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Fable 3 Demon Door

Updated on November 6, 2010

Fable 3 Demon Door

Fable 3 Demon Door
Fable 3 Demon Door

Fable 3 Demon Doors

The fable 3 demon doors are scattered across the land of Albion. When the hero prince approaches the fable 3 demon doors, the doors will speak, in riddle, unfortunately. It is up to the player to decide what the demon door means, and act upon the riddle to open the door and claim the reward within. Here is a list of some of the riddles for the fable 3 demon doors and the proposed solutions.

Fable 3 City of Aurora Demon Door

The City of Aurora Demon Door is quite hard to activate, and is recommended only when the hero prince or princess has completed much of the road to rule quest. The reward is great though - a random legendary weapon in the land of Albion. It requires a prince or princess (or king or queen) of absolute evil or goodness to open the door. The city of aurora demon door is easy to find though, being to the left of Aurora as the player walks into the city.

Fable 3 Brightwall Village Demon Door

The fable 3 Brightwall Village Demon Door can only be opened with a child of the hero prince or princess. This child has to be a toddler, and has to be the biological or adopted child of the hero. So a partner is needed for a biological child, or a child can be adopted from the orphanage at the Fable 3 Bowerstone Industrial. For a biological child, wait for the baby to grow into a toddler, and hold his or her hand and bring the child to the fable 3 brightwall village demon door. The reward is rather miserable though, being just 25 guild seals and 3 summon creature potions.

Fable 3 Mistpeak Valley Demon Door

The fable 3 mistspeak valley demon door requires real life friends. Yes the modern age gaming requires internet connection and social network obviously. Connect to Xbox live and bring a hero or heroine friend to the demon door. Next ask him or her to perform hug and kiss expression, and the door will open.This is a great way to get a fable 3 legendary weapon though.

Fable 3 Mourningwood Demon Door

Mourningwood contains a fort to fend off hollowmen. Hence the fable 3 mourningwood demon door demands combat expertise. To access this door, one must have max out on either melee or ranged weapons skills. In addition, a legendary weapon that the hero has must have had 3 upgrades maxed out. The door will open, and allow the hero to enter a different dimension - Planet One and obtain some military costumes and summon creatures potion.

Fable 3 Sunset House Demon Door

The fable 3 sunset house demon door is likely the easiest to enter, assuming one has become the king or queen of Albion. Simply approach the door and its all yours. 1 million gold.


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