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Fable III Walkthrough

Updated on October 13, 2012

Welcome to my Fable III Walkthrough

Are you looking for a comprehensive Fable III walkthrough? Maybe you need some help unlocking some of this Xbox 360 game's more difficult achievements?

Well you are in luck. I have spent almost 150 hours playing this game hunting down items, keys, gnomes, Auroran flowers and unlocking achievements.

Now I am going to share my knowledge of Fable III with you hoping that it will help some of you get past parts that caused me many frustrations and sleepless night.

Spoiler Alert

This guide contains spoilers. This will be the only warning.

The main part of this guide was written to bring you from point A to point B in the story. It would be as if you simply followed the yellow path.

I do not recommend that you play this way. If you follow the path the entire game you will be missing out on so much of what this game has to offer. You are encouraged to go off the beaten path at all times. You will uncover many quests, chests and dig spots that you would not otherwise find.

Dig spots and regular chests will not be covered in this walkthrough. There are far too many of them and no real way to describe their locations accurately.

Still a work in progress

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Dweller Camp Side Quests

Special Delivery

Reward - 5 seals

Head to the Dweller Camp and speak to Mrs. Tibbins in the center of the camp. She wants you to take a package to her cousin Saul at Brightwall Academy. Travel to Brightwall and give Saul the item.

Brightwall Village Side Quests

An Ancient Key

Reward - 5 seals

Special Delivery must first be completed. See above.

After a couple of game days, return to Brightwall Academy and speak to Saul. He wants you to escort him through a secret library that was recently unlocked because of the book that you brought him earlier.

An Evil Presence

Reward - 5 seals

An Ancient Key must first be completed. See above.

Speak to Saul in the Brightwood Academy. It seems that one of the books found in the hidden part of the library was actually a necromantic tome and has released monsters into the area. Saul wants you clear out the area for him so that he can continue his research. Collect the ruby at the end of the hall down the final set of stairs and return to Saul.

Chicken Chaser

Reward - 10 seals and a chicken trophy

Speak to Bernard in Brightwall. He will tell you that his chickens have escaped to take over the world. He wants you to capture them as a way to prevent this from happening.

As you leave the pen, you will see two purple flags in front of a stone arch. The first group of chickens is just behind them. Lead them back to the pen. Return through the flags and follow the path down. Take a right at the bridge to find the second group behind the old smokehouse. Lead them back then return to the bridge. Cross the bridge heading towards the town gates. You will find the last group right in front of the statue.

When you return with the final group, Bernard's wife Patsy will come out and say that she was the one that let them out because it is mean to keep them penned. You will be given the choice to save the chickens or kill them.

You will also earn the chicken trophy and be able to place bets on chicken races.

Missing Child

Reward - 5 seals

Speak to Laura by the bridge leading to Brightwall to accept this quest and follow the golden path into the Chillbreath Caverns. As you are following the golden path, you will come to a fork in the road beside a rock with a lantern. Follow the path to the right and you will find the missing child standing in front of a shelf with toys. Take her hand and lead her back to her mother, killing the wolves along the way.

Missing Play

Reward - 20 seals, The Complete Works of Philipth Morley trophy, and the achievement "Tragical - Comical - Historical"

Speak to Lambert and Pinch outside of Brightwall Academy. The two actors want you to find a play written by Philipth Morley that will satisfy their tragical, comical, and historical needs. They also tell you that they have hired the famous detective Ransom Locke to find it, but that he has gone missing.

Enter Brightwall Academy and go forward down the stairs. Go through the door and continue following the golden path to the glowing book in the right hand corner. After you are pulled through the book, you will find yourself standing beside the missing Ransom Locke. He explains that in order for you to get out, you will have to perform some scenes from previous Philipth Morley plays.

Either choice you make will progress the quest, however, it is best to note that choosing the "good" answer will raise your morale and choosing the "evil" answer will lower your morale. It should also be noted that if you are attempting to get the "You Can't Bring Me Down" achievement, you will not want to die like it is called for in the "script" of the third and final scene.

When you complete the final scene, you will be given the missing play "The Ham Sandwich" and teleported back to Brightwall. Return to Lambert and Pinch to give them the play and earn the achievement "Tragical - Comical - Historical" as well as the Complete Works of Philipth Morley trophy.

A Marriage of Inconvenience

Reward - 20 seals

Speak to William/Wilma in Brightwall. He/she wants you to seduce his wife/her husband so that she/he will divorce him/her without taking half of his/her money. Enter the house and interact with the other npc until they ask for a gift of some kind, either jewelry if it's a woman, or a ruby if it's a man. You will then be given the option to seduce them. Do so until they want to go on a date. Take them to Brightwall Bridge to propose to them. Once you do that, return to the house where she/he will break it off with her/his spouse. You can then either actually marry them, or just leave them. You also have the choice about whether or not you want to kill William/Wilma or not.

Gnomes are Great

Reward - 10 seals

Speak to Brain in a small clearing to the right of the Brightwall Academy to begin. He tells you that he is missing a package that would be traveling through Mistpeak Valley. Follow the golden path to find that the carriage containing the package has been hijacked by bandits. Kill the bandits and acquire the gargoyle head sitting right beside the carriage. Return to Brian in Brightwall and place the gargoyle head onto the pedestal.

Gnomes are Evil

Reward - 40 seals

Gnomes are great must first be completed. See above

The Pen is Mightier...

Reward - 10 seals

Mistpeak Valley Side Quests

Mercenary Customs

Reward - 5 seals

Go to Mistpeak Valley and speak to Billy. He wants you to escort him to Brightwall. Take his hand and lead him, fighting the mercenaries along the way. Once you reach Brightwall this quest is complete.

Millfields Side Quests

Animal Liberation

Reward - 5 seals

Go to Millfields to speak to Katie, who is an animal activist. She wants you to break into the pie factory and release all the animals by opening the cages. Head to the pie factory in Bowerstone Industrial and release the singing chickens. Leave and return to Millfields to speak to Katie.

Hobnobbing with Hobbes

Reward - 5 seals

Find Dans Mourir in Millfields. He wants you to lead him to a hobbe cave for research for his book. Take Dans by the hand and follow the golden path to Dankwater Cavern. Right after you fight the first group of hobbes, you will find a treasure chest right behind the large rock with 1000 gold. Keep following the golden path until you come to your destination.

The Final Insult

Reward - 5 seals

Travel to Millfields to speak with Arthur. He has been travelling all over Albion delivering insults to every member of the Albion population and only has one person left. He wants you to take a "very important" letter to Zachary in Brightwall. Accept the quest and then head for Brightwall. Hand over the letter to complete the quest.

Rescue the Miner's Brother - unlocked by choosing to drain Bower Lake.

Reward - 5 seals

Head to the mine and talk to Bill. His brother is trapped inside with a bunch of Hobbes. He wants you to go into the mine to clear it out and rescue his brother. Head through the mine to find Bill's brother, killing the mobs of Hobbes along the way. Lead him out and talk to Bill

Mourningwood Side Quests

Bored to Death

Reward - 10 seals and the first quest for the achievement "Ghost Brothers"

If you have played Fable II then you will recognize these two trouble makers. They are the same brothers that the Hero's parent helped out when they summoned a legion of undead. Once these two side quests have been completed you will unlock the achievement

Ghost Brothers.

Follow the golden path to the cemetery in Mourningwood to find the ghosts of Max and Sam. They want you to find the Normanomicon that is buried with their mother. Follow the golden path to find yourself going to Millfields via Bowerstone Industrial and Bowerstone Market. Head to the cemetery and dig up the book. After you obtain the book, you are pulled into a fight with a legion of Hollow Men as the ghost of Mrs. Spade cheers you on from the sidelines. After the fight, return to Mourningwood and speak to Sam and Max again to hand over the book.

Gone But Not Forgotten

Reward - 30 seals, the Normanomicon trophy, and the "Ghost Brothers" achievement.

Return to Mourningwood to talk to Sam to find out that his brother Max is missing. Follow Sam to the Ossuary to begin. You will see Max right away. When you try to lead him out, he will turn into a wisp and force you to follow him. Before you jump off of the ledge, turn right for a chest with a pearl. Jump down, and continue chasing after him. He will soon start to send ghosts after you. Keep killing the mobs while chasing after him. Soon, he will lead you into a room with a moving spiked ceiling. In the next area, head to the left for a chest with a health potion. Then head to the right for another chest with slow time potion x2.

You will soon come to an area where the Normanomicon is being protected by a wall of wisps. The wisps will become ghosts that you can fight bit by bit in order to weaken the guard around the book. Soon you will have defeated all the wisps, leaving you free to take the book.

In Mourning

Reward - 5 seals

Talk to Sarah who can be found in Mourningwood. She is a new widow who wants to visit her husband's grave, but the journey is too dangerous for her to make alone. Escort her to her husband's grave so that she can pay her respects.

Bowerstone Side Quests

The Game

Reward - 40 seals, the Orb of Magicka trophy, and the "Save the Princess from the Evil Baron" achievement

Head to the house directly across the street from Bowerstone Storage. Inside, you will find 3 guys claiming to be magi who want you to save the princess. Take the orb of Interplaner Transference. You will find yourself shrunken in a narrative game. Before you enter the gates, run up the hill on the left to find the celery of doom on a bench. Enter the gate and speak to the "villagers" for some ridiculous scenes. When you want to advance, speak to Arturo by the gate. As soon as you enter the gate, go to the right to find a well with a Pie of Ineluctable Flatulence on it. Follow the golden path to a tower on a hill, fighting wolves along the way.

When you enter the tower, you will find out that it is actually a teddy bear factory. Cross the conveyor belt and open the chest on the left for the Scimitar of Baron Slaying +3. Head to the sanctuary to equip your new sword and continue forward to a lever in a room with a bunch of arrows pointing to it. After the ridicules dialog, kill the hollow men and continue through the door. As you are running up the hill, you will find the Legendary Condom of the Gods +5 on an alter on the right. Keep going up the hill, killing the fire breathing, demonic chickens along the way.

After you zone, fight through the mobs of Hobbes to reach the baron. Kill the baron and save the princess. You will then find yourself back in the house with the Orb of Magicka trophy, and the "Save the Princess from the Evil Baron" achievement.


Reward - 30 seals

Speak to Laura/Laszlo in Bowerstone Industrial to rescue their fiancé/fiancée from Nigel Ferret. Follow Laura/Laszlo to the gang's hideout to find out that the missing fiancé/fiancée isn't even there.

Leap into the sewers to find the missing fiancé/fiancée. Lead them out of the sewers, fighting Hobbes along the way. After the first set of Hobbes, you will find a chest with 450 gold. Keep running along the path to find another chest with a Dweller Left Leg Tattoo. Continue following the golden path back to the hide out where you are then given the choice of taking the fiancé/fiancée for yourself (evil), or telling the two to stay together.

As an interesting side note, if you are playing the evil side and killed the villagers instead of your lover in the beginning of the game, the missing fiancé/fiancée is actually Elliot/Elize.

Framed for Murder

Reward - 5 seals

Find Russell in Bowerstone Old Quarter. He wants you to murder Thomas Kaidkin to make his art worth more money. Head to Brightwall Village to find and kill him. Return to Bowerstone Old Quarter and speak to Russell again.

The Debt

Reward - 5 seals

Head to Bowerstone Market to find and speak to Cedric. He wants you to kill a guy named Alan that has beaten him in gambling. Go to Bowerstone Industrial to find Alan in the Riveters Rest. Enter the pub to kill him. Talk to Cedric in Bowerstone Market to finish the quest.

The Man Who Knew Just Enough

Reward - 5 seals

Go to Bowerstone Market to find Bob hiding beneath the bridge. He wants you to kill Leonard to stop him from telling the cops about the little "operation" Bob and his cohorts are running. Go to the prison, it is right beside "Gifts and Gumf (General Store)", and murder Leonard. Return to Bob to collect your reward.

Reaver's Unmentionables

Reward - 5 seals

Go to "The Shrine" in Bowerstone Market to find Benjamina. She has a collection of Reaver's things and she wants a pair of his underwear to add to it. Go to Reaver's old mansion in Millfields (where the masquerade was) and enter his bedroom on the third floor. Examine the book shelf on the right of the far wall to find the secret room. Get the underwear from one of the drawers beside the bed and return to Bowerstone Market. Give them to Benjamina for her collection.

One Ring to Find

Reward - 5 seals

Speak to James in Bowerstone Industrial to find out that he dropped the ring he wanted to propose to his girlfriend with in the sewers. He wants you to go down there and find it for him. Follow the golden path through the sewers to find the ring buried amongst some tree roots that are coming through a stone wall. Return to James on the surface and give him the ring.

Whorezone - unlocked by choosing to turn the Bowerstone Orphanage into a whorehouse.

Reward - 5 seals

You will find Deirdre right outside the whorehouse. She wants you to kill a prostitute named Lucy who is giving her services to first timers for free. Head to Bowerstone Market and you will find Lucy directly behind the pawn shop. Kill her and return to Deidre to collect your reward.

Aurora Side Quests

The Prophetic Hermit

Reward - 5 seals

Speak to Karen in Aurora. She wants you to take a brain in a jar to the prophetic hermit. Follow the golden path to exit. Once you exit, immediately take a left and follow the wall. You will find yourself in the Veiled Path, which is only accessible after the main story. Follow the golden path, killing any enemies you may encounter along the way, to find the prophetic hermit. Be warned that when you find a large staircase, there will be a Sentinel fight. At the top of this staircase, you will find a chest with 5000 gold, and the prophetic hermit.

The Key to a Greater Key

Reward - 5 seals

Speak to Vallo in Aurora. He wants you to buy a key from him for 4000 gold. This key is used in a door in the Veiled Path. If you are collecting all of the keys in the game, you will need this for a gold key.

The New World

Reward - 5 seals

Speak to Malusa in Aurora. She wants to explore the newly discovered world. In order to do this, she wants you to finance the expedition for 8000 gold.

A Relic of Ages Past

Reward - 5 seals

Speak to Himilcar. He was hired to find an ancient relic, but it is in an area with a lot of monsters. He wants you to retrieve the Statue of Tannar the Great for him. Follow the golden path to the large stone arch, or the outpost if you chose to build it, killing the enemies along the way. You will soon come to the area where you and Walter came out of the cave during your first run in with the Crawler before you became king/queen. Look for a pile of rubble with a dig spot to find the statue. Return to Himilcar.

Temple's Treasure

Reward - 10 seals and ability to change tattoo colors.

Warp to the city of Aurora and speak to the Priestess Mara. She will tell you that Aurora was well known for it's dyes before the Crawler became a big problem. She wants you to find the rare flowers in and around Aurora so that she can begin to make the dyes again.

Dark Sanctum Quests

The following four side quests must be completed in order to unlock the achievement The Dark Sanctum. In between each quest you will need to wait a couple of game days for the next quest to open up. You can choose to do other side quests while you wait or simply sleep your time away.

Peace, Love and Homicide

Reward - 15 seals and the first quest needed for "The Dark Sanctum" achievement

Speak to Lesley in Mourningwood and agree to murder a man named Rhys, one of those hippie types trying to promote peace and love. Follow the golden path to your victim and kill him. Return to Lesley to complete the quest.


Reward - 5 seals

Follow the golden path through the Dark Sanctum to find Lesley. This time, he wants you to give him 5000 gold to excavate the entrance of the Dark Sanctum. Simply donate the gold to complete this quest and get your seals.


Reward - 5 seals

Return back to Mourningwood to meet with Lesley who is now a little further into the Dark Sanctum. This time, he wants you to clear out the monsters from the temple. Accept the quest and then enter the temple to initiate a fight with a bunch of Hollow Men. After you have killed the enemies, return to Lesley outside the Sanctum to finish this part of the quest.


Reward - 10 seals + achievement "The Dark Sanctum"

Return to the Dark Sanctum through Mourningwood to find Lesley. He wants you to find the missing handle for the central oven. Fight your way through the mobs of hollow men to find the lever inside a sarcophagus.

Return to Lesley for "the Dark Sanctum" achievement.

Island Paradise Quests

These four quests are needed to unlock the achievement Island Paradise


Reward - 5 seals, and first quest needed for the "Island Paradise" achievement

Head to Millfields to talk to Griffith Smith. He wants to help protect the historical lands of Albion and wants you to contribute 750 gold to restore the historical bridge that he is standing beside. After you give him the gold, wait a few game days and then return. You will see that the bridge is now complete and you may go to a new area called Driftwood.

If you speak to Robin on the beach, he will give you the side quest "Pest Control". This is the only way to initiate this quest and start on the achievement.

Pest Control

Reward - 5 seals

Speak to Robin in Driftwood to learn that the village wants to move to the Hobbe infested islands. He wants you to go there and kill all the Hobbes. At the crest of the hill, before you jump off the cliff, there is a chest with a rare gem. After you jump down once, there is a chest with a ruby. After you jump down the cliffs, follow the right cliff face instead of going in the water to find a cave. Inside, you will find a silver key. Cross the water to kill the last group. Return to Robin.

Island Getaway

Reward - 5 seals

After having completed "Pest Control" and waiting a couple of game days, head to Bowerstone Market to find a man named Rusty. He is a rich guy that lost his fortune gambling and now the debt collectors are looking for him. He wants you to get him out of town lead him to the new settlement that nobody has really heard of yet.

Take him by the hand and escort Rusty to Driftwood.

Gift Wood for Driftwood

Reward - 10 seals and the "Island Paradise" achievement.

Now that Driftwood is starting to bustle, the small town finds itself in need of the services of a master carpenter. Speak to Richard, who is standing outside the caravan of Corvus to find out that he wants you to deliver a letter to the carpenter that they have hired. Follow the golden path to Silverpines and go to the carpenter's lodge in Silverpines.

Hand over the letter, and after few game days the achievement is yours.

Sunset House Side Quest

Sunset House

Reward - 20 seals, the achievement "Knight Jumps Chesty" achievement.

Go to the Sunset House through Mourningwood. Head to the gazebo and look very closely at the expression on each of the statues. Leave and return at nighttime and examine the statues again until they are in the same position as they are in the daytime. This will unlock the front doors of the Sunset House. Go inside and read the letter to find out that the house is cursed. Ignore the warning in the letter about not sleeping in the house and head up the stairs.

Once you choose the sleep option, you are taken to an area with a large chess board with a chest on it. Examine the chest to investigate the curse on the house. Interact with Chesty the chest to begin a game of chess. It really doesn't matter what moves you make as after a few turns, Chesty will change the rules. At this point, kill all of Chesty's chess pieces for the achievement and ownership of the Sunset House.

Look in the mirror in the dining room and you will see three blue switches on the walls. Roughly line yourself up with the switches and cast magic. When you hit all three, a chest will appear. Go through the mirror to the restored bedroom above for a chest with a diamond. The house is now yours, so feel free to explore.

Chests On The Road To Rule

1st Gate

Fireball Spell (1)

Fireball burns your targets and blasts them back a step.

2nd Gate

Dye Pack One (2)

Inject some colour into your Hero's wardrobe by learning how to dye your clothes or hair red, blue, grey, and green.

Friend Expression Pack (2)

Learn Whistle, Hero Pose, and Chat expressions in order to become friends with the people of Albion.

Landlord Pack (2)

Become Albion's greatest land baron by learning how to buy, rent, and decorate houses.

Melee level 1 (20)

Do more damage with any melee weapon you use.

Magic level 1 (20)

Do more damage with any spell you cast.

Range level 1 (20)

Do more damage with any gun you use.

Shock Spell (40)

Shock electrocutes opponents, damaging and momentarily stunning them.

3rd Gate

Lover Expression Pack (7)

Learn Dance, Hug and Kiss to become friends, or even lovers, with the people of Albion. (Also unlocks the Friend Expression Pack.)

Family Pack (12)

Unlock Marriage, House Buying, Having Children, and Adoption. (Also unlocks the Lover Expression Pack.)

Blacksmith level 2 (5)

Become a better blacksmith and earn more money striking that steel.

Pie Maker level 2 (5)

Improve your cooking skills and earn more money making pies.

Lute Player level 2 (5)

Improve your lute playing skills and earn more money performing.

Melee level 2 (60)

Do more damage with any melee weapon you use.

Magic level 2 (60)

Do more damage with any spell you cast.

Range level 2 (60)

Do more damage with any gun you use.

4th Gate

Joker Expression Pack (5)

Become a comedian by learning the tickle, pat-a-cake and chicken dance expressions.

Dye Pack 2 (5)

Tired of your appearance? Learn how to dye your clothes or hair khaki, purple, orange, and pink.

Blacksmith level 3 (10)

Become a better blacksmith and earn more money striking that steel.

Pie Maker level 3 (10)

Improve your cooking skills and earn more money making pies.

Lute Player level 3 (10)

Improve your lute playing skills and earn more money performing.

Ice Storm Spell (40)

Ice Storm summons frozen shards that rain down destruction on your foes.

5th Gate

Dye pack 3 (5)

Experiment with more colours by learning to dye your clothes and hair white, lime, yellow and brown.

Entrepreneur pack (5)

Learn how to haggle and own shops and you'll soon be running your own business empire.

Vortex spell (40)

Vortex creates a windstorm that picks up enemies and hurls them around, preventing them from attacking and potentially knocking them into objects.

Spell weaving (50 + necessary for achievement "Spellweaver")

Gain the ability to combine spells together by wearing two gauntlets.

6th Gate

Bully Expression Pack (5)

Learn how to coerce people and bend them to your will by using the Insult, Point and Laugh and Threaten expressions

Theft pack (5)

Become a master thief by learning how to steal. Just be careful that you don't get caught.

Blacksmith level 4 (25)

Become a better blacksmith and earn more money striking that steel.

Pie maker level 4 (25)

Improve your cooking skills and earn more money making pies.

Lute player level 4 (25)

Improve your lute playing skills and earn more money performing.

Melee level 3 (60)

Do more damage with any melee weapon you use.

Magic level 3 (60)

Do more damage with any spell you cast.

Range level 3 (60)

Do more damage with any gun you use.

7th Gate

Good Parenting Pack (5)

Become the world's greatest parent by learning the Tickle Child, Pick Up and Hug Child, and Cuddle Baby expressions.

Hooligan Expression Pack (5)

Can't wait to be a loud, obnoxious lout? Then learn the Rodeo, Fart on Villager, and Vulgar Thrust Expressions.

Blacksmith Level 5 (60)

Become a better blacksmith and earn more money striking that steel.

Pie Maker Level 5 (60)

Improve your cooking skills and earn more money making pies.

Lute Player Level 5 (60)

Improve your lute playing skills and earn more money performing.

Force Push Spell (40)

Force Push magically propels enemies away from you. Knock them into walls or of ledges for extra damage.

8th Gate

Melee level 4 (80)

Do more damage with any melee weapon you use.

Magic level 4 (80)

Do more damage with any spell you cast.

Range level 4 (80)

Do more damage with any gun you use.

Scary expression pack (5)

Learn the Growl, Scary Laugh, and Bloodlust Roar to become the terror of Albion.

9th Gate

Blades Spell (40)

Blades conjures magical swords which seek out and impale enemies.

10th Gate

Melee level 5 (100)

Do more damage with any melee weapon you use.

Magic level 5 (100)

Do more damage with any spell you cast.

Range level 5 (100)

Do more damage with any gun you use.


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