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Fallout 4 Get Power Armor Suit

Updated on November 13, 2015

In Fallout 4, the hero treks across a nuclear wasted wilderness about 200 years from the initial nuclear fallout. Needless to say, the once beautiful America is now a place of absolute danger, with mutated monsters and "humans" hiding in every crevice, waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting hero. To counter this, the hero has various weapons. More importantly, the hero can get himself a power armor suit.

Fallout 4 Armor Suit Side View

shows armor suit helm, arms and torso
shows armor suit helm, arms and torso

This particular Fallout 4 initial walkthrough focuses on a blond heroine. The heroine does not even remotely think she will become one as the scene opens with typical character customization, and then the routines of daily living as she tries to raise her baby Shaun. A look around the household of a pre Fallout futuristic home suggests nothing much on the exterior has changed from the end of the war in the 1940s, apart from the robotic servant Codsworth and the news and feel that everything in 2077 is now run on "atomic" energy. It would appear to be fusion energy rather than fission energy.

Everything for the heroine appears to be perfect. Even the normally annoying sales rep at the door turns out to be a nice offer of a gift of a vault to the couple, and further customization of the heroine in terms of her stats. These stats which will invariably be levelled up as the heroine journeys across the wasteland are -

  • Strength
  • Perception
  • Endurance
  • Charisma
  • Intelligence
  • Agility
  • Luck

There is no need for the heroine to get a power armor suit at this stage. She is not S.P.E.C.I.A.L yet.

And then the apocalypse almost happened.

Fallout 4 Initial Walkthrough

When the heroine wakes up from her cryogenic chamber, she does not immediately get a power armor suit. Instead, she is wearing cloth armor, or more specifically

  • Vault 111 Jumpsuit

This is obviously no great armor, but is enough to offer some radiation protection and provides some idea of the fashion of that time period. When the heroine went to sleep, it was the year 2077.

  • Note that a basic power armor frame provides 60 energy resistance and 60 armor resistance, in addition to excellent radiation resistance.

She wanders around the facility and picks up, not armor, but a basic weapon initially.

  • Note that it is easier to sneak attack with fists than with guns.
  • Incidentally, a power armor grants increased strength for the hero.

To get a power armor, the heroine needs to escape from Vault 111. No easy feat, given that everyone who knew how to operate the vault was now dead. So with no guidance, the heroine uses any terminal she can get her hands on to open the sliding door and then later the Vault door.

  • The most important thing to pick up before leaving the vault is the Pip-Boy. This will later allow the heroine to power up the armor suit, in addition to fusion core batteries.

Outside, the heroine finally sees the post apocalyptic world. It is not too bad, at first anyhow. But the heroine is in Santuary Hills to begin with. She continues her wandering until she reaches her old house. And there, in addition to trying to find Shaun, she sees Codsworth and asks the obvious question.

"What happened to the world, Codsworth?"

Fallout 4 Where to Get Power Armor Suit

The question therefore is where the hero can get such a power suit frame to enhance his abilities. The following is a list of the areas where the hero can get his power suit, arranged in as chronological an order as possible, starting when the hero first wakes up to the point of reentry into post apocalytic life in Santuary Hills and then to other places in the nuclear wasteland.

Fallout 4 Get Power Armor Body Parts

Once you have the power armor frame, the hero needs to use the Pip-Boy to power the frame. Then attach the various parts of the power armor suit parts to the power armor frame, and you are ready to rock and lumber past all obstructions.

Of course, the hero gets the Pip-Boy in Vault 111, at the beginning of the game.

  • The Museum of Freedom is in Concorde which is near to Santuary Hills.
  • Diamond City is southeast of Santuary Hills.

  • Diamond City - get the power suit from Arturo (merchant). At the initial point of the game, the hero may not have money to do so.
  • Museum of Freedom - this one is free. The hero can get the power suit on the roof. This is needed in the Minuteman Quest - When Freedom calls.

Other areas include

  • the Prydwen - buy from Teagan
  • Revere Satellite Array - get from the top of one of the dish towers
  • Military Convoy - get the power armor suit from inside the trailer
  • Military Checkpoint outside of Cambridge Outskirts - the hero needs to open the security door
  • National Guard Training Yard - the hero needs to open a slightly less advanced sercurity door
  • Fiddler's Green Trailer Estates - the hero needs to open quite an advanced locker
  • Covenant Lake - near the crashed Vertibird wreckage site in the water
  • Elevated Freeway - near the crashed Vertibird wreckage site at the corner of the overpass
  • Robotics Disposal Ground - near the crashed Vertibird wreckage

  • Military Armor Transport (Lexington) - behind a security door, which can be opened by hacking a terminal
  • Military Armor Transport (North Wilderness) - behind a security door, which can be openedy hacking a terminal in the train car nearby.
  • Military APCs - near the crashed plane near the APCs

  • Mass Pike Interchange - the hero can get armor suit in the Gunner camp on the overpass

Each power armor has 5 parts which can be attached to the power armor. These parts are -

  • power helm
  • power arm, left
  • power arm, right
  • power leg, left
  • power leg, right

The hero can build one particular specific model of power armor, for example the Raider power armor,
or the X-01 power armor (Arguably the most advanced power armor), but certain combinations of parts can be combined with certain frames. Trial and error in the
nuclear wasteland - works each and every time!


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