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Fable III Achievement Guide

Updated on October 13, 2012

Achievements for Fable 3

Having trouble unlocking Fable III achievements? Welcome to my Fable III achievement guide for the Xbox 360. After having spent many hours unlocking this games achievements, I decided to create this guide to help out other people who may be having trouble.

I had put off buying this game for a while because I thought it would be another rushed job like Fable II.

I was wrong. I did not take this game out of the tray until I had finished it twice.

Like all of my achievement guides, I will provide you with the easiest ways to unlock the achievements for this game. If you would like a greater challenge then you can get creative and choose different ways to get them, but they can be very aggravating.

I have also made this guide as spoiler free as possible. I am currently working on a step-by-step walk-through, but this game is quite large and it will take a while longer to complete.

*** This guide for Fable 3 is for personal use only. No other website, newsletter, forum or blog has permission to reproduce this achievement guide in any way, shape or form. ***

Fable III

Live the epic adventure of a revolutionary leader, fighting alongside the citizens of Albion to seize the crown. Throughout you journey, the actions you take will shape the land around you, for good or evil. Who will you become? The tyrant you rebelled against, or the greatest ruler who ever lived?

Fable III Limited Collector's Edition -Xbox 360
Fable III Limited Collector's Edition -Xbox 360

- The action never stops. No long item lists to take you out of the action. The options are obvious - the decisions are up to you.

- My weapon, my friend. Weapons evolve to reflect your actions and choices.Your individual experiences create weapons unique to you.

- A new game every time. Dynamic co-op play allows friends and family to join your game at any time and share your Albion.


Fable III limited edition guide book

Fable 3 Achievements
Fable 3 Achievements

How Does This Work?

These Fable III achievements have been set up in the following format.

Achievement Name How many points the achievement is worth

Description of Achievements

Tips and hints on how to unlock the achievement.

Story Mode Achievements

Achievements for Fable 3's story mode

These achievements are unlocked by playing through the single-player story mode. These are ones that you will unlock naturally as you progress through the game.

Hand in Hand 5

Hold hands with someone

You will get this pretty much at the start of the game. Your very first objective is to meet your lover. When you meet him/her you have to grab their hand to lead them to the castle.

This is going to be your very first achievement and you probably had it long before you came to this guide.

The Guild Seal 10

Unleash your heroic potential

Just like previous titles in the Fable series, there comes a time when your Hero powers manifest themselves and you become the Hero of Albion. You get this achievement when you open your first guild portal. Unmissable.

And So It Begins 20

Win the support of the Dwellers

This will be another one of your first achievements that you get. After first visiting the Dweller camp you will meet a man named Sabine. He has several small tasks for you to complete.

First Sabine wants you to bring an ancient object back to his camp to prove that you are indeed a hero. Follow the path to get a familiar object from Fable II.

Next he want you to beat some mercenaries and their boss to show that you also have leadership abilities. You will have to buy a couple of things to disguise yourself as their boss. Follow the path to their camp for a small fight and a boss battle.

If you are playing as a female character you will now have unlocked the achievement:

He's a Woman, She's a Man

Finally, Sabine wants some food from Brightwall to prove goodwill from both the Hero and the citizens of Albion.

Finish these tasks for some gamerscore and the first group of allies now joins your cause.

He's a Woman. She's a Man 5

Wear a full set of clothing intended for the opposite sex

There are two places in the game where you can unlock this naturally.

If you are playing as a female character you will get it Brightwall when you go to fight mercenaries for Sabine at the beginning. As a male you will get it during the Brightwall side quest Missing Play, also pretty close to the start of the game.

Swift Justice 20

Win the support of the Swift Brigade

Traveling through Mourningwood for the first time you will come across a fort that is under attack from some Hollowmen. This will be your first opportunity that you can play the Mourningwood Fort mortar game. You do not get scored on this round so you cannot unlock the achievement Kaboom, but this is part of the story and cannot be missed.

You will get this achievement when you successfully repel the Hollowmen attack.

The Resistance 50

Win the support of Bowerstone

Bowerstone is our next target to visit and recruit followers from. To get this, you are required to collect 100 seals from the citizens of Albion. By now I am sure that you are familiar with this process, so go complete some side quests or make some friends of the villagers.

After you collect 100 hero seals a quest called The Masquerade will open up. Complete this quest for some points and to continue on your journey to save Albion.

Distant Friends 20

Win the support of Aurora

The Ruler of Albion 80

Become the ruler of Albion

This achievement will pop once you have taken control of Albion from King Logan.

Coronation Chicken 10

Perform a royal judgment while dressed as a chicken

Once you become the ruler of Albion, you must decide if former King Logan is to be executed for his crimes or if he is to be spared. To get the achievement you must be dressed in a full chicken suit during this decision. Before you get to decide his fate, you will be prompted to go to the throne room to make this decision in public. Use this opportunity to change your wardrobe in the Sanctuary.

Note: I did this one as soon as I got the chance. I am unsure if you can unlock this if you make a judgment in the chicken suit during any of the other decisions. Will update on my next playthrough.

For Albion! 80

This is where you *spoiler* the great, big *spoiler* and then it all *spoiler*

You need to save Albion from the big bad threat. You will get this when you complete the last fight. Saving all of Albion's 6.5 million citizens is not required for this one.

Tough Love 10

Save the maximum amount of Albion's citizens

***Warning, this achievement can be missed***

When you take over Albion from Logan and become the ruler, you will notice that there are 6.5 million citizens that need to be saved. Each piece of gold that you have in the kingdom's treasury at the end of the one year will enable one citizen to be saved.

This means you will need 6.5 million gold in the treasury before you finish.

Fable 3 Side Quest Achievements

Tragical Comical Historical 10

Help the celebrated thespians Lambert and Pinch put on the world's greatest play

Unlocked by completing the Brightwall quest Missing Play

Very straight forward quest that has 3 parts. The first two parts are just decisions that only effect your morality. The third part is a small battle that you should have no issues with.

If you are playing as a male character you will now also unlock He's a Woman, She's a Man

Save The Princess! 10

Rescue the princess from the evil Baron

Complete the Bowerstone Market quest titled The Game

To access this quest, head towards the Old Bowerstone zone point from Bowerstone Markets. Just before you zone there will be a house on the left that cannot be purchased yet. The house is directly across from the Bowerstone Storage.

This quest is funny. It really shows how much fun the developers had creating this game.

In the house you will find three men are standing around one of those game boards that are basically a scaled battlefield. I don't know the name of these boards, but as soon as you see it, you will know what I am talking about. (And you just know that this is exactly how they created the levels in this game)

Talk to these guys and accept their quest. Follow the very linear path to the end for some laughs and an easy 10 points.

Knight Jumps Chesty 10

Defeat Chesty at his own game

After you become ruler of Albion you will finally gain access to the Sunset House. If you go there during the night, this ghost house will be on top of the hill. Hence the name Sunset House.

Come here during the day and you will see four statues off to the side in a gazebo posing in different expressions. Take note of the expressions of each statue and return during the night. The statues will now have changed expressions.

Interact with the statues until they are in the positions that they were in during the day and you can now go inside the Sunset House.

Go through to the back of the house and you will find a bed. Sleep in the bed and you will wake up in an open courtyard with a very large chess board and Chesty the talking treasure chest. Speak with Chesty and accept his challenge.

Once you have completed Chesty's quest you will get the achievement, some seals and ownership of the Sunset House.

Island Paradise

Establish the island of Driftwood 10 G

***Important*** When you can first access Millfields there is a man on top of a hill who wants money to have a bridge repaired. Be sure to do this. For some reason he sometimes disappears later in the game. This has been reported as a glitch.

If you cannot find this man then head to Reaver's Mansion. Go out the main gate past the small guard house. Keep going along the path and you will see a house just off the right. Run past the house and you will come to a small broken wall that allows you to get on the main path. Turn right on the path and follow it past the house and two boulders. You will come to a lantern hanging on a post. This is where you will want to take a sharp right and go up the steep hill.

If you cross the bridge you have gone too far.

Talk to the man at the top of the hill and give him the gold he wants. Go about your business and come back in a few days.

When you come back the man will be gone but there will now be a bridge across the gap. Cross the bridge and you can now enter into the Driftwood area. Talk to Robin who is at the edge of the water to get quest Pest Control

When you finished your task repeat the process of finding something else to do for a few days. Soon a quest called An Island Getaway will become available. Go to Bowerstone Market and speak to a man named Rusty. Rusty, just like everyone else, has a task for you to complete. Once you complete this quest you have to keep yourself busy yet again for a few more days.

After a couple of days, the quest Gift Wood For Driftwood will appear. Go complete the task and guess what... you have to wait a few more days. Soon after, the achievement will unlock on its own and all of that will be behind us.

After you get the achievement you can visit Driftwood for the new and improved island paradise. There will be new shops and houses that you can buy.

The Dark Sanctum

Reinstate an ancient evil temple 10 G

You will need to complete a set of four quests that, as a reward, will give you a total of 55 seals and the achievement. In between each quest you will either need to keep yourself busy for 2 game days or simply go sleep your time away.

To start, head out to Mourningwood and head to the Dark Sanctum entrance. There you will meet a man named Lesley who wants you to complete an evil task for him. It is a very straight forward job that you will not have to leave the zone for.

After that part is done and a couple of days have passed a new quest called Excavation will become available. This time when you see Lesley he will ask for some gold for an excavation. Give him the gold and you are done this part.

The next quest in the line for this achievement is called Awakening. As you have probably already noticed, each time you complete a quest, a new section of the Dark Sanctum open up. Head a little further into the Sanctum to find Lesley and to start this part of the quest.

Go inside the Sanctum and you will find yourself in some standard Hollowmen fights. Fight your way to the end and head back to Lesley.

After the now familiar two day rest period in between quests, you will get a heads up that the quest Leverage has opened up. This is the last quest in this set and you will unlock the achievement.

This is another straight forward quest that has you go even further into the Dark Sanctum. Follow the path to find a sarcophagus that contains the item you need. Bring this item back to a very hungry Lesley who puts it to immediate use.

Congratulations, this Fable III achievement has been unlocked. You are now also able to purchase the specialty Dark Sanctum pie.

Ghost Brothers

Make sure Max and Sam get home in time for tea 10 G

Complete the Mourningwood quests titled Bored to Death and Gone but not Forgotten

If you have played Fable II, you will recognize these two as the brothers who the Hero saved from the Normonomicon. They are up to no good yet again. Once you have completed these two quests this achievement will unlock.

Bored to death has you travel to Millfields to dig up an item. After digging it up, return the item to Sam and Max to end this part of the quest.

After a few game days, Gone but not Forgotten will become available. Return to where the fools were to find out that Sam needs some help with Max. After a small battle you will complete the final part of this quest and get your achievement points.

Fable 3 achievement guide
Fable 3 achievement guide

Combat Based Achievements

As you play the game you will have little choice but to participate in combat. Complete the following combat based tasks to unlock these achievements.

You Can't Bring Me Down 50

Complete Fable III without being knocked out in combat

Always be sure to have lots of healing potions on you if you want this achievement. Enemies get quite hard towards the end and getting knocked out even once will force you to have to play through the entire game again.

You will get this achievement after the credits have rolled.

Gunning for Glory 20

Kill 500 enemies using firearms

Easy enough. Kill any 500 enemies with guns.

If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It 20

Kill 500 enemies using melee weapons

Killing 500 enemies with melee weapons will unlock this achievement.

Wizards Revenge 20

Kill 500 enemies using magic

Kill 500 enemies using magic spells.

Spellweaver 5

Combine two gauntlets to cast a "woven" spell

As you progress on the road to rule you will come across a chest allowing you to equip two magical gauntlets. Equipping two different gauntlets allows you to combine your magical spells.

Note: You do not have to hit a target for this to count. Simply cast the spell

Archmage 20

Cast all 15 possible spell combinations

Once you have unlocked all of your gauntlets simply enter the Sanctuary, equip your gauntlets and cast the spells. After you have cast all 15 possible spell combinations you will get this achievement.

Note: You do not have to hit a target for this to count. Simply cast the spell

Barrel of Laughs 10

Kill 30 enemies with explosive barrels

Enemy gunners like to hide behind cover when you are fighting them. Look for barrels close to them that you can shoot. Target the barrels with your gun or fire magic.

Warning: Do not melee the barrels. Explosions hurt.

Pull! 10

Send an enemy flying into the air and kill him while he's airborne

Send an enemy flying with a flourish then finish them of in the air. I find that X X (hold) X works well to launch enemies. This will also usually cause the game to go into one of the slow motion flourishes. This is the perfect time to pull out a powerful gun and start shooting.

You should be able to get off three shots before they land. More than enough to kill a Hob.

Crime Spree 10

Get a 15,000 gold bounty placed on your head

Every time you commit a crime you will get a bounty placed on your head. Simply start killing villagers and guards until you get 15000 gold bounty. If you are playing through as a "good" character you can still get this. Just be sure to save your game first and go on a killing spree. Once you get this achievement you can just reset and reload.

While this can be completed by not killing anyone, and therefore not necessarily making this a combat achievement, if you are just stealing stuff it will take quite awhile to build up the bounty.

Total Warrior 10

Kill enemies with melee, ranged and spell attacks

You will pop this one very early in the game. Kill three enemies. One with melee, one with magic and one with ranged. After killing an enemy with the third type of attack for the first time you will get the achievement.

Fable III achievements
Fable III achievements

Search/Collecting Based Achievements

You will unlock the following Fable III achievements by hunting down or collecting a certain number of hidden items and objectives.

Digger 15

Dig up 50 items

You will need your faithful companion dog's help with this one. Dig up 50 treasure spots with the puppy. There are tons of dig spots in this game so unless you are purposely avoiding them, there should be no problem finding all 50 spots needed for this achievement.

Flower Power 30

Collect all 30 Auroran flowers

On the Southern continent there are small flowers scattered across the land. They can be quite hard to see, but fortunately your loyal companion dog can sniff them out. He will identify the flowers as treasure so keep your ears open for his bark telling you he found something.

There are six colour groups of flowers, with five of each colour in a group. You must find five red, blue, yellow, purple, green and orange flowers. When you find all five of one colour group you can return them to Priestess Mara. She will give you 10 seals for each group that you bring back for a total of 60 seals.

You will also gain the ability to dye your tattoos any of the colours that you have returned to Mara.

Stay tuned for a complete Auroan flower list.

Gnome Invasion 30

Destroy all 50 gnomes

The gnomes are exactly like the gargoyle heads from Fable II. They are loud-mouthed obnoxious jerks who taunt you and can be very hard to see. Shooting all 50 of these gnomes will unlock this achievement.

Stay tuned for a complete gnome location list.

I Am The Keymaster 30

Collect all 50 Silver Keys and 4 Gold Keys

Keys again? Crap. As if there was not enough item hunting in this game. Across Albion and the Southern continent there are 50 silver and 4 gold keys hidden all over the place. Finding all 54 of these keys is your objective for this one.

Stay tuned for a complete key location list.

Brightwall Book Club 30

Collect all 30 rare books for the Brightwall Academy

You will need to find all the different rare books scattered across Albion and return them to the Brightwall academy.

Stay tuned for a complete rare book location list.

Road to Rule Achievements

Chest Grandmaster 40

Unlock all of the chests on the Road to Rule

This achievement is pretty straight forward but is going to take you quite awhile to unlock it. You gain seals each time you complete quest, perform an action with a villager or defeat enemies in combat. Once you unlock your last chest this one will pop.

Super Hero 50

Fully upgrade your Melee, Ranged, and Magic abilities on the Road to Rule

On the Road to Rule there are chests which upgrade your fighting skills. These chests are called upgrade melee, ranged and magic. Once you have unlocked all 15 chests this achievement will pop.

Unlocking all of the required chests for this achievement is going to cost you 900 seals.

Lute Hero Tour 10

Play in each town as a 5 star lute player

Progressing along the Road to Rule you will notice chests on the left side that increase your job skills and allow you to make more money. You will need to upgrade your lute playing skills to level 5 before you can unlock this one.

You will need a total of 100 seals to unlock all of the lute-playing job upgrades.

After you unlock all of the upgrades you will need to successfully complete one round in each of the following towns:

Dweller Camp

The job board can be located right across the street from Mrs Tibbins's Caravan in the center of the camp.

Brightwall Village

From the entrance of town, head straight across the bridge and turn right, running up the hill. The job board will be the first "!" sign you come across.

Bowerstone Market

You will find the job board in the center of town just beside the tall clock tower and stone statues.

City of Aurora

From the dock, run forward until the path splits. Turning right you will soon come to the center of town. Take a quick left and you will see the job board right in front of you beside the food stall Delectable Delights.

Once you successfully play the lute in all four place you will get this achievement.

Online Xbox Live Achievements

You will be able to pop these achievements by playing with another player on Xbox Live. These will not unlock playing locally.

Long Distance Relationship 10

Get married to another Xbox LIVE player

Interact with another player until you can propose marriage. Give them the ring and have your wedding. Unlocks after the wedding ceremony.

Cross-Dimensional Conception 10

Have a child with another Xbox LIVE player

Join a friends game and go have some fun in the bed. As soon as the child is born

(the next day?) you will get this achievement.

Note: Players must be married for the child to be born.

Online Merger 10

Enter into a business partnership with another Xbox LIVE player

Interact with another Xbox Live player and select the business partnership with another player. This will allow you to split the purchase price of homes and shops so you get paid half of the profits every five minutes.

We Can Be Heroes 10

Earn 1000 gold in henchmen wages in another hero's world

When you play in another Xbox Live player's game you are paid for your time in their world. Depending on how far the other person is in their game you get a set amount. If they are close to the beginning you will get a whopping ten gold in wages every five minutes. This will mean that you will need spend a total of 500 minutes or 8.3 hours in other people's games. If they are close to the end you will get around 100 gold every five minutes.

After you earn 1000 gold this achievement will unlock. Only henchmen wages count towards this achievement. Money earned from business partnerships and quests do not count.

This is purely speculation on my part, but I think collecting things such as keys raises your wages. I noticed that once I had collected all of my silver keys, shot all the gnomes and found all of the Auroran flowers, my henchmen wages sky-rocketed. It does not matter whose game I go in now, I get 10000 gold just in wages every 5 minutes.

Achievements for Fable 3
Achievements for Fable 3

Other Achievements for Fable 3

Adopt or Die 5

Adopt a child

In Bowerstone Industrial there is a row of eight houses. Looking at the map, the orphanage is just below these houses and has a food stand on the left side. Enter the orphanage and talk to one of the children on the top floor to the right. Confirm that you want to adopt the child and you will get this achievement and a new child.

There is a 500 gold adoption fee.

Dye Hippie, Dye 5

Dye each part of an outfit you're wearing a different colour and have long hair

This requires that you dye each piece clothing that you are wearing a different colour. You will need 9 different colours of dye. You will also need to wear the "long thick hair style" for this to count.

Henry VIII 10

As ruler of Albion, get married 6 times and kill 2 of your spouses

Not too much explanation needed for this one. Simply marry six people. You will want to kill two of them and divorce the other four. If you do not want the negative morality penalty for killing people, save your game before you start marrying people, go do your business then reset and reload.

Kaboom! 10

Score 2000 on the Mourningwood Fort mortar game

This one can be tricky. You have a limited amount of time to get 2000 points. Each kill will net you 10 points requiring you to need 200 kills. The trick to this one is to destroy large groups of enemies with each shot. Listen to Jammy's comments to find out where the groups are spawning. He will say that enemies are coming from the left or the right.

If you find that you are targeting one or two enemies, chances are that you will not get enough points for this achievement.

Only fire at groups unless you are scrolling from one side to the other, but at the same time try to fire as soon as possible every time your cannon is reloaded. Every second you are not firing is a second that you are not scoring.

To make this achievement for Fable III really cheap and easy to get, simply have a friend join your game and complete the mini-game together. Both players get a cannon in multiplayer and you can each take a side of the field.

Magnate Personality 50

Build a property empire worth 2,000,000 gold

Buy shops properties and improve upon them. Your property value will increase as you buy stuff from towns and do jobs like the blacksmith, pie maker, or lute player. Once your properties have increased in value to 2 million this achievement will pop.

Try buying shops like pubs, pawnshops and weapon shops to greatly increase your value.

Also, lowering your profit margin will increase the value of shops greatly.

My Weapons Better Than Yours 25

Complete 3 unique upgrades on one of the legendary weapons found around Albion

Popularity Contest 15

Make 20 Friends

Remodeling 10

Remodel 5 different houses by changing the furniture

It is best to wait for this one until you can access Bowerstone Industrial. Houses are very cheap to buy and they all come with low quality furniture. Buy average furniture (or use stuff you have found) to improve on a house. You should not need to spend much to improve a dwelling. You only need to improve one item in a house to have it counted.

Enter a house that you own and press up on the d-pad. This will prompt Jasper to automatically redecorate the house.

Do this to 5 different houses for an easy 10 gamerscore.

Touched By a Hero 10

Use touch expressions to interact with 20 different people

This one is very easy to unlock. When you start the game you already have access to handshake. Shake hands with 20 different people around the castle and you will get this achievement.

In every character's world there are different rare weapon in the shops. Each world has a different set. For this achievement in Fable 3 you are going to need to meet other Heroes and hope that they have weapons that you do not already own in their weapon shops.

Collecting all 50 of the rare weapons scattered across the different worlds can be very challenging. If you would like to look for other people to trade and play Fable 3 with to make this online achievement easier to unlock, then please feel leave your Xbox Live Gamertag ID here.

Also please leave a small list of the rare weapons available in your world.

We Need Guns, Lots of Guns - Collect all 50 legendary weapons 20 G

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      6 years ago

      i have the swinging sword and the cassavona. my gamertag is mike mcdiarmid

    • kimberlynapper profile image

      Kimberly Napper 

      7 years ago from U.S.

      This is a very nice Fable III achievements guide. It's great to see such excellent, self-written guides as this and your Fable III walkthrough in the walkthroughs & cheats neighborhood. *Blessed*

    • Psycho-Gamer profile image


      7 years ago from Earth

      wow ...alot of achievements..that's for sure and some of them i have to say they are hard to be unlocked ...

      really big blocks of text...breaking them up a little bit would be really nice...some color maybe and some images


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