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Far Cry 3 Lin Cong I Presume

Updated on December 16, 2012

Far Cry 3 Lin Cong I Presume

In Far Cry 3, the hero Jason meets up with Buck near the place where the mystical knife is hidden. Here Buck will order Jason to find Lin Cong’s tomb. This will guide Jason on how to find the entrance to Lin Cong’s tomb and then explore the tomb to find the mystical knife.

Far Cry 3 Find the Entrance

The first thing to do once Jason has finished talking to Buck is to jump into the cenote. Then follow the < sign on the HUD and find a rock to climb onto. Then find a long series of vines to climb up. Repeat the sequence to find the entrance.

Far Cry 3 Find A Way to the Tomb

The way past the entrance into the tomb is a series of never ending action and combat play against the pirates. Jason will arrive in area with ledges, cliff sides and scaffolding that line all the way down. Jason starts at the top and must find a way down, after eliminating the pirates. The best way forward here is to use a sniper rifle and pick out the pirates from far. Where the pirates are clustered into a pack, use grenades or RPG to finish them.

To get down and nearer the pirates out of reach from the top, use the zip lines to move downwards and closer to the pirates. Repeat the procedure and Jason will eventually reach the bottom.

Once the pirates on the scaffolding are defeated, go inside a cavern with sulfurous waters. Tread carefully along dry ground and then use the scaffolding to reach the safe areas. Cross the hot water and take down more pirates along the way. The sniper rifle is Jason’s best friend here, so do not start this quest without bringing it along.

Once Jason finishes off the pirates lined against the wall, climb up the wall using the vines and then open the gate with the compass.

Far Cry 3 Find the Entrance

Far Cry 3 Find the Entrance to Lin Cong's Tomb in the quest - Lin Cong I Presume
Far Cry 3 Find the Entrance to Lin Cong's Tomb in the quest - Lin Cong I Presume

Far Cry 3 Reach the Tomb Entrance

The next step is to reach the tomb entrance. Jump down into the sulphurous water from high and quickly climb out of the water. Try not to enter the water again. Follow the > sign on the HUD and climb some vines to get nearer the tomb entrance. Finally, reach the tomb entrance and use the compass to open the final gate.

Proceed into the tomb. Note that Jason’s good friends the camouflaged komodo dragons return here (not sure how they managed to get into the tomb). So arm Jason with the flamethrower and ignite on sight! Finally reach the sarcophagus and open it. Presumably the skeleton inside is Lin Cong. More importantly, the mystical knife is inside.

Grab it and make a run and then a crawl for the exit.

Return to Buck’s hut (where it all began) and go through a choreographed fight with Buck. Finish him, take hold of the mystical knife and rescue Keith.

Now, head to the temple and return that which has been lost to Citra. Then it’s time to ambush some priates.

Next up, ambushed!


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