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Far Cry 4 Skills Upgrade Level Up Guide

Updated on January 7, 2015

In Far Cry 4, the skills level up guide are slightly different compared to its predecessors. In this case, more effort and specific quests need to be done in order to unlock each skill. This will guide the hero on how to unlock certain very desirable skills, and where to use these skills.

Far Cry 4 Way of the Tiger Skill Branch

Branch skill 1

  • Death from Above – Jump or fall onto an enemy below you and take him down. Can be used in combination with the chain takedown kill to create more takedowns.
  • Death from Below – same as death from above, except the enemies below you on climbable ledges are taken down.
  • Cover Takedown – when hiding behind cover, can be used to silently dispatch an enemy.
  • Grenade Takedown – initiate a takedown on an enemy, and then take his grenade and use it against other enemies. Needs to complete bomb defusing quest to do this.

Unlock Vehicle Takedown Skill

To unlock the vehicle take down skill, one needs to go to Banapur. The hero will meet with the CEO of some filming company, turned into racing company. This lady operates a racing, selfie type recording operation now. So head off to the right Kyrati filming race, and let the race begin. Go through each loop down the road, with the allocated time frame, and at the end of the race, your vehicle takedown skill will be unlocked.

Branch skill 2

  • Knife Throw Takedown – take down an enemy, and then gets his knife to throw at another.
  • Handgun takedown – take down an enemy, and then take his gun and shoot another enemy.
  • Vehicle takedown – pull alongside an enemy vehicle, instead of exchanging greetings and pleasantries, you take down the driver and front passenger. Nice! Needs to unlocked.

  • Chain takedown – the best of all takedowns when you managed to chain all takedowns into one elegant superb takedown sequence. Brilliant! Needs to be unlocked – Retaliation Mission.

The best place to use the chain combo takedown skill is at the "City of Pain" mission. Here, the hero needs to use a variety of sneak tricks to get into de Pleur's interrogation fortress. You can practice your chain combo there if you have all the time in the world.

Branch skill 3

  • Loot takedown – automatically loot an enemy while performing any takedown.
  • Drag takedown – immediately after a takedown, grab and move the body.
  • Bullet Sponge – body armor is much more effective at absorbing damage.
  • Heavy takedown – perform a heavy takedown on heavy gunners or heavy flame units, requires the hero to complete pagan’s wrath to unlock.

Unlock Ammo Wrangler Skill

The hero can unlock the ammo wrangler skill by completing one of the main campaign missions, called the Short Hunt mission. In this mission, the most difficult part of the mission is to tail the smuggler. Then head out and take down all the enemies in a hunt for the exclusive blood diamond.

Branch skill 4 – this is the branch to lead to unlimited sprinting

  • Running reload – reload any weapon while sprinting.
  • At the ready – switching weapons and aiming is now much faster.
  • Stay on target – handguns and sniper rifles can be reloaded while aiming.
  • Ammo wrangler – reload speed for all weapons is greatly increased.

Branch skill 5

  • Moving target - Aim and fire a sidearm while moving a body
  • Casual marksman - weapon accuracy for most weapons when shooting from the hip is increased
  • Huntsman - sway with bow is greatly reduced when aiming
  • Breath control - increased time breathing whilst underwater, using oxygen mask or steadying sniper shots

Branch skill 6

  • Focused driving - vehicles take more damage before needing repairs.
  • Moving mountains - you are able to move the bodies of heavy soldiers and heavy flame units.
  • Nonstop - sprint forever and ever and ever. On Xbox, press down the left movement button.
  • Soft landing - take reduced falling damage.

Far Cry 4 dlc Release Date 13 Jan 2015

Far Cry 4 Way of the Elephant Skill Branch

Branch skill 1

  • Capable strength - gain an additional health slot for 3 in total
  • Forceful strength - gain an additional health slot for 4 in total
  • Dominant strength - gain an additional health slot for 5 in total
  • Unyielding strength - gain an additional health slot for 6 in total

Unlock Improvised Surgery Skill

The improvised surgery skill is one important skill to unlock, especially if you are not a syringe person. Go to an outpost that has the Armed Escort mission, and then take on the mission. Grab a grenade launcher and then repeatedly fire off at the vehicles. This is actually one of the fun missions. This best way to use the improvised surgery skill is to hide somewhere and then heal up, and go out and defeat the enemies.

Branch skill 2

  • Healing syringe level 2 - restore 4 slots of health
  • Inner strength - partially drained health bars will regenerate much faster.
  • Improvised surgery - can heal 2 slots manually (press Y on Xbox) when you run out of healing syringes
  • Healing syringe level 3 - healing syringes restore 6 slots of health

Branch skill 3

  • Karma costs - the more you learn this skill, the more percentage adds to your karma experience level.
  • Gadget training - the speed of the repair tool is greatly increased.
  • Trade Elements - at trading posts, allow you to buy explosive arrows, fire arrows and sticky explosives.
  • Overdose - Lets you do double damage but also deal double damage, requires purple and white leaves.

Branch skill 4

  • Harvester - take twice as many leaves from plants.
  • Hunting syringes - highlights animals and humans.
  • Hunting syringe level 2 - the hero is silent when moving and cannot provoke animals when near. More effective hunting!
  • Duration boost - Increase duration to syringes.

Branch skill 5

  • Rhino syringe - you take reduced damage from explosions and fires.
  • Survival syringe - Craft a syringe to reduce melee damage and chance of being knocked down.
  • Survival syringe level 2 - Adds reduction damage from weapons fire. This will be unlocked when you purchase at least 1 signature weapon.
  • Other duration boost - increases the duration effects of syringes.

Branch skill 6

  • Elephant rider - rides elephants, commanding them to run and bash enemies.
  • Craft a syringe to run and swim faster, and breathe longer underwater.
  • Adds increased difficult for enemy fire to hit you.
  • More duration boosts - increase the duration of syringes.


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