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Fireman Toys And Costumes

Updated on September 8, 2014

Fire Fighter Toys and Costumes

Firemen And Women are some of our bravest heroes. At an early age, children learn to love and respect Firefighters as they visit schools and teach fire safety to children.

The good memories of Firemen carry over to the toys kids like to play with.

Visiting a Fire Station is always a treat. Getting to sit in a fire truck or wear the chiefs hat is a very special thing for children.

Fireman Toys and Costumes can bring that feeling home. There are some very good toys and play sets that will keep them busy for hours.

All pictures on this page are Personal Photos

and Amazon Products

Kids Love Fire Trucks


Firefighters A-Z book

Firefighters A to Z
Firefighters A to Z

Kids can read about and learn the A-Z's of firemen such as A is for Alarm and B is for Boots.


Jumbo Fireman Sam Hoses & Ladders Game

Fireman Sam Giant Hoses And Ladders Game
Fireman Sam Giant Hoses And Ladders Game

,This giant size playing area that is 80cm x 80cm which I calculated out to be about 31 inches either way.

Kids will generally be familiar with this game since it is played in the same fashion as a classic ladder game we are familiar with.


Ride in a Fire Truck Costume

Princess Paradise Plush Ride-In Firetruck Costume, One Size
Princess Paradise Plush Ride-In Firetruck Costume, One Size

This little costume will make kids feel like they are driving a fire truck.

It comes with the soft fire truck costume, shoulder straps and the helmet.


Ride On Fire Truck Toys

Kid Motorz Fire Engine 2 Seater

Kid Motorz Fire Engine 2 Seater
Kid Motorz Fire Engine 2 Seater

This working fire truck is recommended for kids three and up.

It has a working fire hose.

There are 2 forward speeds and 1 for reverse. It also makes to different realistic sounds.

It will be a lot of fun to have a toy that more than one child can ride on at a time.


Fire Truck Pedal Cars To Ride On

InStep Fire Truck Pedal Car
InStep Fire Truck Pedal Car

.This pedal truck is recommended for kids three and up. It does have an adjustable pedal to accommodate different size kids up to 70 pounds.


KidKraft Deluxe Fire Rescue Set

The young firefighters in your life are sure to get a kick out of our Deluxe Fire Rescue Set.

With its vibrant colors and close attention to detail, this fun set is sure to keep imaginations running wild for a long time.

Silver bell hangs from front of firehouse and 22 pieces of furniture

3 firefighters, helipad and helicopter

Garage with ambulance and fire truck

Large enough that multiple children can play at once

Sturdy construction and made of wood

Fisher Price Trio Fire Station

Fisher-Price TRIO Fire Station

Fireman Rescue Heroes Play Set

D&D Distributing Fireman Rescue Heroes
D&D Distributing Fireman Rescue Heroes

Pack up this set to carry any where in the case that come with it.


Fireman Action Figures

GI Joe 12 Inch Firefighter

10" R/C Rescue Fire Engine Truck Remote Control Kids Toy with Extending Ladder & Lights

Fire Fighters


I am proud to have a few Fire Fighters in my family.

They train hard and work hard to help keep us safe and protect our property.

My husband and oldest son, both Firemen, look on as our youngest son demonstrates his skills at Fire School. Who knows, maybe that grandson in the picture will be a Fireman too.

Fire Fighter Costumes

This is the Baby Aspen Fire Fighter Outfit for the little ones.

It is a bodysuit made to look like a fireman all the way down to the boots.

It comes in a Baby Firefighter gift box that is so cute and will make the perfect gift for any Firefighter welcoming a new baby.

Photo Amazon

Jr. Firefighter Suit Halloween Or Play Costume

Get Real Gear Yellow Jr. Firefighter Suit with Helmet, Size 12/14

Get Real Gear Yellow Jr. Firefighter Suit with Helmet, Size 4/6
Get Real Gear Yellow Jr. Firefighter Suit with Helmet, Size 4/6

This costume is available in other sizes.

Click the picture to see other options.


Fireman Accessories Hats And Boots

Fire Fighter Costume Accessories

Give Them The Real Look


Fire Fighter Costume Accessories

Costumes and accessories to wear at play time will add to the experience.

Fire Fighter Boots

Western Chief F.D.U.S.A. Rain Boot ,Black,9 M US Children/Toddler
Western Chief F.D.U.S.A. Rain Boot ,Black,9 M US Children/Toddler

.The firefighter boot have a cotton lining on the inside and a tough rubber sole.

These are good for anytime rain boots not just for dressing up in costume.


Kids And Adults Will Have Fun Taking Photos In This Fire Truck Scene

This is a photo prop that can be set up on the table.

A photo prop like this will be great for a fireman birthday party.



Fireman, Firefighter Boys Photo Real Twin Comforter & Sham Set (2 Piece Bedding)

Fireman, Firefighter Boys Photo Real Twin Comforter & Sham Set (2 Piece Bedding)
Fireman, Firefighter Boys Photo Real Twin Comforter & Sham Set (2 Piece Bedding)

At the end of the day, a firefighter needs some rest, but the fun doesn't have to end there.

This comforter and pillow sham are printed so that your child will look like he is still wearing his fire gear.

Click on the picture to see enlarges detail.


Sparky The Fire Dog Website ~ Click The Picture To Visit - The National Fire Protection Agency

Visit their site for home safety tips and activities for kids online.

Know a Fireman?

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    Facundo 3 years ago

    Nice fireman toys!

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    Good suggestions here for Xmas gifts for my fireman obsessed grand-daughter! Thanks, good lens!

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    Gloria Freeman 4 years ago from Alabama USA

    Hi these are nice and fun fireman toys and costumes.

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    Michelllle 4 years ago

    I know a firefighter/paramedic in training. What a job. nice lens.

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    lovely toy collection. fireman costumes are really amazing.

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    Know some kids who would love these toys!

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    So many cool fireman toys to choose from! My nephews would love them all ;)

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    Liked and Facebooked.

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    Great page. My grandson and I just discovered this page as we were looking at the page I created for him on 'Real trucks in Action' he loves trucks, especially Firetrucks and dump trucks!

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    I love this lens! That Trio Firestation would be perfect for my youngest.

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    Love the outfits. They are real cute.

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    Very informative lens, thanks.

  • norma-holt profile image

    norma-holt 5 years ago

    Firemen these days do more than just fight fires, at least in Australia. My neighbor told me of the night she rang for an ambulance and begged the operator to make sure that it would not sound a siren as it was around 2am and she did not want the whole street woken up. Next thing Wheee, wheee, whooo, whoooo, the noise was deafening as a huge fire truck rushed around the corner and stopped at her house, It carried the paramedics to treat her husband's possible heart attack. Nice lens and now showered with stardust.

  • profile image

    anonymous 5 years ago

    You melted my heart here telling of your family being fire fighters ....what a tradition, I can feel you busting out with pride and that must be your fighters like candy! My Dad was a volunteer fireman and once he was talking about the inconvenient times fires happen and said, "There'll probably be a fire the day of my funeral." Sure enough, that's just what happened. Just as everyone was arriving, half the honorary pall bearers rushed out to go to the fire hall next door and down the road they went with the siren sounding.

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    Fireman related toys are very cool for kids