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Final Fantasy XII - Bazaar Goods - Loot Guide

Updated on January 21, 2015

FFXII Loot and Bazaar Goods - Which Do I Sell?

Selling loot in Final Fantasy XII gives you Bazaar Goods, powerful weapons, armor, and items in bulk.

Which loot do you sell, which should you keep? You can't just sell all the loot as soon as you get it, for reasons I'll explain below.

There's other great guides out there, but I still get lost trying to answer: How much of this loot should I keep? How much can I sell? I need a list that's organized by Loot.

I've created such a list. There are three versions of it: a web version, a PDF version (printable!), and an excel Spreadsheet. Read on to understand how to use it!

Above: My photo of bazaar wares at Pennsic, a medieval reenactors event I used to attend)

How Bazaar Goods Work in Final Fantasy X

Loot A + Loot B + Loot C = COOL STUFF

  • Bazaar Goods become available for purchase after you sell certain pieces of Loot. It takes 1-3 "ingredients" to produce a Bazaar Goods item. E.G. 1 Molting +1 Fire Stone = Escutcheon.

  • Most Bazaar Good "recipes" are not repeatable. You can't get six Escutcheons by turning in batches of Fire Stones and Moltings.

  • The Bazaar remembers Loot you've sold. If you sold a Molting earlier, and sell a Fire Stone later, it'll give you the Escutcheon.

  • As soon as you BUY a Bazaar Good, all the kinds of Loot that went into that item are reset to zero. So, for example, if you sell 3 Fire Stones, and then buy the Escutcheon, it forgets the two left over. You'll have to find six more Fire Stones to complete the Flametongue recipe.

  • If the Loot you've sold satisfies the requirements for two different recipes, BOTH become available. So, if you sell 6 Fire Stones, 2 Lumber and 2 Malboro Vines for a Flameblade, and also sell a Molting, the Bazaar will give you BOTH an Escutcheon AND a Flameblade.

Daredevil Thief Trick

If you want Loot from a monster that's too strong for your party (e.g. Quality Hide from the Werewolves in S. Giza Plains):

1. Save at nearest crystal. Don't try this if there's none close by.

2. Set everybody's first gambit to Party Leader's Target: Steal.

3. Get close enough to your target to see the red bar.

4. Choose steal. STAY AWAY until your gauge is full, then let go.

5. The instant you nab an item, hold down R2 and FLEE for nearest exit.

How to Manage your Loot in Final Fantasy XII

Wait! Don't Sell That Yet! Save it to Acquire the Shiny!

There are several ways to tackle loot.

  • First, you can just do each recipe one at a time. ("I need the money for selling this loot. I'm going to sell all my Fire Stones now, get an Escutcheon, and worry about building up the Loot needed for a Flameblade later.")

  • Second, you can save up Loot to kill two birds with one, uh, Fire Stone. Hold back one kind of Loot in each recipe until you're ready.

  • Third, keep as many Fire Stones as you need to complete every recipe that uses them... and sell any extra. Fire Stones are needed for 3 different recipes: Flametongue needs 6, Escutcheon needs 1, and Fiery Arrows + Longbow need 4. So as long as you always keep 11 Fire Stones in your inventory, you can usually sell off the others without worrying about activating a recipe before you mean to.
I say "usually," because every now and then, overlapping recipes trip me up. Sure, I have plenty of Fire Stones in reserve, so I can sell them. Except -- whoops, that activated some other recipe that also used up a rare kind of Loot! And now that rare Loot may not be available for the recipe that I was saving it for.

You can recover from this mistake by NOT buying the Bazaar Goods item until you've collected and sold the ingredients for the second Bazaar Goods item.

Increase Chances of Getting Rare Loot

Hunter's Monographs increase your chance of getting Loot you need. They're expensive, but useful. Here's a Hunters Monographs Guide.

The Canopic Jar is a Bazaar Good unlocked by selling the prizes from three Marks: Gil Snapper, Orthros, Trickster. The Canopic Jar makes any monster capable of dropping Arcana, needed for Tournesol.

How to Use My FFXII Bazaar Goods / Loot Checklist

For the Completist Gamer

My checklist is organized alphabetically by Loot. It shows ALL the recipes each piece of Loot is used for. This means that recipes are listed multiple times, once for each kind of Loot that they require.

For example, here's all places where "Fire stones" appear in the list:

Crooked Fang (2) + Fire stone (4) = Fiery Arrows, Longbow

Fire stone (6) + Malboro Vine (2) + Lumber (2) = Flametongue

Fire stone (4) + Crooked Fang (2) = Fiery Arrows, Longbow

Fire stone (1) + Molting (1) = Escutcheon

Lumber (2) + Malboro Vine (2) + Fire stone (6) = Flametongue

Molting(1) + Fire stone (1) = Escutcheon

Malboro Vine (2) + Lumber (2) + Fire stone (6) = Flametongue

That's actually just 3 Bazaar Goods: Flametongue, Escutcheon, Fiery Arrows/Longbow. But there is a method to this madness.

How it works:

-- Whenever you are ready to sell a LOOT, look it up in the alphabetical list. See which recipes use it. There are probably several.

-- Look up the other ingredients in each recipe. Have you already sold some of them? Will you activate one of their recipes prematurely? Then hold off.

-- As soon as you sell a LOOT item, put a line in pencil through it EVERY PLACE that amount of LOOT or fewer appears on the list. Note how many you sold next to the Loot entry for that piece of loot.

-- As soon as you BUY a BAZAAR GOOD, cross off the BAZAAR GOOD you bought. Also, check all its ingredients. Look for any other recipes using those ingredients. If any of these recipe ingredients are outstanding -- meaning they're not complete -- you have to reset them back to zero (erase the penciled-in crossout.)

NOTE: Recipes in italics are repeatable. BOLD means I need to play the game again and double-check the amount (there are a very few of those!)

Tip: Getting the Tournesol

I advise you NOT to sell anything that could be used for the Tournesol until you've got everything you need.

Some LOOT is easy to steal from Trophy Monsters and nothing else. Once you kill a Trophy Monster, it never comes back. Damascus Steel and Adamantite come from Bluesang and Aspidochelon. Steal from them, run away 2 screens, and steal again!

Tip: 80 Rare Monsters

Most monsters respawn, so if you kill them without getting the Loot you want from them, you'll get more chances.

Marks don't respawn. And there are 80 RARE MONSTERS that disappear once you kill them. You have a high chance of stealing rare loot from them that's really hard to get from anything else. Steal from them. Run two rooms away. Steal again.

Feel free to note! But don't leave links. Squidoo blocks 'em to prevent Linkspam. Sorry spammers. :D

© 2010 auronlu


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    • profile image

      Matt 2 years ago

      I think you're a legend! This is exactly what I've been looking for and so many bigger sites/guides don't have it. Most of the guides are convoluted and just make loot more complicated through their method of organising and listing recipes but here I can just scan and keep or sell as required. Really well done and thank you

    • profile image

      lkasdjflaksjdf 4 years ago

      This works well, but would have been perfect if you had a fourth column that had the name of the item in the bazaar rather than just what you get. I end up having to use your list plus another to actually manage the bazaar goods. Nonetheless, thank you so much for putting this together!

    • profile image

      Amagai-Shuusuke 6 years ago

      Very well done :)