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Far Cry 3 Piece of the Past Quest

Updated on December 11, 2012

Far Cry 3 Piece of the Past Quest

Far Cry 3 Piece of the Pat Quest - infiltrate the Nostalgia, hack into the laptop and get the compass.
Far Cry 3 Piece of the Pat Quest - infiltrate the Nostalgia, hack into the laptop and get the compass.

Far Cry 3 Piece of the Past Quest

In Far Cry 3, Jason must embark on the piece of the past quest in order to get the knife. The knife is the "piece of the past" and must be given to Buck in exchange for Keith, Jason's friend. This will guide Jason on how to get the piece of the past by infiltrating the Nostalgia, creating havoc resulting in the sinking of the Nostalgia and then escaping the Nostalgia with the reward.

Far Cry 3 Infiltrate the Nostalgia

The hero needs to get to the Nostalgia. The Nostalgia is located on the eastern side of the island. There will be a jet ski parked on the beach. Mount the jet ski and ride the jet ski to the Nostalgia's location. Use the stairs to board the Nostalgia. The hero can stealth through and go through the ship, or he can go in all guns blazing and defeat the pirates. Pick out some pirates and start sniping them off with the sniper rifle from far. The rest of the pirates will start arriving to reinforce these other pirates. Finish them off and follow the marker on the HUD, looking for a door that will lead Jason down in the hold of the Nostalgia.

Once inside the hold of the Nostalgia, it is easier to use stealth takedown on the pirates. There will be one pirate initially and then two pirates within separate chambers. The second group of pirates will be located in the chamber that has the alarm. Disable the alarm, and then proceed. From the location of the second pirates, there will be more pirates. For a rapid finish to this quest, the hero may want to use guns rather than stealth.

Eventually, all the "easy" pirates will be defeated, save one. This will be the armored pirate. Defeat him using guns, grenades and knife attacks and the hero will reach a laptop with the location of the piece of the past.

Far Cry 3 Backtrack to Escape the Ship Nostalgia

Once Jason finishes hacking into the laptop, an explosive tagged to the table explodes, destroying and sinking the Nostalgia. Jason must backtrack whilst underwater to escape the ship. Head for the only passageway and then lock the doors behind you.

Jason will reach an area with a crack in the wall. Open the locked cabin door in this area and water will flush in. Swim through the water and be attacked by a pirate underwater. Defeat him and then continue swimming. Find an oxygen cylinder in the next chamber and breath through it. Continue swimming until the next checkpoint is reached. Beyond the checkpoint, Jason will find another oxygen cylinder. Breath through it and then break the window to escape the Nostalgia.

Report back to Bulk for a debrief on what to do next.


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