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Far Cry 3 Get the Role Sheet from the Pirate Boss

Updated on December 20, 2012

Far Cry 3 Get the Role Sheet from the Pirate Boss

Jason Brody is the paparazzi on Rook Island
Jason Brody is the paparazzi on Rook Island

In Far Cry 3, the hero Jason must get the list of traitors from the traitor pirate chief. The pirate boss is scheduled to meet with the traitor privateers at the mining site on the island. Jason must gate crash this party and destroy the pirates' convoy and vehcles before they get away. Jason must fight through many privateers to get to this point. This will guide Jason on how to navigate the cliffside and mountainous region to get to the bridge to fire off the RPG weapon and then climb the ledges and slide through the ziplines to arrive at the bridge to collect the traitors' role sheet from the pirate boss body.

Far Cry 3 Stop the Pirates from Leaving

First the hero needs to get to the right spot to spy on the exchange between the traitors. Get to the mining area and then go up the slope. Find the first zipline and use it to go across to the first platform. Do not disturb the privateers at this point. Climb up the ladder and use the second zipline to arrive at an area with some rail tracks on the ground. Go up the stairs and find a table with armor at the top. This is the right spot to use the camera to zoom in on the exchange. The exchange is taking place on the bridge to the right of this area. Zoom in with the camera and take some pictures.

As the exchange takes place, Jason is given a time limit to stop the pirates and privateers from running away. To do this, Jason must grab a rocket launcher or RPG type weapon and launch an attack at both vehicles on the bridge above.

From the spying point, use the zipline on this platform, head down and into a makeshift wooden corridor / shack and then come out onto a platform made up of wooden planks. Continue ahead and then turn left after heading into another wooden shack. The hero may want to pick up the rocket launcher on the way, or he may already have a RPG weapon on hand. Anyhow, from the wooden shack / corridor, turn left and run past the bridge and turn left and down to switch off the alarm first. The head back to the midpoint of the bridge and aim the rocket launcher / PRG weapon at the two vehicles. Let loose the projectiles and watch as the vehicles erupt into flames.

Once the two vehicles are set alight, the timer should go away, and the hero can proceed to the bridge where the exchange was taking place.

Far Cry 3 Get to the Bridge to the Pirate Boss Role Sheet

From the bridge where the RPG was fired off, head down back onto the platform where the alarm was turned off. Here, privateers will rush in to attack the hero. Use an RPG weapon or grenades to defeat them fast. On this particular platform, climb to the top, defeating lots more privateers along the way. Eventually, the hero will arrive at the zipline on this platform, but he must deal with privateers shooting at him with rocket launchers from the other cliffside. Use a sniper rifle to take them out, and then when they are down, use the zipline.

The key here is to transit from one side of the cliff to the other using the ziplines, defeat the privateers and then go to the other side of the cliff. Each time, the hero will climb higher and higher up the mountain until he reaches the top and the left side of the cliff facing the bridge. When the hero arrives at this point, he should disable the alarm again and then go up the slope on the left of the alarm, dispatching more privateers on the way up.

Eventually, the hero will arrive at the highest bridge where the pirate boss body is. Loot the pirate boss body for the role sheet and then take some shots at the vehicles coming onto the bridge, before jumping off the bridge and completing this mission.

The hero finally has the role sheet and the excuse to approach Hoyt in the final series of missions.


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