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Fisher Price Basketball Hoop

Updated on March 11, 2016
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Fisher Price Basketball Hoops for Your Child

If you have a child that loves sports then the Fisher Price basketball hoop is just what your child needs. No matter how old you child is, there is a Fisher Price basketball hoop that is just the right size for him or her.

Fisher Price is a company that makes a wide variety of children's toys, games, crafts, activities, interactive items and more. Founded in 1930 by Herman Fisher, Irving Price and Helen Schelle, Fisher Price has a long history of creating products for children that are meant to make childhood fun and enriching.

Their commitment to children is demonstrated in the principles that they have incorporated into the company creed which calls for a dedication to create products that have intrinsic play value, ingenuity, strong construction, good value for the money and action.

The Fisher Price basketball hoop is just one of the many Fisher Price toddler games that shows their commitment to providing quality, entertaining and action packed products for every child at a reasonable price.

There are several different Fisher Price basketball hoops to choose from, there is the Fisher Price I Can Play Basketball which actually comes in two different models, the Fisher Price Grow to Pro Junior Set and for babies there is the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Basketball set, Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Dunk 'n Cheer Basketball set and the Fisher Price Bright Beginnings Baby Basketball set.

No matter the age of your child, they are never to young to start learning about sports and benefit from the various life skills that sports can teach them. Learning things like self confidence, team work skills and a sense of how practicing things can improve their skills are just some of the things that playing sports can do for a child.

In My Opinion

Teaching your kids about and playing sports with them is a great way to help them develop different skills that will help them through life. My middle daughter who is now getting a bit to old to use one of the basketball hoops made by Fisher Price has loves the game of basketball and is planning on joining a school team in the coming years. We have watched her develop a lot of self confidence from our time shooting baskets together. Additionally we have gotten her sisters involved which has helped them all develop a sense of team work. We have the Fisher-Price I Can Play Basketball and love it especially the fact that it grew as she did. Unfortunately it is about time for us to graduate to a larger hoop but we will never forget the fun we had with the Fisher Price set.

Fisher-Price I Can Play Basketball

"Great for use indoors and out. Love it!!!! The height is great for all ages."

Fisher-Price Grow to Pro Basketball Junior Set

Fisher-Price Grow to Pro Basketball Junior Set
Fisher-Price Grow to Pro Basketball Junior Set

Fisher-Price I Can Play Basketball

Fisher-Price Grow to Pro Basketball Junior Set

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Basketball

Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Baby Basketball

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Dunk 'n Cheer Basketball

Fisher-Price I Can Play Basketball

Fisher-Price I Can Play Basketball
Fisher-Price I Can Play Basketball

Benefits of the Fisher Price Basketball Hoop

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The different Fisher Price basketball hoop play sets have many different features to keep your child entertained. Some of the many features are listed below.

  • Can grow with your child
  • Interactive toys to keep your child entertained
  • Durable materials
  • High consumer ratings
  • Lightweight and easy to transport

Fisher Price Basketball Hoop Models

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Both the I Can Play Basketball models and the Grow to Pro model can be adjusted so that they are able to grow with your child. This means you will not have to go out and by a new basketball hoop for your child every few years.

The Bright Beginnings and the Laugh and Learn basketball hoops do not adjust however they are made for babies so this is not an issue. Both of these hoops do come with a variety of interactive items that make these great toys for your baby. The Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Dunk 'n Cheer Basketball is adjustable and has several interactive toys as well.

If you are looking for a basketball hoop to introduce your baby or child to the game of basketball then Fisher Price basketball hoops are a great choice for every parent.

Fisher Price Basketball Hoop Review

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