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Fem Imperial Officer costume

Updated on March 23, 2013

Fem Imperial Officer costume

This lens is all about my custom-designed Fem-inspired Imperial Officer costume.

I was inspired to make this costume after seeing other women with their own take on a female officer. Seeing as there is no reference in any Star Wars material, I could do the costume pretty much however I liked.

The Fem Officer costume was something I'd been wanting to do for a couple of years, and after I made a grey Imperial Officer costume for Dean, I was very happy to find there was enough grey fabric left over to make a complimentary 'Fem' version to wear with him.

Cropped Jacket

The top was made using a cropped jacket pattern by Vogue, which is now discontinued. It is identical in every way to a standard officer tunic, apart from the fact it is cropped, and has 3/4 length sleeves, and a slightly shorter collar. Shoulder pads are included. When I first made up the pattern, the length was FAR too short, so I had to remake the top completely, adding a couple of inches on the hem.

A current pattern that can be used is Vogue 8626. It has the main seams in all the right places - shoulder princess seams down the front, and armhole princess seams in the back. It will need a bit of tweaking of course (center-back seam removed, collar made smaller, front panel and pockets added), but it's by far the best pattern out there at the moment for a Fem Officer


The skirt was patterned by downsizing and lowering the waist on an old pencil-skirt pattern I had in my pattern stash. I put an invisible zipper down the back.

The skirt is fully lined, which helps it to lay flat when worn.


The hat is made in the same manner as my standard Officer hat. It is made up of an oval base, with two overlapping rounded-diamond shapes in the front and back. The visor has about 7 concentric semi-circles stitched on it.

The Greeblie is from Elvistrooper, and is epoxy'ed on via a small round washer that is handstitched to the front of the hat.


I was originally tossing up between ankle-length and knee-length boots. When I asked a friend for her opinion, she suggested I go for thigh-highs, something I had not even considered. That night, I was online looking up boots on ebay, and within a week, a pair of lovely pu-leather thigh-high boots had arrived for me in the post.

I chose the matte-pu rather than the shiny patent vinyl since the latter seemed too gaudy. The pu also compliments the gloves which are similar shine-wise.

I love these boots, and actually use them for 2 costumes - Fem Officer, and Fem TIE pilot.


Seeing as the skirt sits on my hips, I couldn't use my usual Officer belt which wraps around my waist.

I found a hipster belt in a fashion shop (hipster belts are a long curved shape rather than a straight piece). I attached a buckle I'd bought from Tandy Leather to the buckle end, glued it in place, and super-glued the elvistrooper greeblie to the center of the belt.


The gloves are the same ones I use with my standard officer uniform. I love wearing them with this outfit and I find the black gloves compliment the black boots. They are more noticeable than on my other uniform too, since the forearm is exposed below the sleeve's hem.

Officer Gloves

Try searches for 'Riding Gloves', or 'Driving Gloves'

Swagger Stick

I love my stick!

It was made by stripping down a rubbish-grabber to just the metal support pole which was then cut to the length I wanted.

The silver pieces were sculpted in du-kit, and sprayed silver after baking. The point on the end has little imperial cogs engraved in it, giving the stick a more 'Imperial' feel.


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    • wadsworth lm profile image

      wadsworth lm 

      6 years ago

      Sexy and evil can go together. :)


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