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Exclusively Female Figures, Femdolling Collectibles

Updated on August 15, 2013 Review

Femdolling equals exclusive beautiful female figures! After really looking through the Femdolling site I have to admit I am astonished. Such beautiful, life-like figurines of all sorts litter the entire page. Some of the curves and ripples on the bodies of the figures are absolutely amazing and some look completely alive with their facial features. If you are a collector of anime figures, PVC statues, or any other type of figures this is the site for you. There are blonds, brunettes, redheads, and some very wildly hair colored ladies.

Diskvision Eve has an amazingly, angelic face and is a must have for any collection. This sexy PVC figure is beautifully dressed with wings that must have come off of an angel. Or how about the fierce fighter, Human Mage. The fantasy role-playing mage is set to kill just with her steaming looks. Yet if you are into more of a hot and provocative pose you have to check out the Mai Shiranui Figure. Her pose, outfit, and sheer demeanor scream to be glared at.

Many others such as Superwoman, Julie Bell, Athena, and Rogue all carry their own distinct looks of flightiness and realism. Each and every one of the beautiful ladies on the site has the most amazing detail on every part of their bodies. The most wonderful part is that each has a small information box that describes them in even more detail giving them that much more life.

You can find many figures that you are familiar with on the site. Such as Storm from the X-Men, Catwoman from Batman, and Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. The super hero collection alone will take anyone back to visualize movies, cartoons, and toys from the past. Having these figures on there makes you feel like you can relate to the site easier which will make it easier for the newcomer of the Femdolling world. If a person has collecting as a hobby I truly recommend them checking out this site. There is a massive amount of figures to pick from as their first collection item.

There are even many limited edition collectibles to choose from for that savvy collector. I have never collected anything like this but I may start now. It seems I can go in any direction I want when starting my collection. I can choose from super heroes that I have known for a lifetime or I can start brand new with a Wind Goddess from the Amaha Collection.

The beautiful Japanese anime figurines are also something to be amazed by. The stories that come along with these ladies are amazing in their own right. Basically I have nothing but awesome things to say about the site. For it to be the first time I have ever seen Femdolling, it has put me in the mood to collect these beautiful figures. I love the realism, beauty, and amazing detail on each and every one of their figures.The site is truly an asset to collectors! has the most sexiest, cool, girl statues, PVC figures and action figures ever available to admire and shop.


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