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Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Secure the First Garrison with the Help of a Dragon

Updated on May 6, 2013

Far Cry 3 Secure the Garrison with the Help of A Dragon

Far Cry 3 use the dragon to secure the garrison
Far Cry 3 use the dragon to secure the garrison

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Secure the First Garrison with the Help of a Dragon

In Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, things move fast. Spider is dead, and Sloan has been revealed as the main villain in the game. Rex has been thrown down into a cave surrounded by coloured dragons. Rex must sneak past the dragons and then learn how to lure the dragons away from him using cyber hearts. He must then secure his first garrison with or without the help of a dragon. This will guide Rex on how to do the above things with the help of a dragon.

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Leave the Cave and Sneak Past the Dragons

Rex must leave the cave. He also gets to know the dragons for the first time. The dragons feast on cybernetics and particularly likes cyber hearts. However, their evolution means that they are not very good on visual acuity. So go into crouch sneak mode and sneak past the dragons. The dragons are good listeners but not very good with their eyes. Rex can test this theory by sprinting. Watch as the dragons start closing in on him. Crouch sneak and the dragons move away aimlessly.

At some point, Rex must loot some dead enemies and throw a cyber heart to lure a dragon (directly blocking his way) away. Then head past the dragon. Repeat the technique for the other dragons, until Rex is near an enemy outpost. Now, throw some cyber hearts into the enemy outpost. Dragons will be attracted and will use their eye lasers to destroy the enemies within. Head inside to grab a bow and arrows and some C400.

FC3 Blood Dragon Secure the First Garrison

Once Rex has some C400, his cybernetic female voice friend has some suggestions for him. He needs to secure the first garrison. There are a few ways to do this. One is with the help of a dragon. Now head to the power station just above the first garrison. Throw some C400 into the power source and then stand back. Activate the C400 control. The power station will explode and the mega-shield around the first garrison will fall.

Watch as one of the dragons is attracted inside the garrison, destroying the cyber soliders within. The hero can sneak in and help the dragon secure the first garrison by taking down some more enemies, or he can just stand back and watch the carnage.

Once the dragon has cleared the area of enemies, throw a cyber heart outside the garrison and the dragon will chase after it. The mega-shield will reactivate and Rex will secure the first garrison.

Once the first garrison is secured, go and meet with Dr Darling. Then finish watching the cutscene and Dr Darling will hand you the four weapons (handgun, shotgun, machine gun and sniper rifle). Go to the mission terminal or “adventure cabinet” for the mission Save A Nerd.

Far Cry 3 Complete Save A Nerd Mission

The save a nerd mission is easy. Go to the designated marker, and then go into sneak mode. Go in and throw a dice to distract the enemies away from the hostage. Go near the hostage and take out the enemy near the hostage. Go in front of the hostage and front him. Then open fire on the other enemies. The enemies may want to hit the hostage, but with Rex in front of the hostage, the enemies will be taken out first, and the nerd will be saved. Talk to the scientist nerd and then fast travel back to the garrison for your reward.

Then, it’s time for the next mission.


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