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Far Cry 3 Find and Save Riley at the Airport

Updated on December 22, 2012

Far Cry 3 Search the Area for Riley

Far Cry 3 Search the Area for Riley - he lies beyond the red door.
Far Cry 3 Search the Area for Riley - he lies beyond the red door.

In Far Cry 3, Jason must find and save Riley at the airport. This is the Betting Against the House final quest where the gamer will be actively involved in reaching the quest objectives. First, Jason must confront Hoyt through a game of poker. Then he must duel Hoyt using knives. Finally, he must get to the airport on time to stop Riley from being transported out of the island, and then find and save Riley at the airport. This will guide the hero on how to achieve the objectives of the Betting Against the House quest.

Far Cry 3 Defeat Hoyt

So Jason finally sits down with Hoyt for the poker game. Play the game and discover the outcome – Hoyt knows that Sam and Jason have betrayed them. Hoyt slays Sam with a knife and then continues playing poker with Jason. Eventually, the two end up in a duel with knives. Follow the directions on the screen to win the duel with Hoyt.

Far Cry 3 Get to the Airport to Save Riley

The next stage of the game involves Jason escaping the Compound and getting into a vehicle to get to the airport. Blast your way out of the blockage, get into a vehicle and start driving. Follow the > on the map and get there on time.

Far Cry 3 Find and Save Riley at the Airport

When Jason gets to the airport, he cannot find Riley at the transport helicopter. In the meantime, Hoyt’s men are still loyal to him, and want vengeance on Jason. They attack him. Jason can either look for Riley at the airport whilst trying to defend himself against the men, or he can take them all out and then look for Riley.

Riley is located at a house beyond the heavy flamethrower. Defeat the flamethrower and then head into the corridor on the left of the cage in the house. Follow the corridor and then reach the red door. Push it and find Riley inside.

Far Cry 3 Escape with Riley

With Riley rescued, the hero must get rid of the remaining guards and then head towards the helicopter together. Jason will command Riley to pilot the helicopter whilst he will man the gun. Protect the helicopter by firing at the various privateers and their vehicles. Defeat them all and then head for Dr Earnhardt’s house. At the house, learn the final outcome of Jason’s friends and then proceed to the temple to make the final choice of the game.


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