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Fisher Price Drillin Action Tool Set Review

Updated on April 5, 2016

Fisher Price Drillin Action Tool Set - Your Child Can Learn Useful Basic Tasks

Our little boy has been interested in tools from an early age.

Dad and Grandpa make and fix things so it was inevitable that heâd want to "help" from a very early age.

I'm all for kids learning things but when it comes to a kid using real power tools before they can walk, I draw the line.

A Fisher Price Drillin' Action Tool Set allows him to work right along with Dad or Grandpa without the risk of injury that comes along with real power tools.

Here's What Your Child Can Do And Learn

We purchased the Fisher Price Drillin Action Tool Set at least a year after we got him the Fisher Price Grow with Me Work Bench. As he got older it did grow with him and we put the top level on it when he was able to stand and walk unassisted. He’s had hours of fun with it but we realized we would have to add extra tools for him to learn about, so we looked at Fisher Price tool sets that would work with the bench.

FP toys are well made and not expensive, so when Christmas came around Santa brought him a number of toy tools including the Drillin Action Tool Set. The drill and all the extras are very durable and perfect for small hands. Add batteries and the drill actually looks and works like a real one and he spends hours imitating dad screwing the big blue screws into the holes in the caddy or banging nails like a maniac with the big yellow hammer.. There’s also an interchangeable drill bit so he can better understand why daddy changes his frequently. The pretend drill even has forward and reverse modes and makes drilling noises.

Even if you don’t have the bench little boys will love playing with it and pretending to be just like dad or grandpa. It’s a great way of teaching kids what power tools can do, why nails are used instead of screws and what’s best, it helps a child to develop patience and hand-eye coordination.

Because the Fisher Price Drillin Action tool set comes with its own caddy, a child will also learn why tools should be looked after and put away after they’ve been used. He can easily tote his tool set into the garage when daddy’s working out there or set it on his workbench ready for the next hard day of play and learning.

The Fisher Price Drillin Action Tool set makes a very affordable stocking stuffer, birthday gift or surprise present for any little boy (or girl) who is ready to learn the basics of home maintenance, how tools work and what functions they perform.

I’m amazed at how many people these days haven’t got a clue about fixing anything. He’ll thank you later on when he has his own home. If my husband hadn’t learned those skills from his father we would have spent a lot of money paying other people to do simple tasks around the house, so this little Fisher Price Action Tool Set may save your child a lot of money in the future!

Watch What Your Child Can Do

What Do You Think?

Do You Think It's Important For Children To Learn How To Use Tools At An Early Age?

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      5 years ago

      Perhaps it might be healthy for them to know a little of everything at some point or another.


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