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Fisher Price Grow With Me Kitchen

Updated on July 6, 2016

Fisher Price Grow With Me Kitchen - The Best For Your Budding Chef

My grandmother was the best cook, and I spent many happy hours getting covered in flour, cutting pastry shapes and making some very mis-shapen pies and cakes.

I also burned myself frequently.

In those days we didn't have awesome toys like the Fisher Price Grow With Me Kitchen which would have been far safer and a lot less messy than wobbling on a chair next to grandma's explosive coal gas stove.

Fortunately today there's no risk involved in cooking with grand mom. And just as fortunately, there are great toys like this one that allow kids to use their imagination to prepare fantastic play meals on their own.

And you can get yours from Amazon at the link below or keep reading to learn more about this great toy.

What Makes This Kitchen Special?

One thing about many of Fisher Price’s line of Grow With Me Toys, they are planet-friendly. Instead of tossing miscellaneous toys into the garbage FP’s Grow With Me Kitchen can be enjoyed by children when they’re small and then be expanded to grow as your child gets older. They’re built to last and consequently help to reduce waste and landfill, which is where most of my cooking ends up.

We bought the Grow With Me Kitchen and it stays at my house. I’m Grandma now and I admit I’m a lousy cook – I wouldn’t want anyone watching me making pastry, it usually turns out like rawhide. I thought this was going to be my granddaughter’s toy of choice but I’m always surprised when her younger brother makes a beeline for it. In fact he’s the one that asks me questions about cooking, not her, Miss Princess.

Anyway, when we first got it, we put it on the lowest position so it only had two side by side appliances underneath it. You have to stand up to cook, that’s one thing I do know. It’s sturdy and colorful and all the pots, pans, cups and saucers and even the pretend blender still works after many hours of boisterous play.

Fisher Price has done everything to make the kitchen as realistic as possible. It plays music, the knobs on the sink and oven door click like my grandmother’s did before she threw a match into it, and the blender makes much healthier noises than my real one does.

All the pots and pans, knives and forks make for intense pretend play and many of their dolls and action toys have been invited to watch them cook and sit down to eat afterwards using all the colorful utensils.

When my granddaughter was tall enough we added the second row of appliances to make the whole thing higher but we had to tape the dishwasher door closed to stop my grandson standing on it! But he learned after a good talking to and now it’s his favorite toy again.

Here's A Closer Look At This Great Toy Kitchen

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    • Peachcobbler profile image

      Peachcobbler 4 years ago

      My older daughter had a similar play kitchen and she loved it. We got it from a neighbor. It's great for their creative play. Nice lens.