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Family Genealogy Scout

Updated on February 12, 2015

Genealogy Scout

Hi everyone. I started searching for my family tree about 2003. Via search on the Internet, I ran across what appear to be a distant cousin. Now mind you, my maiden name is Smiley. It is not real uncommon but not that common either. At the time I was doing my initial search, I thought I would search for any information about the town my dad was born in, Oakhill, Kansas. In 1910, when my dad was born, there was about 300 people in that town. So, when I came across an article of a man who had the same last name and was born in the same town about the same time, WOW, bingo! I was on my way.

The picture below is my father's mother and father. Don't you just love pictures?

Joseph and Mary Smiley

Marissa and Desiree's great, great grand parents on my (Sandy) side of the family.

Personal Family Tree

Our Main & Current Branch

This part of the branch is from the Davison branch (husband's name):

Bruce and Sandy Davison (parents - as shown to the right) - Married December 16, 1967

Lost my husband: September 3, 2010 to cancer. I will miss you my beloved Bruce.

Michael J. Davison (son) - Birth: 12/21/71;Married September 30, 2006

Tammy Johnson (wife) - Birth: 12/9/71

Marissa L. Davison (daughter) - Birth: 02/07/2007

Desiree Sue Davison born May 29, 2009

UPDATE: On May 29th (my dad's birthday), 2009, Desiree Sue Davison was born.

September 3, 2010, my beloved husband, Bruce, past away due to lung cancer.

The Davison Clan

Uncle Bob, Aunt Linda, Grandfather Bruce and Uncle Dick

Father, Daughters and Grandfather

You can see the resemblance in that smile

Michael Davison - 1974 (three years old

What's Your Story?

News, News, get your News here!

Try the power of the squid. Got ideas, need to express those ideas, like to write or just have fun? Try Squidoo!

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Marissa Lorraine Davison


Desiree Sue Davison

BORN MAY 29, 2009

Marissa and Desiree - tender moment at Christmas.. Desiree's birthday is the same as my fathers: Clayton B. Smiley, great grandfather

Get a special picture


Marissa on the left, and Desiree on the right.

Marissa's Paternal Great Grandmother

Florence Davison

RESOURCES are found in many places.

Today's family scout has an abundance of resources to pull from, here naming a few: Start with family members LIVING (don't wait to long; get members to talk about the family herloims; family records (birth/death certificates you have access to); the family Bible (recorded family history); obituaries; news articles; cemetaries; passports, hobbies, family books, LDS Libraries...

MORE RESOURCES - Ireland, Nebraska, Kansas, Tenneesse, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, New York, California

I've traced my family tree as far as to New York. My great, great, great grandfather came from Ireland but I could not locate any actual documentation. But, in the case of my dad, he was born in Kansas. His dad was born in Missouri; while my dad's grandfather was born in Indiana. Or my mother's side of the family, we go as far as New York. It is fun to see the pattern of migration as you trace the history.

First Cousin, Twice Removed?

Relationship Terms - What Does It All Mean

Cousin (a.k.a "first cousin")

Your first cousins are the people in your family who have two of the same grandparents as you. In other words, they are the children of your aunts and uncles.

Second Cousin

Your second cousins are the people in your family who have the same great-grandparents as you, but not the same grandparents.

Third, Fourth, and Fifth Cousins

Your third cousins have the same great-great-grandparents, fourth cousins have the same great-great-great-grandparents, and so on.


When the word "removed" is used to describe a relationship, it indicates that the two people are from different generations. You and your first cousins are in the same generation (two generations younger than your grandparents), so the word "removed" is not used to describe your relationship.

The words "once removed" mean that there is a difference of one generation. For example, your mother's first cousin is your first cousin, once removed. This is because your mother's first cousin is one generation younger than your grandparents and you are two generatins younger than your grandparents. This one-generation difference equals "once removed."

Twice removed means that there is a two-generation difference. You are two generations younger than a first cousin of your grandmother, so you and your grandmother's first cousin are first counsins, twice removed.


Spanish Heritage... - CALIFORNIA HERE I COME....

For all of my neighboring native californias (My son was born in California, his parents and his paternal grandmother.

GENEALOGY SOFTWARE, BOOKS - Get Organized - It's Fun

I have Family Tree Maker Vs.16. It is real easy to use. I like the fact that I can key in information from several sides of the family because each window allows you to see a full page of key-in information. The top menu bar allows you to easily switch to a different ancestor name. You can easily click on to go out on the Internet and search. Easy to edit. I found it very simple to operate.

Family Tree Maker Version 16 Standard [OLD VERSION]
Family Tree Maker Version 16 Standard [OLD VERSION]

With Family Tree Maker 2006 Standard you'll discover your family history and easily share it with friends and relatives. Create your family tree in 4 easy steps! Search through the world's largest online family history collection which includes the U.S. Records Collection, Naturalization Records, Immigration Records and much more!


Have You Researched Your Genealogy? - What Do You Know About Your Ancestry?

Do you know where your family came from? Ireland? France? England? Any family stories that have been passed down to you? I believe it would be fun for you to share a few words regarding your family stories or your initial experience with genealogy research.

So, take a moment to answer the poll below. And then, visit the guestbook and share a little about your story or experience. It could be a long lost cousin, a hand-me-down tradition, furniture, recipe, home.

Have You Researched Your Family History?

See results

Smile...Your on Candid Camera.

Don't you just love the "look" of the older pictures. They look so serious! I sometimes wonder if they knew the meaning of "cheese".

Need Help With Your Tree?

There are all kinds of family trees. Watch out that you don't end up like this person in the second video!

High collars, long dresses, bloomers, tight bodice, leg o'mutton sleeves!

Attention Ladies....can you imagine cooking or doing any house cleaning in a dress similar to this one. However, one of my fantasies is to dress up in a Victorian dress for dinner, crazy? I do not have the figure so it will never happen...but I can dream, can't I?

Mary Smiley- My dad's mother.

Mary Smiley- My dad's mother.
Mary Smiley- My dad's mother.

My Mother - Cecilia Pettengill Smiley

My Mother - Cecilia Pettengill Smiley
My Mother - Cecilia Pettengill Smiley

GENEALOGY- My Family Tree

I climbed my family tree and found It wasn't worth the climb. And so I scrambled down convinced It wasn't worth the time. Some branches on my tree I found Were rotten to the core, And all the tree was full of sap, And hung with nuts galore. I used to brag my family up Before I made the climb, But truth compels me now to tell Of those not worth a dime. I beg my friends who boast aloud Of ancestors so great, To climb their family tree and learn Of those who weren't so straight. I've learned what family trees are like That's why I scrambled down. They're like a "tater vine" because The best are underground. Author unknown (

Head picture -

What's in a Name?

Names in my complete Family Tree: Smiley, Marsh, Pettengill, Anderton, Brown, Davison, Moody, Ray, Glover, McDearmon, Hardeman, Leguin, Poyorena

Oh there are many more, but this is a taste of great names.

Coat of Arms?

I have always thought that the Coat of Arms were pretty in design and color. I found two for the name Smiley. What I know about the Coat of Arms fits in less than a about you?

A Coat of Arms of many colors.

I would think that the difference might be as to whether you fall under the family tree of William Smiley or John Smiley. If anyone out there knows, I would appreciate feedback.

While you are at it...any skelton's in your family closet? Let's keep it to situations and no names please (to protect the guilty).

The Family Scout Guestbook

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    • JoyfulPamela2 profile image

      JoyfulPamela2 7 years ago from Pennsylvania, USA

      How beautiful! Thanks for introducing us to your wonderful family. =D

    • delia-delia profile image

      Delia 8 years ago

      very nice lens, love your photos, great links...5*....I have done genealogy for over 30+ years, will lensroll it to "my Family Crest lens"

    • kerbev profile image

      kab 8 years ago from Upstate, NY

      The Giant Squid Greeters are kicking off a fun team challenge. You are hereby formally invited to join my team: Kab's Fab Squid Squad. I think you'd be a great addition to the Squid Squad.

    • profile image

      MrMarmalade 8 years ago

      I received an email with some photo attachments from Surrey in the UK, asking me if I was related. I did not know and still not aware of the connection.

      I decided to look into our history. I found my father had seven brothers or sisters, who he had never mentioned. His father had died and his mother remarried. Maybe he was never told.

      I did find one of the long distant remnants from the past was a murderer.

      That was a little gruesome. Still working on this mammoth task.

      Made you top five stars *****

    • greenerme profile image

      greenerme 9 years ago

      Great Lens! very helpful information on tracking family history. Thank you!

    • greenerme profile image

      greenerme 9 years ago

      Great Lens! very helpful information on tracking family history. Thank you!

    • profile image

      cflick 9 years ago

      This is a great page, I did research on my family history but my oldest brother has me beat. He's traced our family all the way 1502. 5 stars here for me, favorited and lensrolled.

    • profile image

      cflick 9 years ago

      This is a great page, I did research on my family history but my oldest brother has me beat. He's traced our family all the way 1502. 5 stars here for me, favorited and lensrolled.

    • profile image

      ElTel1978 9 years ago

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    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 9 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      Great lens. I really enjoy geneology and am using my which I have found amazing. 5* fav

    • blue22d profile image

      blue22d 9 years ago

      THANKS, JaguarJulie for visiting my lens. I am honored to have a top squid and angel come by. Isn't Squidoo wonderful. We get to meet nice people from many different places and share so much of ourselves. Thank you all.

    • profile image

      julieannbrady 9 years ago

      Hello there -- I am THRILLED to meet someone else who is into genealogy! Bravo on your research.

    • MargoPArrowsmith profile image

      MargoPArrowsmith 9 years ago

      Hey, cool page. I hope that if you find any nifty family legends in your search, you will come and share them at I would love to hear them and ad them.

      BTW, taking pictures was serious business then.

    • profile image

      GHD 9 years ago

      Nice Lens. Very helpful and some cool info! Check out mine if you want to know about GHD Hair Straighteners Thanks :-)

    • TonyPayne profile image

      Tony Payne 9 years ago from Southampton, UK

      Lovely lens. I have been researching my tree for a while. I actually met my girlfriend on a Genealogy site - so we both have a lot of love for the site. It's a community with a lot of great people just like Squidoo. If you are researching relatives in England, try - people are so helpful.

      My tree online is not totally up to date, but you can see the potential at

    • gmarlett lm profile image

      gmarlett lm 9 years ago

      Great lens, my wife is very much into genealogy, it's a valuable and fun past-time. 5 Stars!

    • evelynsaenz1 profile image

      Evelyn Saenz 9 years ago from Royalton

      What a great lens! 5 stars and Favored!

      Garner Rix came over from the 1780's to check out your genealogy lens. He she is sending you virtual cup of coffee to hang on your wall.