct access to the sewers. The hero prince jumps down, and becomes reacquainted with his childhood sweetheart Elise (if you chose her over the people in the initial part of the game)! Life is full of twists and turns in the fable 3 land of Albion. Lead Elise to her freedom, and the road to love with the hero prince. To be continued.....


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