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Final Fantasy X: A Tourist's Guide

Updated on February 11, 2015

Final Fantasy X: Things Not to Miss!

FAQs and Walkthroughs will help you through Final Fantasy X when you're stumped, but what if you just want some hints to make sure you don't miss out on anything interesting or important? Here's my own quick FFX guide to help first-timers or old-timers see the sights and find rare or especially important items. It's not 100% complete, but it'll help you get the most out of your trip to Spira.

For each area, I've listed Scenic Views (fun places to stand and look), Goodies (especially useful items found in treasure chests), Sidequests (optional activities/minigames), and/or Secrets and Points of Interests. "Optional dialog" means dialog triggered when you approach a character or npc and hit X, which often changes after significant events.

This is the first Final Fantasy X Secrets guide I ever wrote. Final Fantasy X is © 2001 by Square-Enix. P.S. Missed an Al Bhed Primer? Here's my Al Bhed Primer Guide with screenshots of their locations and tips on how to get the ones you overlooked!

Embarking on the Adventure: Zanarkand through the Blitzball Tournament

Things to Do, See, and Find Along the Way


You'll only be able to visit this part of Zanarkand once, so make the most of it.

Optional Dialog

~ Talk to girl in blue at dock for a cheap date (or turn her down)


~ Help girl looking for tickets on the main road and get a present.

Underwater Ruins

You'll be able to return to these flooded ruins outside late in the game, but NOT the interior of the large hall. Make the most of it.


~ Several chests scattered outside and inside ruins. Nothing you won't find elsewhere.


~ In flooded ruins, there's a building on right side with clue/inscription, and another on the left with an Al Bhed Compilation sphere (loads your old dictionary if you've played FFX before).


Salvage Ship

You will NOT be able to return to this salvage ship later in game.

Optional Dialog

~ Examine crane on right rear deck.


~ Al Bhed Primer on deck.

~ Return to ship after diving in water and bug one guy for extra potions. Can do this repeatedly.


Besaid Island

You can return here later in the game... EXCEPT for the river where Wakka and Tidus go swimming, which you can't get back to later.

Besaid npcs are a fixed set of characters with individual quirks, relationships to other characters, and backstory. You can re-visit several times during game to see how they're doing.

Optional Dialog

~ Aurochs on beach have several lines each (and gifts).

~ Villager npcs say different things depending on whether they're in huts, square, or temple.

~ You'll hear different dialog from villagers when you first arrive, AFTER Tidus' nap, and AFTER party leaves village the next morning (double back).


Yuna's Moon Crest hidden in harbor/beach area.

Several chests in river/lagoon full of fish.

Chests full of gil hidden in a ruined hut in village.

Destruction Sphere in Cloister of Trials uncovers chest with rare item. There is one hidden item/Destruction Sphere in each temple's cloisters.

Mangled and Slobbery item from dog when you return to village -- more useful than you'd think!


Ferry: S.S. Liki

You'll be able to take ferries later in game, but this is only time you can explore belowdecks.

Scenic View

~Watch for dolphins on right side of ship.

Optional Dialog

~ Talk to everyone else before approaching Yuna, which triggers plot.

~ Bug Kimahri repeatedly for amusing sequence.


~ Lending 10K gil to O'aka by the time you meet him on Mushroom Rock Road causes him to give 30% discount compared to other merchants for the rest of the game. You'll have several chances to add to loan.

~ Kick suitcase in cabin repeatedly for potions.

~ Al Bhed Primer hidden belowdecks.


Kilika Island

Like Besaid, Kilika has a set group of npcs that you can visit again later; some have ongoing story arcs.

Optional Dialog

~ Before and after visit to temple, many npcs on and near docks say different things.

~ If you kill Ochu before visiting temple, there's small cutscene with Gatta/Luzzu. However, Ochu is MUCH easier to kill on way back (here's my Ochu boss battle guide).

~ Some npcs in temple courtyard say different things before and after Goers and/or Dona pass by.


~ Scout in woods.

~ Luck Sphere in woods. Useless until you find a Fortune Sphere to activate it.

~ Destruction Sphere in Cloister of Trials reveals rare item for Kimahri.

~ Al Bhed Primer in village.


Ferry: S.S. Winno

Lots of backstory and optional dialog here, plus a frustrating mini-game.

Optional Dialog

~ Talk to everyone belowdecks before talking to Yuna.

~ After talking to Yuna, most people have something new to say.

~ Now climb staircase and eavesdrop on Wakka/Lulu. Repeat about 6 times for more backstory.

~ After eavesdropping on Wakka/Lulu, many people have new things to say. Check belowdecks for amusing event in cabin with Aurochs/Goers.

~ Don't kick ball on deck until you're ready to stop wandering around.


~ Al Bhed Primer (can be found later).

~ Winning Jecht Shot Minigame teaches Tidus a powerful blitzball shot, which could help win tournament.



Don't worry if you can't win tournament -- the odds are weighted against you. All you get is a Strength Sphere. But here's my guide on how to win the Blitzball Tournament (usually)!

A lot of the npcs in Luca hang around same areas with new dialog later on.

Optional Dialog

~ When you first arrive, talk to folks between dock 2 and 3.

~ When Yuna takes you to look for Auron, talk to people along way and/or on docks. Climb stairs past Bar/Cafe and look for Luzzu/Gatta for cutscene. ~ Entering bar/cafe triggers next plot sequence.

~ After bar, talk to people along the way for many new comments. You can even enter stadium stands.

~ After match, most npcs have new comments.

~ When Yuna says "over here!" on balcony, talk to rest of party members first.

~ After leaving Luca and entering Highroad, double back to find some Lucans saying new things -- notably Ronso Fangs and Luca Goers on docks 3 and 4.

Scenic Views

~ Look through windows outside Luca Goers' Locker Room for underwater view.

~ Pacific dolphin swimming near dock 4(?) [ETA: May be missing from remaster.]

~In Luca Square (near girl with balloon), approach central sculpture for interesting overhead view.


~ 1 Al Bhed Primer.

~ HP Sphere, Magic Sphere well-hidden on one of the docks.

Secrets/Points of Interest

Sphere Theater is expensive luxury: buy spheres that let you play music from game or review important scenes you've already experienced (e.g. Yuna dancing on the water). Fun late in game when you have lots of gil.

On the Pilgrimage

Mi'ihen Highroad Through Macalania

Mi'ihen Highroad


~ Lots of chests; watch for "pulloffs" beside main road.

~ Auron's Mars Crest at end of Old Highroad.

~ 1 Al Bhed Primer

~ While riding chocobos, look for and examine (X button) yellow feathers.

Optional Dialog

~ Npcs on road have lots to say (and give).

~ Look for guy in green with tall pointed hat (Maechen). He often reappears and gives backstory.

~ When you reach covered wagon, Gatta/Luzzu are in side area on right.

~ Talk to nun in green arguing with Crusader.

~ Maechen and Shelinda on New Road after your stay at Agency. They say more if you dismount from chocobo.

~ After Seymour arrives but before going through checkpoint, can go back to talk to Clasko and help him for a short cutscene.

Sidequests/Points of Interest

~ Look for Lady Belgemine in righthand side area soon after starting out from Luca.

~ Backtrack along Old Road (right fork just before you reach checkpoint at end of New Road) for extra items. You land here if boss pushes you off cliff.


Crusader Checkpoint

~ After Seymour shows up, before entering checkpoint, talk to Clasko and backtrack to Elma (at the agency) or Lucil (down on the Oldroad) for a short and not-that-exciting cutscene.

Mushroom Rock Road


~ Many items from Crusaders. Don't miss Tough Bangle from gate guard at start of road.

~Hard-to-find Al Bhed Primer near end of Mushroom Rock Road, after taking 2nd water-lift up.

~Same area hides an easy-to-miss lift leading down to a chest (not the greatest item, though).

Optional Dialog

~ 2 important cutscenes with Luzzu/Gatta on precipice near U-shaped Al Bhed lift and save sphere.

Points of Interest/Secrets

~ Talk to Shelinda for healing.


Command Center

You will NOT be able return to this area (everywhere past Al Bhed lift) later in game. Make the most of it.


~O'aka by Command Center. TKO often turns enemies (but not bosses) to stone with single hit!

Optional Dialog

~Encourage Gatta to break rules TWICE and something bad will happen to him later. Otherwise something bad happens to Luzzu.


Djose Highroad

Optional Dialog

~ Approaching Auron after battle triggers plot, so talk to Lulu and Wakka first.


~ Treasure chests hidden in niches along cliff, plus many passersby give items. Soft Ring protects Yuna from Stone Gaze.

Secrets/Points of Interest

~ Talk to Shelinda for healing.


Djose Temple Area

Optional Dialog

~ Luzzu or Gatta hidden in bushes to right of temple entrance.

~ After Tidus enters temple or inn, Djose Chocobo Knights gather outside temple on left.

~ After entering temple, bug Auron near door.

~ After meeting Isaaru and brothers, talk to them again near exit of temple great hall.

~ Fun/interesting dialog with party members in waiting room after Cloister of Trials.

~ Look for Gatta or Luzzu inside temple the next morning.


~ As usual, Destruction Sphere reveals hidden item in Cloister. Can return much later in game.


Road from Djose to Moonflow


~ Chests hidden in nooks beside road. Look for 2 chests containing several Level 1 Keyspheres.


Moonflow Area

Optional Dialog

Lots of dialog from party members, especially Yuna/Kimahri.


~ Most merchants are rip-offs.

~ Well-hidden Al Bhed Primer on far side.


Road to Guadosalam


~ Chests along road. If map is off, there's one on left that's hard to find.



Tons of plot. You'll only be able to enter Seymour's mansion during this visit; later, guards will bar you at door.

Optional Dialog

~ Wander all over Guadosalam bugging people before entering mansion.

~ After mansion, bug people again.

~ After Farplane, bug people again. New comments from many. Npc family on Farplane if you go back.

Secrets/Points of Interest

~ "Alternate" conversation here: Rikku or Lulu, depending on a) whom you've usually spoken to first in party, b) whom Tidus has often healed with potions, c) whom Tidus himself has killed (lowers chances).

~ Immediately after leaving Guadosalam and entering Thunder Plains, double back to Farplane TWICE for brief cutscenes with Lulu and/or O'aka's little brother. (also a Crusader family, sometimes)


Thunder Plains


~ Several treasure chests as usual.

Optional Dialog

~ Shelinda and Maechen hidden by different towers near southern end.

Secrets/Points of Interest

~ Cactuar Stones activated by pressing square button while they're glowing. Warning: releases cactuars!

~ Hidden book on Travel Agency Desk tells you more about Thunder Plains.


Macalania Woods

Optional Dialog

~ At first save sphere, instead of following party, go right chat with Elma/Lucil.


~Various hidden treasure chests.

~ Al Bhed Primer hidden near spot where Auron hacks down tree nearly impossible to find.


~ Can return later to try Butterfly Hunt. Tough minigame that will take many, many tries to get right.


Lake Macalania


~ No, you can't get to treasure chest behind Clasko until after snowmobile ride. Can come back later.

Secrets/Points of Interest

~ After passing Travel Agency, there's plot, boss battle, then a long snowmobile ride with one of four characters: Lulu, Rikku,Auron, or Kimahri. Character depends on a) whom you've talked to first when party is standing around b) Tidus using potions to heal someone (raises likelihood) c) Tidus killing someone in battle (lowers likelihood).


Macalania Temple

Inside temple, SAVE before going up stairs into Cloisters.

Optional Dialog

~ Bug man in green in monks' chamber for Seymour's life history.

~ Talk to Seymour during confrontation to raise Magic Defense of Yuna, strength of Wakka and Tidus.


~ You won't be able to re-enter temple for quite a while, so explore thoroughly.

~ Destruction Sphere in Cloister is especially challenging. Tip (highlight to read):[ you can't get to it until AFTER restoring 3 sections of bridge.]


Under Lake Macalania


Two chests down here: Level 2 Key Sphere, Avenger. Latter is very hard to find!

Optional Dialog

~ Get other party members' comments before talking to Rikku.

~ After Yuna talks about Hymn and Fayth, Auron moves where Rikku was earlier. Talking to him will move plot forward, so bug others first.

FFX Geocaching Adventures
FFX Geocaching Adventures

Bikanel Island Through Gagazet

We Didn't Like Seymour That Much Anyway

Bikanel Island - Sanubia Desert

After finding your party, slog through many screens of dunes and monsters.

Scenic Views

Sanubia Desert - Central (third large area, go northwest into a valley full of ruins)

You can pop into the largest ruined tower.

Sanubia Desert - West (final large area)

To the southeast, there's an overlook into a sandstorm-swept valley.


Lots of treasure chests full of random goodies; Rikku can also steal some especially useful healing/MP items from chests in battle.

Sanubia Desert - Central (third large area)

To the northwest among the ruins, there's a Level 2 Keysphere.

Sanubia Desert - West (final large area)

Mercury Crest, useful for Rikku's ultimate weapon, hidden in a chest.


Al Bhed Home

You only get to enter the Al Bhed Home NOW, and never again in the game, so make the most of it.


Keyspheres in chests ~ One level 3, one level 4.

Skill Sphere, Special Sphere in Living Quarters (side passage near a save sphere deep in Home). Room has fiends in it.

Three Al Bhed Primers ~ Two are relatively easy to find. The third, #20, is a real challenge-- you'll have to backtrack for it. Stumped? See my Al Bhed Primer Locations guide for screencaps.

Friend Sphere located in room with Primer #20.



Optional Dialog

Lots of plot happens here. You can even tell Dona where to go (too bad the choices are so limited). After first getting control of Tidus, you can talk to everyone on the ship.

Optional Dialog Changes After...

~ "We prepare for battle!"



You only get ONE TRIP through most of Bevelle.

Especially important is the Cloister of Trials, because if you don't get the Destruction Sphere and Kimahri's Knight Lance, you won't be able to complete an optional side dungeon (Baaj Temple) later in the game.

Scenic Views

~ When you enter the palace with the huge spiral staircase, you can poke the console to ride machina, or walk.

~ When stepping on the platform taking you into the Cloister of Trials, look down. You'll get a birds' eye view of all the catwalks in the Cloister.

~ In Chamber of Fayth, you can see Fayth statue under glass.


~ Al Bhed Primer on the floor in the Tower of Light (shortly before Cloisters) is hard to see.

~ Destruction Sphere/Knight Lance is very hard to get right. Tip: when leaving moving walkways area after solving everything else, you MUST have Bevelle Sphere to reach Knight Lance's chest.

~ Via Purifico, Flooded Area contains several chests. One serves as a shop. Rematch and Avenger give Tidus and Wakka nice Counterattack weapons.

~ Via Purifico, Catecombs Solve the maze of floor teleport pads for some

rare Sphere Grid-related items. Other items in various chests.

Optional Dialog

~ In catecombs of Via Purifico, 3 different party members say something when found -- but you only need to find Auron to get through.

~ Trigger Commands in boss battle after Via Purifico lets you exchange taunts with enemy; after "talking," Tidus, Yuna, and Auron increase certain stats.


Macalania Woods Campsite

Optional Dialog

~ The morning after escaping Bevelle, you can wander areas travelled before. Go west from the campsite and then south to wind up in Macalania Woods, from which you can go north as far as the temple (and get chased by Guado), or south through Thunder Plains as far as Guadosalam (stumbling over two Jecht Spheres).


~ Now or later in the game, you'll meet a family in Macalania Woods. Helping them find missing family members clears side path on the sky bridge in Macalania Woods, and reveals a Mysterious Thing you'll need much later for another sidequest.


Calm Lands

Scenic View

~ North rim of Calm Lands, there's a large rock spur. Talk to the lady beside it for a great view into Gorge.


~ Level 2 Key Sphere near Travel Agency.

~ Lots of Gil in southeast corner of plains.

~ Kimahri can Lancet 3 critters here to learn abilities (but he'll probably have learned 2 of the 3 from previous beasties).

Optional Dialog

~ Go to Rin's Travel Agency in middle of Calm Lands for a special scene.


~ Lady Belgemine's somewhere out here.

~ Train and ride a chocobo (if you come back later, you can skip training if you wish and just ride) to south rim of Calm Lands where you first entered. In S.E. corner, there's a way into a fascinating secret area, Remiem Temple.

~ East side of Calm Lands is the infamous Monster Arena. Collecting monsters lands rare items as prizes, including two which help you acquire Yuna's and Auron's best weapons. Fighting arena monsters earns more rare items and experience, and it's not fatal even if all party members are KO'd.

~ North Rim of Calm Lands: Guy in brown blocks way down to a rare item; you'll only get him to budge after extensive chocobo training/racing. As soon as he DOES move, be sure to run over here before he blocks it again.

~ Leaving Calm Lands: AFTER crossing first bridge, but BEFORE crossing second, go to the right and down into canyon. Near save sphere is large Cavern of Stolen Fayth side dungeon.


Mt. Gagazet

Scenic Views

~ On far side of Mt. Gagazet, after everyone stands and looks out, you can climb an outcrop and look down into land beyond.

Optional Dialog

~ After Biran and Yenke, return to Ronso at mountain gate for more dialog.

~ Examine cairns on mountain trails for short comments from party.

~ Braska's Sphere hidden under cliff on side-trail, not too long after you leave singing Ronso.

~ Yuna's Sphere is dropped on far side of Gagazet after Rikku's heart-to-heart with Yuna.


~ HP sphere and Level 4 Keysphere are hidden on short side trail next to main trail fairly far up mountain.




Fortune Sphere on road to Zanarkand.

Level 3 key Sphere, Luck Sphere in Dome area.

Well-hidden chest in Yunalesca's chamber after you leave and return.

~ After Yunalesca sequence (or maybe only later in game), you can leave and re-enter Cloister of Trials for Destruction Sphere and rare item.

Auron BobbleHead Night
Auron BobbleHead Night

Endgame ~ Sidequests Galore

When the World's About to End, Explore It!

Back on the airship, you can either follow the main storyline to face Sin, or wander the world talking to people and doing sidequests.

You can return to airship, world wandering and sidequests even AFTER confrontation with Sin, as long as you can return to a save sphere. Point of no return is after save sphere on far end of creepy metal city inside Sin.


Optional Dialog / Hidden Cutscenes with secondary NPCs

~ Talk to everyone on the ship when you first come aboard after Zanarkand.

~ On Besaid, there's new cuscenes with Gatta (in the Crusader's Lodge) or Luzzu (on the overlook above the village).

~ After talking to Yuna but BEFORE going to Bevelle, you can re-visit any place in Spira except temples to talk to npcs. That includes airship.

~ Find Maechen at gates of Mount Gagazet with Ronso for Buckets o' Backstory about Zanarkand, SIn, Yunalesca and more.

~ AFTER going to Bevelle, you can enter temples, and most Spira inhabitants have something new to say. MANY new cutscenes unlocked:

~ Cutscenes with the Fayth of Besaid, Kilika, Djose and Macalania temples. (You have to solve Cloisters to reach them, but there's goodies)

~ In Guadosalam, new cutscene with Tromell on Farplane; there will also be a new Lulu-cutscene on Farplane any time after you finish Cavern of Stolen Fayth

~ in Luca, new dialog with O'aka at Sphere Theater

~ in Bevelle, new custcene with Maroda and Pacce

~ At south end of Macalania Forest, Wantz has set up shop with nice 4-slot goodies

~ Dona and Barthello have a new cutscene in Zanarkand if you told her not to quit her pilgrimage or by Djose Temple if you told her it was okay to quit.

~ After Sin crashes, you may back out at a save sphere and talk to almost everyone in Spira yet again. Nothing new at Luca or on ferries, and Guadosalam's only new dialog is on Farplane, but most other places there's new npc comments. This includes Luzzu on Besaid Overlook; can't remember if Gatta's dialog changes.

~ After Seymour, drop by airship for a final chat with party members and airship crew.


Listed from most to least interesting (imo):

~ Monster Arena Quest (Here's a Monster Collecting Checklist). in Calm Lands gives you a good excuse to re-explore world. Can be done in conjunction with all other quests.

~ Find Jecht Spheres + 1 Auron Sphere scattered around world. You've probably already found 2 in Macalania Woods, 1 in Thunder Plains, and Braska's Sphere on Mt. Gagazet -- there are 6 more besides those four. You get new overdrives for Auron after watching them.

~ Re-do Cloisters of Trials in four temples or re-visit Cavern of Stolen Fayth to have short conversations with Aeons' Fayth. After getting through door in Remiem Temple, you can visit Sisters too.

~ Solve passwords on airship, or search map for hidden hotspots, to find new places. Only two important ones: ~ Baaj Temple (island south of Bikanel, nw of Besaid) and huge but dangerous Omega Dungeon (one of the easternmost points of continent). Passwords' hints are the Al Bhed inscriptions scattered around the world.

~ Baaj Island: get aeon Anima (learn this fascinating character's backstory). (Warning: boss guarding temple has "Stonepunch" ability!)

~ Remiem Temple in Calm Lands: Acquire all aeons, then beat all Lady Belgemine's aeons and say goodbye to get rare item for Yuna.

~ Luca-Kilika ferry has a wee bird quest (top deck), and Clasko may be hiding on Kilika-Besaid ferry depending on what you told him earlier.

~ Celestial Weapons (here's my Celestial Weapons Guide): Get ultimate weapons for all characters which are very powerful and flashy. Some are nearly impossible to acquire; customizing existing weapons will do almost as well. Getting weapon + crest for Yuna, Lulu, Auron, Kimahri and/or Wakka will lift the 9999HP damage limit for Valefor, Shiva, Yojimbo, Ixion and Ifrit respectively.


~ No-Enc Weapon: defeat the monster outside Baaj Temple. VERY USEFUL for exploring areas when you don't want battles; equip and all random encounters cease.

~ There's some very valuable goodies in Sin, but you're so close to the end you probably don't need them. However, there's a shortcut in Sin that may save you headaches... when you get to the spot where all the #$!@$! platforms shoot up, go down and to the right...there's a hidden tunnel you can duck into, slide down, and save a bit of hiking to get to the very end of the dead city.

FFX Walkthrough: Youtube Videos

Totally stumped? Goingcrazy on Youtube has recorded a complete walkthrough of FFX, plus videos of boss battles, overdrives, and more. Here's the first one; check index at right to find rest.

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Useful Final Fantasy X Links - FFX Guides by Other People

If you need a step-by-step FFX walkthrough, complete script, or other in-depth game help, check the following websites for additional info.

Feedback and comments welcome. Spam and solicitations not so welcome.

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    • auronlu profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Spira

      @anonymous: Good luck, and sorry it didn't get you through it! What's that reset command... L1R1 start enter? My fingers remember, but I can't. :)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Thank you for doing this. I almost win this time. At least I didn't lose by the staggering amount that I normally lose by, so this is a vast improvement. I'm gonna get them next time, I had them on the ropes this time around.

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      8 years ago

      Woo, lots of good stuff here! Will have to follow along the next time I play through :)

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      thx that damn al bhed book 20 has eluded me for years LOL :)

      those images helped a lot


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