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Cheap Fingerboards Halfpipe Shop

Updated on February 1, 2015

Why compromise Tech Decks, Blackriver other cheap fingerboards ramps and halfpipes for your skatepark?

If you are looking for cheap fingerboard ramps and half pipes then you have come to the right place (If you are a parent that really has no clue).

Want the best cheap fingerboards, halfpipes and ramps? Tech Decks have some good wooden ones and Black River make very high quality but more expensive equipment. Both have a nice smooth finish. Well, it looks like you are really getting hooked into this hobby now if you have found your way here.

The best thing about a fingerboard halfpipe is that you can use them alone or as part of your skatepark.

Halfpipe and ramp skateboarding are usually skated by skaters who go out and specialize in this type of skating, street skating almost being a separate category. Of course street skaters and kids can also skate ramps and vise versa.

A number of fingerboard halfpipes are available and I have found the best stylish quality new products for you here.

Image Blackriver Wooden Fingerboard Halfpipe available here from UK. Other products below from USA.

fingerboard halfpipe
fingerboard halfpipe

Different types of halfpipes

Halfpipes are referred to as 'Vert Ramps' 'Mini Ramps', 'Quarter pipes' and 'Spine Ramps'.

A Vert Ramp is a halpipe where the smooth finish transition of the ramp goes up to a vertical angle

A mini ramp is smaller and the transition doesn't go out to reach vertical

A spine ramp is two halfpipes, normally mini ramps that are joined back to back.

A quarter pipe is half a halfpipe, so it can be placed in various areas of the skatepark to interact with other obstacles

Photo published under Creative Commons Licence.

Tech Decks fingerboard Cheese & Crackers Half Pipe Plus Skate DVD

The Pros

Nice fingerboard mini ramp

Smooth transitions and joins

Metal coping

Good size

Comes with a free fingerboard

The Cons

Comes with 3 tyres and a car door that are a bit useless

Fingerboard Mini Ramp score

Tech Deck almost cheese & crackers Half Pipe Tag DVD 1 skate
Tech Deck almost cheese & crackers Half Pipe Tag DVD 1 skate

Wood finger boards ramps

Skate nicely with wooden finger board


Teck Deck Halfpipe

The Pros

Huge size measures 65cm wide, and 17cm high, that's over 2ft wide!

Excellent transition to vert

Stylish Wood effect

Prices vary as is hard to find and out of production

Comes with a 'World Industries' fingerboard

Smooth finish

The Cons

Out of production so not many left

Fingerboard halfpipe score


Tech Deck Half Pipe SK8 Parks with Exclusive Flip 96mm Skateboard / Over 2 Feet Long!!
Tech Deck Half Pipe SK8 Parks with Exclusive Flip 96mm Skateboard / Over 2 Feet Long!!

Style effect is like a wooden halfpipe fingerboard ramp

Cheap fingerboards ramps

Check the finger boards sale price

Skates great with wooden finger board

Good fingerboard halfpipe


Teck Decks Fingerboard Championship

Tech Decks and Blind Skateboards Half Pipe Vert Ramp

The Pros

Firstly the price. Finding this product for this price is absolutely amazing. It has been discontinued from production line, so will have to snapped up quick if you want one.

A great size and also comes with a 'Blind' fingerboard. All skateboard lovers will know this brand.

Real metal coping and rails give a solid structure and it has a smooth finish

Stylish and a couple of extras like cones and benches.

The Cons

Having difficulty finding them. The ramp is plastic so obviously if you prefer wood this would be a downside.

Halfpipe score


Tech Decks Triple Set Combo Ramp

The Pros

Not Just a mini ramp, this can also be reassembled to triple up to

1, the mimi ramp

2, a spine quarter pipe vert ramp

3, a set of stairs.

Well that's pretty cool for the price.

Not only that, comes with a complete Tech Deck board to.

The cons

The size is my main issue, 3.4 x 14 x 8 inches might just be a little small for some of you

Some coping would be nice to

Fingerboard Mini Ramp score

Tech Deck Wooden Ramp

The Pros

Nice size 14 x 7.2 x 7.2 inches

All wood for realistic feel

Strong and durable

Coping included

Smooth finish

The Cons

No fingerboard included with this one

Mini Ramp score

Tech Deck Wood Double Bank
Tech Deck Wood Double Bank

Wooden fingerboards ramps

Great with cheap finger boards like Teck Deck finger boards

Very smooth with wood finger boards


Skateboard Gaps for the Fans

Fingerboards ramps offers from eBay below

Thanks for visiting, see my other fingerboard pages here

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Cheap wooden fingerboards and ramps

Cheap Tech Decks

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    • profile image

      wendyfinn 4 years ago

      My daughter gets excited when the advert comes on for that one where you can build your own fingerboards - I'm sure she doesn't even know what to do with them but it looks fun. Lovely lens.

    • profile image

      KarenCookieJar 4 years ago

      I've never heard of this before!

    • ketchingup lm profile image

      ketchingup lm 4 years ago

      Fingerboarding...who would of thought. I didn't know such a thing existed, but then again I'm old.

    • rambrose lm profile image

      rambrose lm 4 years ago

      Nice lens. Thanks for sharing.