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Fable 3 Legendary Weapons

Updated on November 5, 2010

Fable 3 Legendary Weapons

Fable 3 Legendary Weapons
Fable 3 Legendary Weapons

Fable 3 Legendary Weapons

Legend has it that in the land of Albion where the fable 3 story unfolds lie 40 to 50 legendary weapons. Yes not just 1 or 2 but a double digit number of legendary weapons.It is rumoured that the legendary weapons will only reveal themselves to the most legendary of heroes (or supervillains), and therefore the hero or villainous prince or princess cannot obtain the fable 3 legendary weapons until one has reached at least level 5 on the road to rule. That means a lot of fighting and wooing of the people of Albion to reach the guild seals and gate opening needed. Now for the specs and stat and location of some of the fable 3 legendary weapons.

Fable 3 Limited Collectors' Edition

Fable 3 Weapons

Of all the fable 3 legendary weapons, possibly the easiest to obtain is the fable 3 bonesmasher. There are other cool fable 3 weapons. Let's examine some of the fable 3 legendary weapons.

If you are playing a good alignment character, one may want to obtain the fable 3 legendary weapon - Avo's Lamenation. This ultimate good weapon has the following features -

  • Righteous - increase your moral standing, note - +20% damage vs. evil enemies
  • Blessed - make 5 villagers love you, note - earn Guild Seals faster in combat
  • Holy Blast - defeat 200 hollow men, note + shock damage

If you are playing as a female heroine princess following the villainous path, and turning your back to love, then this weapon is definitely for you -

The Ice Maiden -

  • Man-Hater - defeat 200 men, note +15 extra damage
  • Sledger - earn Guild Seals from evil expressions, note + shotgun spray
  • Seduction + flame damage

For the collector player who wants only the best of games, get the limited collectors' edition of fable 3, and you will obtain the legendary Wolfsbane -

  • Overkill - defeat 50 enemies with flourishes, note - earn Guild Seals faster in combat
  • Lupinator - defeat 50 wolves or balverines, note +40% damage vs. wolves and balverines
  • Moonglow - defeat 50 enemies at night, note +40% damage at night

However, if you are part of the Reaver Secret Society member, you may want to give the wolfsbane a miss.

Fable 3 Legendary Weapons Locations

The fable 3 legendary weapons are not easy to obtain. Not only do you have to level up the right level, you also have to play online on XBox live to obtain some of them. The Millfields Silver Key Chest, located near the Millfields Demon Door will hold a random legendary weapon. The mourningwood dark sanctum silver key chest will hold another random fable 3 legendary weapon. So it looks like it is very important to obtain those fable 3 silver keys.


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