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Farkel Party Game - Fun for the Family

Updated on October 10, 2014

Farkel Party Game

Farkel is the perfect party game. Get the Farkel Party Game for your next group gathering or family game night. It's a great way to liven up the party.

Of course, you can sit at your computer and play Farkle on Facebook all by yourself or with someone you don't even know who lives in some other location around the world. That's a great way to amuse yourself while wasting time accomplishing nothing.

Or... you can play the Farkel Party Game and enjoy the laughter and fun of playful togetherness. Nothing beats the belly laughs and the action of gathering with friends and family for a lively game night.

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How to Play Farkel - Rules for Playing Farkel

Let's start by saying that Farkel has been around for ages and there are so many scoring variations that every household probably plays by different rules. Feel free to set your own house rules and scoring system. Here are our house rules:

Each player must score 500 points before they are on the scoring board.

When the first player reaches 10,000 points the final round begins. Every other player gets one more chance to score more than the first player scored, and the player with the highest score wins.

Here are the score values for dice combinations on each roll:

1 = 100 points

5 = 50 points

3-1's = 1000 points (yes 1000, not 100)

3-2's = 200 points

3-3's = 300 points

3-4's = 400 points

3-5's = 500 points

3-6's = 600 points

4 of a kind = 1000

5 of a kind = 2000

6 of a kind = 3000

run of 6 = 1500

3 pair = 1500

2 triples = 2500

Watch the video for a description of the game play.

Farkel Dice Game Color Variety

Comes with a Flat Pack Carrying Case

Farkel Dice come in a variety of colors of dice that you can purchase individually in a pocket game format.  Pocket Farkel in the Flat Pack carrying case is easy to carry with you when you are on the go.

Scoring Pads for your Farkel Game

Keep Your Scores Organized

You can use a plain white notepad to keep score.  It really isn't that technical. However, these score sheets are nice to use, especially if you are a little OCD like I am.  The score pads have nicely laid out columns and a summary of the scoring combinations.  That comes in handy for the occasional Farkel players to help remember what the scoring combinations are.

Novelty Versions of the Farkel Dice Game

There are Many Options for Playing Farkel

Enjoy Farkel with a little variety. Score double points with Spicy Farkle. Try not to be the first person to 10,000 with Twisted Farkle. There are many more ways to enjoy the game of Farkle.

Another Video "How To" for Playing Farkle

This video gives a variation on the scoring for the game. There are probably as many different variations on the scoring as you can possibly imagine. Each person should determine their "house rules" and make them clear to everyone before the game begins. The scoring doesn't matter all that much. It's just important that every player knows, so each has the same advantage during the game.

Family Farkel Tournament

You may call it an international tournament, or simply a family fun night. Whatever the case, just whoop it up and have fun. That's easy to do with a farkel dice game.

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