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Fisher Price Cruise and Groove Ballapalooza

Updated on September 28, 2012

Ballapalooza - Babies Will Have a Ball While Learning New Skills

The Fisher Price Cruise and Groove Ballapalooza is one of those toys that baby can grow up with. As your baby hits new milestones and develops into a toddler they will discover more new things they can do with this toy.

Your baby and toddler will have hours of fun playing with this big toy that will help teach them new things and help them develop the skills like coordination and learn cause and effect.

Read below to learn more about the Cruise and Groove Ballapalooza and where you can buy this hot new toy.

cruise and groove ballapalooza
cruise and groove ballapalooza

Fisher Price Cruise and Groove Ballapalooza Review

The Cruise and Groove Ballapalooza has a lot of different fun activities for little ones. It is a rather large toy, so be aware that it will take up quite a bit of room before you buy it.

The toy spins around and has 3 different main sections that all do different interactive things. One part is a big colorful slide for the balls to drop down and around. Another section has a hanging ball that actually has a censor on it so it will make noises and songs when your child crawls underneath or plays with the big ball. The other section has a stop-light looking gate that flashes and can be even be pushed open to crawl through.

The Ballapalooza comes with 8 colorful balls that roll all around the track. Younger sitting babies can place the balls in the lower ramp areas and watch as they roll around and play music while older babies and toddlers can stand to place the balls way up top and watch them roll down to the bottom.

Your little one will love the music and noises that come from the Ballapalooza depending on what kind of features they activate. For example when you drop a ball down the ramp a song may play or when you crawl through the gate a different noise may blare.

The Cruise and Groove Ballapalooza not only encourages physical development such as eye and hand coordination but also encourages development with things like cause and effect. The nice thing about this is that they learn these things with a smile on their face having the time of their life with this baby gym of a toy.

Some toys you buy may keep your baby entertained for a few minutes but they soon grow out of it too fast. This toy is actually made to grow with a baby into toddlerhood. Toddlers between the ages of 1-3 will also love the flashing lights and music as they have a ball with all the things this toy has to offer. Your baby will years of play with the Ballapalooza rather than just a couple of months.

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Fisher Price Ballapalooza in Action

What do you think about the Cruise and Groove Ballapalooza?


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    • Jogalog profile image

      Jogalog 5 years ago

      It looks fantastic. I think my little girl would love this in a few month's time.

    • merfzel profile image

      merfzel 5 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Looks awesome! I've got a 6-month-old that would love this... thanks for the info