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Fire type Skylanders

Updated on May 21, 2012

Skylanders: Spyros Adventure and Skylanders Giants - Fire Element Figures

Everything you need to know about Fire type Skylanders, in one handy package

Descriptions and skills, a popularity survey videos and all the latest stories and reviews featuring fire type Skylander Giants.

Spyros Adventure - Generation 1 - Fire and brimstone

Generation 1 - Spyros adventure Fire type Skylanders
Generation 1 - Spyros adventure Fire type Skylanders

Pictured above: Ignitor, Sunburn, Flame Slinger, Eruptor

Fire Crew
Fire Crew

Fire Types Strengths and Weaknesses

Burn out! Dont fade away.

Fire Types are strong against air but weak against water.

They can walk across lava unharmed, defeat the zombies on the undead levels and use furnaces to as a mode of transport..

Fire Element figurines have a base made of flames.



Rise and shine

A phoenix dragon hybrid with an attitude.Sunburn was born in a volcano, and is the only known member of its species. .

Sunburns attacks predictably flame based. He also has the ability to teleport.

Sunburn is only officially available in the Dragons peak adventure pack.

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Slash and burn

Ignitor is a valiant flaming knight, seeking revenge upon the accursed witch who tricked him into losing his body.

He is a loyal comrade and would fight to protect his fellow Skylanders until the bitter end.

Ignitor has the highest power stat, making him the strongest of all the Skylanders.

Ignitor on Amazon - Find Ignitor toys on today!

Let the flames begin
Let the flames begin


Let the flames begin

Flame slinger is a visually challenged elven archer. He has green skin, wears a blindfold and shoots Flaming arrows with startling precision.

FlameSlinger on Amazon - Find a figure and get firing

Eruptor - born to burn
Eruptor - born to burn


Born to Burn

Eruptor is a Molten lava monster, he hates evil and loves good.

Swimming in volcanoes is one of Eruptors favorite hobbies.

Eruptor is very strong but quite slow.

Eruptor on Amazon - Find Eruptor toys on

Fire Skylander Opinion Poll - Who is the Best

Fire Skylander comp
Fire Skylander comp

Please vote for your favourite Fire type Skylander.

Who is the best Fire Skylander?

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