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Fable and The Adventures Therein

Updated on December 31, 2014

I, though a simple peasant among kingdoms, have followed the ("chicken kicker") Hero child from his sisters birthday on that fateful day in the peaceful town of Oakville. I have held his hand as he sacrificed love, life and all within. Lives were lost and adventures gained, the tales ringing high and dreadful on the tongues of the local bards. I was there for the battles.

We tore through the sands of Aurora and sludged through the terrifying Wraithmarsh, from one end of Albion to the other. Dragons. Oracles. Trust.. Betrayal. We rose and fell. Hard. Fast.

Along the way we met some eclectic characters: we even married one of them and started a family with a house we had purchased from the gold we'd found on our quests.

Together, we traveled but alone I made the crucial decisions - sacrifice for a better coin or let the trader survive for the sake of morals? If you had to, could you choose between yourself and your lover?

Choose your adventure: I am an absolute sucker for those words. Although I never played a Final Fantasy game in my life, I have had compulsions (incurable, I tell you) to play hours and hours of Fable. I have collectors edition cards, the coin, the Xbox 360 Fable Remote, and have worked my way from the first game to the most recent (Fable 3).

This is a role-playing game that follows a loose story-line set in the fictitious land of Albion. There are hundreds of variables for outcome: Decide if you want to be good or evil, married or single and later: male or female. It's under your control to do what's right no matter how you see fit. The story shifts depending on what you do, be it a simple conversation or an immense quest (which there are many of!).

My favorite game so far has been Fable 2, as seen here! It is a MUST try!

I am waiting tooth and nail for the Fable Anniversary Edition!

Fable 2 collectors edition
Fable 2 collectors edition
Fable Anniversary
Fable Anniversary

Get your hands on the up and coming Fable Anniversary edition (I know I am going to!). This is a remake of the original PC game with some additional fun; I can't wait!!


Is it a bad thing that my roommate can hum the songs from the backgrounds of the game from how many hours I've logged? In good news, he agrees that this game has great watch-ability for others who may get stuck watching you take over the television (also available on PC.).

Thanks for stopping by!

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    • SimonJay profile image


      5 years ago

      I havent played the fables yet but its high on my list

    • silla lm profile image

      silla lm 

      5 years ago

      Fable!! I love this game - I wanted it for ages, and then finally I bought the version for Mac last year. My friend also bought Fable III for the XBox, and it looks so good!


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